Don’t Play Me

In the online world of investing, I know nothing lasts forever although there are tons of promotions that contradict my statement. That’s my mindset when sizing up opportunities.

There are ventures that last for years but eventually changes from the original plan occur and the Admin(s) involved want to remain innovative plus ‘renew’ a compensation that is let’s say … getting long in the tooth and needs a facelift.

Unfortunately some never recover from a shift in plans while others rebound after the membership contemplates the changes and then continue to fund.

Don’t play me baby ….

I’ll write about two such ventures today.

It’s been my experience with Admins running two sites or more that it’s like the foundation eventually crumbling supporting a building. The first site or program has ‘foundation’ financial issues bringing the whole house down. Members are usually unaware there are problems with the original site.

MoBrabus has already gotten this out of the way with an update on the site and changes are underway with the site becoming live again sometime next week. It’s obvious their main concentration has shifted to it’s other site, TPL.

A main factor involved according to the update is that 75% of the membership stopped their usual funding of MB awaiting the launch of Traffic Power Line. So, this is more transparent than the majority of Admin staff that stay quiet and I know what’s going on. Now, it’s about accepting the risk with the new … TPL.

Second is AdClickXpress, which has a long history of an off and on love/hate relationships with it’s present and past members. Others remain neutral, moving with the changes with their multiple opportunities, of which one is yours truly.

But, I have to give credit when it’s due and their new ‘on original site’ ACX – Monsoon page is living up to what’s advertised by ACX so far. I’ve been paid multiple times within 24 hours and own 22 positions, while I continue to buy and repurchase at $20 each. Overall, I’ve been in profit with the whole of ACX not long after they originally launched a few years back.

Recently, they also opened a ‘word search’ page for another additional earning portal where members who purchase ‘words’ or ‘phrases’ gain commissions (sales). Something like Adwords on Google based on ‘keywords’ folks use when they search for stuff on the Google search engine.



Schools out for Summer

Heading into the final full week of August, back to school sales are everywhere and I see parents out with their lists picking up what’s required. Reminds me of that commercial from Staples …

In the Biz, I continue to rely on ventures that I’ve been with for over a year that provide steady earnings to date. New programs surface everyday but I’m only registered with two so far this month as I watch how they progress during their pre launch phases. One of which I mentioned in my last article … Traffic Power Line. Certainly a different and uncertain time in 2016 from previous years when debating about funding a new oppportunity.

Meanwhile, folks ‘are’ making money with these recent launches but they either don’t fit into my plans moving forward or they are too risky for my liking.

That’s always been the thing about the online money niche … trends that come and go. And like fashions, they also repeat or come back after awhile.




The Distributor

The Distributor … could be the title for a new action flick where a disenvowed Hitman ‘distributes’ his own form of justice against the people who let the Feds/Interpol know his true identity. Eventually, he falls for the leading lady and turns into a good guy escaping justice. Got me hooked and can’t wait for the release.

But …. it’s actually about the UK based opportunity, MoBrabus which is launching a unique compensation plan in the form of Traffic Power Line in 10 days.

On the Traffic Power Line site there is not much information yet but that’s coming. Meanwhile I watched a webinar about what’s involved. That was kind of confusing but I grasped the overall concept. Now the co-admin, Pearse has released a new video that explains the compenstaion and goals behind TPL in a more easier to understand ‘flow chart’ type presentation and I attached that below.

Stressed throughout the video is that all examples and earnings can be ‘possible’ but not guaranteed. As always, it’s about the amount of funding and promotional approach to add additional bonus income.

Basically there are two ‘income centers’. The first is the Network Line where the passive … plus folks with downlines can earn from ‘credit packs’. The second is the Powerline ‘income center’ where additional earnings can be accumulated by having 2 active referrals or more.

On my end with a newer concept, it can be somewhat of an information overload and I watch & learn the system when I fund while the script does the automated work.

The Profit in 24 Hours

In North America, the Market scene is up these days. The US is experiencing more of a boost to their economy and producing more jobs than us Canucks north of the border where it’s more about spinning our wheels up here. In the end, that’s all boosting Mutual Funds as well, which a lot of companies use for their pension plans.

That is the weird thing with the steady positive numbers with the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) dispite our economy moving like molassis. One plus is the mining sector and the price of Gold which is up these days from being in a funk for months on end.

I see our Canada Pension Plan investment board is eyeing the UK these days after Brexit, taking a page out of Warren Buffet’s playbook. Where some UK stocks are down but have the potential to rebound and then some … it’s worth a look to do some buying. Buffet got his start in the Dirty 30’s where most wouldn’t touch the bottomed out stocks but he did. Buy low, hang on for about 5 years and sell for a profit.

In the Biz, 2point4daily has had a slow start but picking up some steam recently.

The slow start was probably due to the launch of My24HourIncome launching soon. I’m not really getting the interest to the tune of 14,900+ members in there so far where buying a $5 adpack will actually not generate a profit when you factor in fees. I assume it has to do more with the referral commission side of it for uplines.

Also, when you think revenue ‘share’ … that share of the ‘M24HI’ pie has to be cut up into over 15,000+ slices per day by the time it launches so how big of a piece will that amount to after a few days … eh?

My point is not to be negative but to understand what’s driving this … where my end game is always to earn a decent profit passively. If I gain referral commissions as a bonus, that’s a plus and I thank the folks who joined a venture with me. But, I don’t factor in referral commissions when I size up an opportunity for the first time, while looking over the compensation package.



Just in Case; Plan B

The ‘Boom and Bust’ trends haven’t changed much over the decades and like the commodity Markets they swing with supply and demand or the lack of it.

Growing up in Canada, it’s mainly about the export business and Dad was a miner working the underground shafts that extended down thousands of feet. Companies took hits when export companies dropped their demand and of course, that filtered down to workers with layoffs and closures. It’s work and play during the good times but the ‘bust’ can come sudden and with no plan ‘B’s’, That can bring on a tough struggle for individuals and families for awhile.

Dad always had a handle on what was happening and we moved to newer startups with years of potential before things went from good to bad with the mines he was working.

Recently here in Nova Scotia, with the bust of the oil boom in Alberta, workers returned home as did many to their Atlantic Province homes. Within a few weeks, bankruptsies shot up 36% here, which is no surprise. Oil companies will just slash jobs and send workers home with the hopes of a call back that may never happen. Similar to the mining industry.

With the online Biz, thousands to millions dollars flow into and out of opportunites and payment processors. It’s also a Boom and Bust for members of ventures that are in the top rated programs that end due to unforseen circumstances … from the member’s viewpoint anyway.

On my end, I enjoy the good times with a decent run but I’m prepared for any trouble that the future may bring. My Plan B.

With the recent Prelaunches I wrote about in previous articles, there are no Launch dates that are sent in concrete yet as I see from the programs I registered with.

Traffic Power Line has a clock up on the site set for Launch in 16 days from now. Just a reminder this is a Bitcoin and Neteller program only at this time with Adpacks starting at $5 with a minimum funding of $54 to be active. This venture is a product of MoBrabus.

Closing for today, 2Point4Daily has launched.