Incoming Bitcoin

I was talking to a buddy of mine a few days ago and he has decided to retire from working for the man at the end of December. He says he’s at a point now that he can make just as much money with the stock market than working along with his pensions.

Buy and sell is his thing, anticipating a peak when selling. But, to ramp it up, he needs to keep a vigil online of his holdings during the business week. It’s addictive and exciting, specially with the gains. I can’t stop the feeeling!

It’s not the first time I seen aquaintances do this and a lot of people, even at a young age … get experienced and know how to make money setting a percentage aside whiile building.

That’s the goal most online investors want to acheive unless they do it for other reasons like making enough cash to spend on extras like holidays, hobbies or just to have the odd night out going to a theater.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Traffic Power Line is moving into a new direction and the results of that are scheduled to be added to the current website this week. That can be seen and heard on the Homepage. The current compensation plan remains unchanged. Meanwhile, I got paid Bitcoin to my Blockchain account, which puts me in profit.

On the overall internet scene, some major sites were down last Friday in North America and Europe … A nuisance for folks wanting to access these sites like Twitter and Paypal but a loss of revenue for these companies. These were due to massive DDoS attack from a hacker group out of New York.

Despite all the protection the Servers have that host these sites, they were forced offline for awhile. This hacker group called Prophet claim they cannot be stopped and that was a test. Their goal is to target the Russian Government for it’s past and probably present sanctioned cyberattacks on the US. That incident certainly made heads turn with major internet protection services and their clients. Serious stuff for sure.



The Ghostly Admin and Choices

I always look forward to watching the latest Tom Cruise action movies with the most recent release of Jack Reacher …  Never Go Back. Cruise modernized, in movie form, the once weekly TV series called Mission Impossible aired back in 1966-73. It’s what I call entertainment and one of those movies is called ‘Ghost’ Protocal.

With Halloween approaching and getting into the online HYIP scene or any money making niche, it’s rare that investors want to join a new program with a ‘Ghost’ Admin from the past or one that used aliases but with the reputation that made a positive impact, rather than knowing the true identity of the dude, or dudette.

However, there’s been a few HYIP’s launched recently with a handle ending in 7 where the main plan is either paying 7% per business weekday or, 7 days a week.

Blasts from the past like Carbon 7 and Capital 7 had decent runs providing profits for those who joined early or even in the first month or two.

So, the guessing game was on with these recent launches … which one is run by this ‘ghost’ Admin with the reputation for paying from 3 to 6 months?

Unfortunately, I found out early on Imperial 7 was not it. Zinc 7, paying 7% for 7 days a week earning more interest per week, continues to be hot since September 7th. I didn’t register with Zinc opting for Imperial. Where’s that crystal ball …  eh? But, no one knows if this is the return of the ‘ghost’ Admin. Right now, Zinc members don’t care as long as the payments continue to be pumped out.

And that’s online investing … choices; may they be good or end in a pitfall.

Meanhwhile, ACX Monsoon continues to pump out the payments on my end to my STP account. The Admin staff updated the popular Monsoon will not be affected by any ‘resets’ or ‘restarts’ which I figure is coming real soon for the other two plans. Normal stuff for this outfit that’s been running for several years.



‘Old School’ Adjustments

Where I’m ‘old school’, it takes me awhile to convert to new age thinking or catch up to the modern social scene. Let’s take women for example… in my day growing up, girls hung around in groups as did the boys. Today they are mixed for the most part from what I see. Girls used to mention their pals as my ‘girlfriends’. Normal stuff but we didn’t say, “Hey … my boyfriend, let’s go play some street hockey.”

So, it took me awhile to understand when a missus today mentions … that’s my partner over there pointing to another woman. Partner … in friend?  or like … ‘together’?

I actually had to get a buddy to explain that to me.

Moving to finances, once I see the ‘ease of use’ or potential, I get involved but again … it takes a while to sink in when it comes to messin’ with my money.

I grew up with a payday cheque… take it to the bank in the long lineups and pay bills if needed, keeping some cash to spend, which always seemed to disappear real quick. Back to the bank.

Paper $20 from 1991

Paper $20 from 1991

Then came computers and debit cards with auto deposit into my account on paydays. Getting to the point, I rarely touched a $20 bill anymore. Got a surprise when one day … that’s weird .. doesn’t feel like paper … some kind of synthetic/polymer money now.


So, you can imagine my reaction to the introduction of the virtual, digital money/currency … Bitcoin. How do you hold the stuff or put it in my wallet. Only when I exhange it for the Canadian dollar can I actually touch it. One Bitcoin is around $840 Cdn currently.

Even owning Gold for investors today is in most cases holding a certificate. I want to hold it, shine it … take a selfie with it. ‘That comes with a fee sir and it will take a while to remove it from a vault and ship it to a location for pick up.’ Cripes.

Today, the only program I am funding Bitcoin with is … Traffic Power Line. The goal is to build on my Bitcoin stash with other opportunities as well, in the near future. TPL made a wise move and dropped their minimum withdrawal limit to $20. That should bring on more activity with that site.

Meanwhile … ACX Monsoon continues to come across with the steady STP payments on my end.






Thanksgiving in Canada

It just seemed like yesterday I was thinking about Fall coming on and here it is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Halloween gear is every where in the shops already and we know what comes right afer the 31st of October … yep, Christmas ramping up big time with the retailers.

In sports, the Toronto Blue Jays, the only Canadian Major League baseball club got their bats connecting and made it into the playoffs via a Wildcard win. Currently the Jays, with 2 wins in a 3 out of 5 game series against the Texas Rangers … have the home field advantage playing today and tomorrow in Toronto.

With the HYIP’s I play in with the Biz … a site making it 3 months is having or had a decent run and any member joining/funding early on, should of obtained a profit if they played their cards right.

The first program I joined and funded in October is the HYIP, Imperial 7. The same plans I enjoyed a profit with awhile back with Carbon 7. But, at that time it was an original conception and script. Since then a few copycats have launched, some with reasonable success.

Imperial 7 accepts Payza and Bitcoin among other processor options.

Back to the ‘3 months run’ where I look for signs of trouble or issues that could lead to problems. LaraWithMe did pay me a profit to my Payza account and I did receive another instant payment today but … looks like Lara is spiralling out of control now.

The first sign I read about a couple days ago although most didn’t take much heed about, is the stopping of Advcash, a little known processor but, never the less I figured .. oh  oh. From there, there’s been issues ever since and Telegram being a soclal site, the owners of Lara have stated they have been attacked by competitors smearing their operation.

Probably factual but like most politician’s, I treat HYIP Admin’s statements like that grey foggy matter, in between truth and maybe … we’ll get back to you on the situation.

That’s the HYIP niche and in the end, it boils down to the risky world of profit and loss where things can change in a hurry where thousands of online investors like to gamble.





October Laurels

We are into October and here in Nova Scotia, although temps are above freezing in the night and day time temps average around 20 degree C, the trees are beginning to turn color along with the start of the migration of Canada Geese heading down south. That ‘internal clock’ thing going on.

Speaking of ‘Leafs’ falling, Toronto Maple Leaf fans look forward to the National Hockey League regular season start on the 12th of October, hoping their team can be a top contender right to the end of the season in 2017.

My team, the Montreal Canadiens were on top of their conference last season until about the mid way point when the wheels fell off … dropping out of the Playoffs. Plagued with injuries and poor offensive performances, the Habs are certainly planning on staying consistent this season.

In the Biz, the niches seem to have flip-flopped with popularity after a few HYIP’s have been running for a few months now … issuing steady payments. That made that category more ‘likeable’ while the Rev Share’s have dropped off some due to Admin promotions not being fullfilled.

I am in profit with LaraWithMe, while investors continue to pump money into that HYIP earning 3% per day. The “Telegram Web” based program has moved into some big money promotions and referral contest events. Telegram Web, a free ‘Russian made’ downloadable software has a chat system where members have the option of switching to secret chats that ‘self destruct’ by selecting a time frame from a few seconds to whenever.

Reminds me of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible without the smoke. Mr Phelps, this message will self destruct in 5 seconds … poof!