A New Day

There’s no doubt about it… some days can be more challenging then others with the odd one being a total calamity where nothing seems to go my way and I rarely leave that milling around in my head when I hit the bunk at night.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. This a lively tune I usually crank up on my fav FM radio station when I’m cruising around the city

In the Biz, RevShare Advertising had a good start yesterday and the next phase is scheduled to be enabled on Monday, the 27th of October when 95% of $10 adpack purchases will be shared with members who participate.

The advertising program, PowerAdCash has had a couple of enhancements recently where the Admin is taking it one step at a time, which he initially wrote about on launch day. He updated his venture now registered and recently added PayPal as a payment solution. Today, SolidTrustPay has also been added.

I’m in profit with my initial spends in PowerAdCash and continue to advertise plus earn on a daily basis.

I’ll conclude today with a reminder about the money making opportunities I write about on my Blog. I accept the terms and don’t fund with money I can’t afford to loose. Similar to the stock and bond markets I’m involved in … however “guaranteed” an investment looks or promoted to produce a profit with no risk … there is no such guarantee to make money. Investing is about accepting the risk.

Sloth Investing

In Montreal last night, the Habs hosted the Detroit Red Wings in an ‘original six’ NHL match up, which the Canadiens won in overtime… 2 – 1. Lots of controversy with the Toronto Maple Leafs where fans want to see their team get to the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year. The Leafs are playing better hockey on the ‘road’ where they beat the New York Islanders last night.

One Line Ad had a ‘misfire’ start yesterday and members who funded had their deposits returned (with fees) while I await an update about what day and time the next Launch will be.

Tomorrow… RevShare Advertising is scheduled to launch and has built up a quite a membership in pre launch with 1800+ souls so far. A quick recap of this advertising opportunity; $10 adpacks mature at $15 with a daily cap of 4 to 6% based on the number of $10 spots purchased.

Four days after the launch, a ‘no cap’ revenue share will take place also involving $10 adpacks maturing at $15 or 150%. 95% of the revenue in that plan will be shared with members. In my opinion, the ‘no cap’ option is causing the steady build in membership.

Folks in these type of ‘no cap’ compensation plan expect a uninterrupted smooth start and that is critical in the success of RevShare Advertising where I address the risk involved there.

Vested in the stock market… it was a wild ride last week with quite a drop that sparked a lot of worry with investors as ‘net worth’ for many shrank with some relief happening last Thursday. That abrupt drop is expected to happen again but for now, it’s the normal ‘up and down’ as International and national issues flare up.

Expert and seasoned investors all have their different ideas and reasons why this sudden drop happened but for the most part they say… ‘Don’t panic in situations like this and stay the course’. However, what worries many is that no one can predict what swings the Markets will take in the future.

Student protests for democracy in Hong Kong, slowdowns in German and the China economy, low oil prices and the list goes on.


On my end, like everybody else, I want to see more action with my invests and quicker returns but where I’m a conservative investor for the most part, this quote comes to mind… “Lethargy bordering on sloth remains the cornerstone of an investment style geared for the future.”


Plans and Warming

In my last two articles I mentioned opportunities that offer advertising and profit share. Both of those programs are in pre-launch with one launching first and that’s scheduled to get underway tomorrow… the 21st of October.

One Line Ads is classified as a hybrid venture where it’s a two part compensation plan. When a member buys a $5 adpack, earnings kick in at a rate of 3% per day and that will continue for 45 days until… a ‘4 x 1′ Matrix (included in the purchase) is filled, which pays out $20. Earning with the ‘3% per day’ segment of the plan stop when the Matrix is filled where the $20 is the considerably higher profit.

At that point, the expired earnings are $20 plus what ever was earned from the ‘3% per day’ plan for that single $5 spend. There is a 25% repurchase rule included.

It will be an interesting start I’m sure.

Global warming… the controversy about this issue which is impacting our world continues. Is it one of those warming trends seen before over the past centuries or will there be a steady increase that some scientists figure, will speed up in the future?

How is all this affecting nature.

I read 3 interesting news items over the past few months and I don’t need a scientist to tell me about the temperature of the oceans to see what’s going on.

Nova Scotia lobster fisherman seen a significant increase in lobster and catches while Maine (USA) fisherman seen a decline.

Iceland is seeing an abundance of Mackerel while Scotland is wondering where the fish wandered off to.

This is a good thing where Canada ‘Fisheries and Oceans’ are getting wiser with age; They have banned fishing in a Northern area above Alaska and the Yukon although they are being lobbied to grant licenses. The fish stocks are continually growing in that region.

Why? Fish and crustaceans have a natural instinct to stay in a certain ‘cold” water temperature. When it warms up they are going to migrate to the colder water their systems are accustomed to and that’s… north.

You have to ponder what all this ‘warming’ is leading to in the future.

I watched a documentary the other night about Michael Jackson rehearsing with his crew for what was going to be his last tour… ‘This is It’


He was 50 years old then and and all I can say is… amazing performance for his age. You certainly don’t see any signs of drug abuse and that makes me wonder what did happen.

Anyway… I could see he was passionate about the state of the Earth and in a break between songs when all went silent for a moment he said, “Everybody says … oh don’t worry ‘they’ will take care of it.”

“Well ‘they’ haven’t have they? … it’s up to you and me to make the changes before it’s too late.”

Adapting to Change

I grew up watching Saturday night Hockey on a Black and White “big box” TV with a ‘rabbit ear’ antenna. Depending on the weather and reception, where we lived in Northern Ontario at that time… the picture got snowy a lot and watched the shadow of players skating from end to end with a rare glimpse of the puck.

More from a Canadian’s perspective, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada was the main event on Saturday nights from Fall into Winter and early Spring. Change can be hard to adapt to sometimes where Rogers has now taken over the broadcast and many familiar faces from over the years have been “pushed” aside.

Although they spent millions in revamping the broadcast, I’m not impressed but CBC lost a lot of revenue over the years and despite the entertainment aspect … It’s all about the money. A ‘you can’t do it… we can” attitude.

Anyway… I’m leaning more towards the TSN hockey broadcasts lately. My boys, Montreal, beat the Boston Bruins in their ‘home opener’ last Thursday as they continue on a roll. Tonight, they meet Patrick Roy (former Hab goalie) and the Colorado Avalanche at home.

Speaking of money and the potential to earn it… I’ve added another advertising venture to the Biz that’s creating a lot of buzz since it surfaced.

RevShare Advertising is in prelaunch and has a ‘twist’ to the usual ‘profit sharing’ compensation plans I see out there and currently involved in.

The Admin will first offer $10 positions that will mature at $15 with a capped rate per day. 4 days following that launch… a ‘no cap’ 95% of sales will be shared with members who participate.

Doing the ‘click’ thing on the ‘How It Works’ tab on the Home, or splash, page will display the details of the overall plan.



Ads and One Liners

I read an interesting intro into an Investors Blog yesterday about the Klondike Gold Rush. There were folks who struck it rich and that’s what started the ‘rush’ while others failed with some even dying on the trek north. But who was there to make the steady money with all that activity? The merchant selling the shovels, pickaxes and pans for the ‘pan handlers’.

What’s behind that tidbit of lore, is the tendering out of machinery and gear in the oil and mine industry for exploration purposes and in some cases… these crews do all the development as well as ‘mine’ the ore for a company. You can see who’s making the big bucks here by the hour while the owner takes on the risk of producing a profit and making enough money to keep everything operating.

A mobile drilling rig and crew for example… it’s all money in the bank for them whether a ‘hole’ delivers the goods or not while more customers wait to sign them up for the next job.

In the Biz …  similar to the Klondike story, Domain sellers, Hosts and script developers/sellers are first in line to cash in when a person wants to launch a program. All kinds of options like increased bandwidth and security add to the initial cost. Many start up Admins then think about monitor sites to advertise their program… that can cost a bundle depending on the monitor site or sites.

So… all that’s an example of the initial expenses and who get’s paid before I do when I register and fund a money making venture.

And like the Klondike… there will always be folks who enjoy a ‘win’, or a profit with a program and those who will loose. And that brings on a one liner ”That’s the nature of the Beast”.

Speaking of one liners, a new program that’s currently in prelaunch that has a unique compensation plan is called… One Line Ad.

The banner below for this advertising site displays the basics and payment processors accepted.

When I buy $5 ad positions, I earn 3% per day for 45 days. Meanwhile, I also start a ‘4×1′ Matrix. While this Matrix works away in the background, I continue to earn 3% per day on the number of $5 spots I purchase until the Matrix fills and pays out $20, expiring one $5 position at a time. There is a repurchase rule with One Line Ad, which is like ‘forced’ spending to buy more $5 positions and that compounds earnings… a good thing.

More information about the One Line Ad compensation plan can be seen on the ‘overview’ page by clicking on the link in the horizontal menu at the top of the site.