It’s Round Two in the playoffs and the Montreal Canadiens are in Tampa Bay tonight to take on the Lightening in Game 3. As a Hab’s fan and being down 2 games in this best 4 out of 7 series… I’m thinking “C’mon guys, we can do this.”

Thinking Spock like… logically, Montreal hasn’t beaten Tampa all year long and they are on the ropes right now. Lack of scoring and capitalizing on man advantage penalties by Tampa is all weighing against them. Time to turn that around if they want to advance.

Meanwhile, the other Canadian team, Calgary beat the Ducks on home ice. Anaheim leads that series 2 games to 1.

In the circles I make money with online, the term ‘Debt Swap’ is being used more these days by Admins. When a program’s debt to members gets too great while keeping a tidy reserve fund on hand, an Admin and crew will swap Invests and/or Points to shares that normally get paid weekly. A member needs a good number of shares to make any decent money with this additional income stream. I’m talking thousands of shares actually.

In the case of My Traffic Value, that happened in January of this year and all invests plus Points in PaidVerts were swapped to shares and the sites were purged as if they were starting new. I made a profit during the restart and continue to do so.

In my mind.. the term Debt Swap doesn’t really fit with what occurs after. As members put thousands of dollars in the program during restart and looking from the Admin’s side of things; sure… there’s thousands of extra dollars in the coffers now but here comes the Debt. He or she and their staff ‘owe’ members principal plus profit as the debt increases daily.

Of course, there is no guarantee of any earnings or profit with Crowd Funding and buying Advertising but if they want to survive and continue growing, they have to keep coming across with the cash to keep people interested.



A Navy Ship’s History

Halifax and the Canadian Navy has a deep history. Yesterday, a ship I know well, the HMCS Iroquois was retired. The Iroquois was a modern ‘Sub Hunter’ during the Cold War years when I was on the older class destroyer, HMCS Fraser.

Each ship in the Navy has their own deep history and the Iroquois is no different after serving for 43 years. This news clip link tells the story about another old girl from my past…

HMCS Iroquois Retired

  • 11,500 men and women have served on board.
  • 860,000 nautical miles travelled.
  • Travelled twice across the Arctic Circle.
  • 3,564 days at sea.
  • 186 Babies baptized on Board
One hundred and eighty-six children have been baptised on HMCS Iroquois, their names engraved in a bell on board the ship. (CBC)

One hundred and eighty-six children have been baptised on HMCS Iroquois, their names engraved in a bell on board the ship. (CBC)

  • 1 Weddings
  • 39 civilians sworn in as Canadian citizens.
  • 27 commanding officers.



Looking over the Halifax Harbor and making frequent visits to the waterfront, I gaze at ships anchored or tied onto the wharves and wonder what stories they could tell. Coast Guard, ocean going tugs, tankers, cargo, merchant, and Cruise ships are just a few of the hundreds of ships that make port calls in Halifax each year.

Round 2

In the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Montreal Canadiens await the winner of the 7th and deciding game between the Detroit Red Wings and Tampa Bay Lightening. Montreal will take on the winner in Round 2 of the playoffs with 8 teams left.

The other team from Canada, Calgary Flames will meet the Anaheim Ducks in Round 2.

It’s been brutal with checking and dirty stuff the referees miss as the Playoffs continue.

Bumps, bruises and aches add up as the Playoffs wear on and players know hits are coming but could be thinking… Don’t they ever get tired of hurting me;

“Points for Cash” remains trendy online as I continue with Digadz, Advertzer and the latest which launched last Sunday… LDA Traffic Bux.

It’s the first of May on Friday, which brings on another interesting month of reviewing new opportunities to see if they have the right stuff to produce a profit and add to my current money makers in the Biz.

The Fights

Movies have always been an escape for me, be it a true story or fiction. Whisked away to another place or even another planet and watch what unfolds with the characters involved, as the scenes unfold into the plot of the story and climax.

Then there are the ‘Fight’ movies like the Rocky series. Will Smith playing the role of the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali and the ‘behind the scenes’ friendship with Smokin’ Joe Frazier, which I never knew was possible watching their matches as a kid. More modern, I enjoyed ‘Real Steel‘ based on the children’s boxer game but featuring the fascination these days with Robots.. of the huge kind. Just a few of the many out in film and DVD.

The latest I watched with interest was about a family in tatters, focusing on two brothers who got into the Fight business with no love for each other. The Warrior is an awesome movie and up there with the top Fight movies in my opinion. One of those flicks where I got that into it … two hours went by before I knew it.

So, if you like the ‘Fights’, I recommend watching…


Fightin’ for money online can definitely be a challenge at times with all the opposition a person can face such as consecutive losses and scams but I invest on the conservative side. On the slow times, money coming in is also slow but I continue to gain.

This past month or so, things have kicked into a higher gear thanks to some old and new programs, so the cash is gathering quicker in my payment processors.

It’s always about the coming and going of trends, profit and loss, staying in the black/adding growth and … risk.


My Traffic Value



Loose Change

I came across an interesting article while I was preparing to write this article where it relates to ‘small money’ and loose change.

One of the world’s biggest airlines, Air Canada has an office and warehouse in Montreal to stock items left behind by passengers in flights and their waiting areas. They keep it there for a period of time and if unclaimed… goes to auction.

What about change? In the US alone, passengers left behind a whooping $674,000 at security checkpoints, Read all about it at…. Left behind Money.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, passengers left Los Angeles Int'l Airport $41,506.64 at Los Angeles International Airport last year.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, passengers left $41,506.64 at Los Angeles International Airport last year.

Over the years, I was diversified into different money making niches online but rarely drifted into the PTC (Paid to Click) category, most notably with a program called Neobux, which is still operating today. Not familiar with ‘renting referrals’ and making the most of the site, I grew weary of clicking ads for 2 cents and lower, withdrew a couple times and moved on.

However, over the years PTC’ers made good money and that continue’s today.

Over the last year or more, I got back into the PTC scene with the new version of “Points for Cash” that’s trending.

How can this PTC ‘loose change’ possibly add up to anything viable. Folks who jumped on programs such as PaidVerts, Digadz and the latest success… Advertzer, know how much money can be made especially moving up through the ‘Point Levels’ and capitalizing on the option of growing a downline.

As always, with any kind of investing… big or small, timing and how much funds to risk that falls within that ‘comfort zone’ is important. Having an approach plan or strategy is wise as well although I know it has to be fluid where changes are usually needed on the fly.