The Value of Traffic

In an earlier article, I mentioned PaidVerts. Today, It’s a premier “Paid To” advertising program. It could be called a “Paid to Click” and/or “Paid to View” site.

Either way… it’s a different niche that I normally register with.

Patience and a “Paid to Click” mindset is required. I’m in profit with my initial advertising purchases ($1 each).

Who owns and operates PaidVerts?

My Traffic Value, which has been in business since 2011. Currently they have 4 different investment plans and folks who are members of both programs can use their funds from PaidVerts to invest into MTV.

Accepting the majority of Payment Processors such as STP, EgoPay and Payza, the Admin crew are keeping members interested/funding, which is what it’s all about to succeed and move forward with their agenda.


My Traffic Value


No Stopping the Weed

On lawns and gardens, it’s a never ending battle of keeping the weed out. Sprays, liquids, Thinga-ma-jigs to twist them out of the ground and they still keep coming. The only ‘natural’ killer of weeds is Jack Frost.

It’s no different here in Canada… there’s no stopping the ‘weed’ but I’m talking about marijuana now. Medical marijuana is getting headline news these days and also about the money it can generate for waiting investors to get in on the ” weed growers” company stock

Medical Marijuana ‘grow ops” licenses are available from the Federal Government…14 have been issued so far and new outfits are springing up across Canada with 5 already in production in BC. There are about 25 new applications every week!

One license has been revoked where one outfit was tested to have moldy weed so that is a good thing… that regulators and Health Canada are keeping close tabs on these operations.

As “old school thinking” politicians retire and the younger generation come into power soon such as Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau… I would say Marijuana is here to stay and expected to grow into a multi-billion dollar industry in the future.

That’s why investors are watching these fledgling companies with interest and which ones will prevail, eventually going public on the Stock Market. Currently… there are two in Ontario offering their stock to buyers.

Predictions are that in 10 years, nearly half a million Canadians will be prescribed medical marijuana and that’s a lot of money changing hands daily.




Hot August Nights

When I think of the month of August, I think of Neil Diamond for some reason. In particular the Hot August Night concert of 1972.

Fresh out of school and in the Navy… my first big purchase was a stereo in 1977, which still works great today. My first record (vinyl) was Hot August Night.

I guess where I played it so many times and had it cranked up at times, the record has stuck with me. I could almost feel the atmosphere of the live concert and the songs that night.

And just imagine… no computers, cell phones, or all that modern tech stuff we have today. Just me and my stereo … lol

One of Neil’s song on that Album… Sweet Caroline

Seizing the moment is a big part of making money online. Today, I registered with a new profit share/advertising program called… ADZbliss.

Currently in prelaunch, ADZbliss will launch on Wednesday, August the 20th and the time will be 09:30 AM EDT according to the update on the site.

$10 profit share units will earn until they expire at 150%.

SolidTrustPay and EgoPay will be accepted on Monday for the Launch.

The minimum withdraw amount is $2 and payments will be on “instant” mode until there is an update from the Admin.

BitCoin Security

From news reports, the BitCoin is open season for Hackers and thousands of dollars worth are being stolen. Folks having BitCoin accounts (wallets) should be careful with their transactions and it’s wise to check how secure the outfit ‘holding’ their BitCoin is.

ID Theft

A hacker with access to a Canadian Internet provider hijacked net traffic from large foreign networks to steal more than $83,000 (U.S.) in virtual currency over a four-month period, a cybersecurity company said Monday.

Researchers with the U.S.-based Dell SecureWorks said the hacker’s attack started last February and stopped in May, after the Canadian Internet service provider (ISP) was notified.


The Admin of PowerAdCash is serious about his program and has applied for registration with the appropriate authorities for his business. That will take a few weeks and then he plans to add more payment solutions such as STP and Payza.

Meanwhile, I’m advertising and earning a daily share of the profits.

Visitzen has completed a changeup with it’s 90% share compensation plan where members can earn a daily share by clicking on a minimum of 5 MB ads.   4 PTC are also required until further notice. There are a number of PTC ads available everyday for additional earnings.

STP, EgoPay, Payza and PayPal, among other payment processors, are accepted for the funding and purchase of Advertisements starting at $2 each.

Each $2 Ad or higher will earn a daily profit share until expired at 120%.


Recounting the Previous Week’s Gains

This being Sunday, the 10th of August, a new start up this past week paid me in dividends to date… AdCashNetwork. The simple basic plan of $9 per unit and profit sharing has snowballed since launch.

An investor never really knows how a new venture will ‘pan out’ until it starts. That brings one of my favorite ‘sayings’ to mind, I’ve recounted a few times in my Blog…

“Don’t start nothin’… won’t be nothin’.”

PerfectAdSolution is 30 days old and continues to be a top performer with it’s multi-matrix plus $6 share plan.


Also starting last week, is the popular BonzerAdsProfit with it’s affordable $2 position plan and advertising credits. I’ll be doing my first withdraw tomorrow. Minimum cashout is $1 but it’s not wise to withdraw to payment processors at that low amount where processor fees will eat away at each small payout.

Closing for today with a caution I repeat often… investing is a risky business and at times… it can be like a wild roller coaster ride.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates or GIC’s… safe? For sure, unless the firm goes under but with a 1 year maturing at 1.5% and the annual inflation rate averaging out at 2%… are you gaining?