Customer Service

I’m certain we have all been there with issues about a service or product and dial the 1-800 customer service number hoping for a quick, poilte service but as we know…. it doesn’t always work out that way:

I’ve been there with the yelling and the odd ‘Frick n’ Frack’ expletive.  I guess it makes me feel better in the end to vent steam if nothing else.

Usually, when I get involved with an online program or company … I try out the customer/member support to see how long or how ‘intellegent’ the reply is. After all, learning and gaining knowledge is about asking questions specially when it involves my money.

My new aquisitions are performing well at this time. AdBrook is at 4.10% today based on my principal. Asset Order is issuing my 9% every 24 hours. Both programs have ‘instant payments’ enabled until further notice.

A new ‘profit share’ program is in prelaunch until June 5th called, Ultimate Traffic Cycler

Earnings with UTC will be ‘capped’ at a maximum of 5% and the affordable Adpacks will cost $2.50 expIring at 125%. The payment processors accepted are STP, Payza, Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer.

“How it Works” and the the “FAQ’s” are recommended viewing and reading material with any new venture.

Upon completion, or expiry of each Adpack a UTC member gains a free “3 x 1″ cycler position that earn $1 each as a bonus.



Asset Categories

High yield. Earning 12% per year on Mutual Funds is considered a good return in banking and investment circles. Depending on what stocks a Mutual Fund includes, the average rturn is expected to be lower this year. Around 6% per year. The patient folks will let it build with compounding over the years while the more ‘active’ will look for higher returns.

When new ventures go public, offering their shares on the Stock Markets, investors can make good money by selling/trading before the stock settles back to average or normal returns.

A new compaines stock price can climb anywhere from a few hours to weeks while investors anticipate a peak before a drop. When to hold and when to sell comes with experience but even then there can be an unexpected losses.

With online money making programs… it’s actually all high yield where on the low end, an Admin will pay 1% per day or during business days.

However, online their are different categories of programs that they fall into, whether they offer advertising, a cycler of some type, etc.

Today, I’ll get into the HYIP. High Yield Investment Program and they offer straight earning plans usually with no extras such as advertising options except for a member’s affiliate link for bonus earnings within that particular site.

I’m watching and waiting for 2 HYIP’s to launch with one coming soon that appears to be more on the long term side although I have no details on it as yet.

The other launched yesterday called Asset Order and that program has 3 plans all starting with a minimum of $3 via the processors… Payza, BitCoin, Perfect Money or Payeer.

I funded with Payza, which is my preferred processor in that line up and went into the ‘9% per day for 14 days’ plan. The initial stats show good interest with purchasing by members.

HYIP’s are considered more risky than the other categories but these days, I don’t see much difference in the risk factor across the board. It’s all about the Admin (and crew) and that all important attraction thing, which keeps people interested and purchasing… seeking a profit.


Enjoying the ‘Up Times’ of the Business

Investing, as we know, is about risk and reward. Choices and timing, while being prepared for an unexpected loss. Normally, it’s about getting an early ‘heads up’ concerning an upcoming venture launch, doing some prelaunch research/homework on a program/company or just plain luck … that eventually produces the reward of a growing profit

When that occurs, it’s time for some celebratin’ like Snowball down below in the video. All business and no fun can make Gord a dull lad.

Since my previous article mentioning AdBrook , the advertising opportunity had a decent start with earnings ranging from 4.3% to 6% per day. The instant STP payment feature is an attractive perk while it’s enabled.


Canada and the World Cup of Hockey

Two Halifax lads particpated in the World Hockey tournament recently. Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) and Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado Avalanche), both from Cole Harbour, won Gold defeating the Russians last weekend.

The Canadian squad was undefeated in all their matches in the World Championship, the first time since the late 50’s. Sidney Crosby adds that Gold to his Junior Hockey Championship Gold, Olympic Gold in Men’s Hockey and the Stanley Cup with the Penguins.


Online, I’m slowly moving away from the ‘Points for Cash’ sites where that trend seems to be stumbling these days, overloaded with too many clone programs.

I joined an interesting project a couple days and after a slow start, AdBrook calculates earnings on $10 Adpacks every second with a low $2 minimum withdraw. STP and Payza are among the payment processors accepted. Viewing a minimum 10 websites is required to make a withdraw from this advertising site.

A note about the banner below, the “test” which I particpated in during the prelaunch concluded and AdBrook has fully launched.

Adbrook - the best advertising website


Windy, The Whale

During my commercial fishing years, I seen some awesome and spectacular sights out on the Atlantic Ocean and some I’ll never forget. Spotting Humpback whales was one of them. Some far away and others right next to our boat.

When they breach and come out of the water to nearly their tails with those huge crashes back into the sea is quite a sight. In some rough water and 50 miles offshore we were nearing our fishing gear when three playful humpbacks startled us by doing just that, a couple boat lengths away.

We had no choice to veer off, wait and watch the show until they moved away from our gear. The thought of one them giants falling the wrong way and onto our deck would not have been a good start to the day.

I have watched them just below our boat when we were stopped and on one particular day, a huge humpback was on it’s side looking up at me. Looking into that whale’s eye a few feet under water was certainly an entrancing and weird feeling. Slowly, the whale moved off. That moment has stuck with me ever since.

Then there is  Windy the friendly Humpback Whale in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of British Columbia in the video below…

In the online Biz, it seems the “Points for Dollars’ rave is slowing up some as that trend is probably seeing too many ‘look alike’ sites to the one that started it all… PaidVerts, developed by My Traffic Value.

Meanwhile, Boom Direct and Ad Click Xpress move forward issuing timely payments as per their updates. Just a reminder that all these programs have a ‘shelf life’ for either their current plan(s) with restarts occurring in the future or termination of the program entirely.

There’s some interesting news about a new HYIP that will be launching soon and I’ll have a look at that when it starts with regards to the plan(s) and payment processors accepted.