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Buffalo, New York got hit with another snow storm after my last article and a record 2.13 meters fell all together over a 3 day period, which is about 7 feet of the white stuff. Now… the threat of major flooding in the area as temperatures warm up and rain is forecast.

The new advertising program called Digadz is slowly nearing completion and there’s a cool new home-page on the site or what some call the ‘splash page’. With over 12 thousand members onboard already during Digadz’s pre-launch, excitement about the actual launch time, yet to be announced, is brewing. I’ll ‘dig’ more into the compensation plan in a future post as the ‘start’ looms closer.

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Dig It …. a song from the Disney movie “Holes” from the D-Tent Boys:


Respect and Responsibilty

It was another busy night in the NHL last night where the Montreal Canadiens beat the St. Louis Blues 4 – 1 on home ice. I’m happy to see the Leafs down the Tampa Bay Lightening keeping the Habs ahead in that division. Montreal… the Habs, remain in 1st place overall by 1 Point.

I’m currently reading Bobby Orr’s book … Orr My Story. Bobby Orr was in born in Parry Sound, Ontario, what’s called Northern Ontario where I was born as well. He was already being scouted by NHL “Original 6″ teams at the age of 12, with the Boston Bruins taking the most interest.


In 1963, he moved to Oshawa, Ontario to play Junior “A” hockey, the year we moved to California and that was quite a climate change for a Canuck used to the cold. But, I was 5 years old then and it was just a big adventure.

1966, the year I moved from sunny and warm Bakersfield, California, Bobby started his rookie season with Boston, winning 2 Stanley Cups and a slew of personal awards over his 10 years with the Bruins. His deteriorating knee problem forced him out of the game early in his career and he had to start over, eventually entering the business world.

The book is very interesting and inspirational where Orr writes about values such as ‘respect’ and ‘responsibility’ (which came from his parents) in all walks of life… not only in sports.

Oh… in 1966, we moved to Newfoundland, Canada and that was again a system shocker from California where we arrived on the Island province by super ferry and drove for hours on a dirt road through the ‘woods’ until we hit the mining town that would be my home for another 10 years.

Bobby Orr was one of my favorite hockey players growing up with his style of play as a defenseman carrying the puck forward and setting up plays something like P. K. Subban  with Montreal today.

In the Biz, I’m involved with the advertising program called… RevAdShare with it’s $10 (per adpack) compensation plan and it’s minimum of 1.8% per day.




The White Stuff

My confidence level in My Traffic Value remains at a high level with my moving up through the “queue” levels and gaining a 186% payout to my MTV account balance. I’ve jumped into the MTV “share” plan as well where I earn dividends weekly on the number of shares I hold.

I can also sell and buy shares in the marketplace. In MTV’s backoffice, I can see where all members are currently in the 186% queue and there are several hundred. Being open and transparent with daily Forum news articles, etc. is a major plus for MTV in my opinion.

My Traffic Value

Here in Nova Scotia… we haven’t had any snow as yet but the scatter flurry where we are back and forth with the temperature swings … hovering around the freezing mark and then mild with rain.

Buffalo, New York has been a different story however, where they set a US record for snow fall already. 150 cm or about 6 feet, with up to 180 cm of the white stuff in northern sections of the State. Wicked for this time of the year.


The Good ol’ Hockey Game

It was another Hockey Night in Canada with Montreal beating the Philadelphia Flyers 6 – 3 on home ice. That keeps the Montreal Canadiens at the top of their division and in the entire NHL at this time. Usually it’s the Boston Bruins jockeying for ‘position standing’ with the Habs but so far this season, it’s the Tampa Bay Lightening with 1 point behind.

This video is from March 9, 2013 with the CBC celebrating 60 years of broadcasting hockey and Stompin’ Tom Conners, a Canadian legend.

PowerAdCash continues to provide a ‘profit share’ for members as they advertise and view other member’s opportunities, Blogs and websites.



Realizing a Vision

A few articles back, I blogged about the ‘Markets’ and a Chinese giant called Alibaba, which hit the New York Stock Exchange with a ‘record breaking’ opening share value of around $90 each.

The shares fluctuated some since then but last week soared to over $100 each. Interesting is that our Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper visited China a couple times since then to sign off on some trade deals where China is expanding to become perhaps the world’s biggest import/export country.

On the first visit, Mr, Harper spent some time with Jack Ma (former school teacher), the owner of Alibaba and apparently was at awe about how he built his e-commerce company and it just continues to snowball worth billions today.


Jack Ma now has an interest in setting up an office in Vancouver, British Columbia to expand his business. That will be interesting to see and how much ‘unwanted by some companies” competition it will create. I would assume in the future, Alibaba will become a household name here in Canada and especially online.

Move over Amazon and puts a new meaning to the phrase; Made in China

With the online money ventures, MyProfitAds has a new launch ETA of Friday, the 21st of November at around 08:45 AM EST. An interesting handle, Red Hammer (MMG) is the captain on this voyage.

Digadz is creating the biggest stir in the niches I pursue with over 4500 members onboard with the site 60% complete. There will be further updates about the actual launch for this program that’s brewing excitement among investors.