One Dollar Advertising

With my experience involved in online money making ventures, a unique compensation plan normally packs in hundreds of investors and a lot of money is flowing in and out of the opportunity.

I knew it was a matter of time the popular program called PaidVerts (hosted by My Traffic Value) would get competition with similar scripts. Digadz was the first and I’m in profit with the program as I am with PaidVerts. There’s nothing wrong with healthy competition but when does it become too much?

I don’t join many additional sites of the same plan where the whole niche begins to get ‘watered down’ and then many investors just wait to do the ‘leap frog’ thing into the next similar launch. Eventually, none get the huge support that kept members content in the original program that started it all. Just my opinion but I have seen this scenario played out many times.


With that in mind and with over 10,000 souls on board already, Advertzer (similar to PaidVerts and DigAdz) is in prelaunch with purchasing being enabled on the 16th of March as per the current launch schedule. Each $1 Ad purchased earns $1.55 and expires in a multilevel plan where the interest rates are fixed (which is different) corresponding to the sales made per day.

Overall, it’s affordable and folks can advertise their stuff plus Advertzer has popular payment processors onboard such as SolidTrustPay and Payza, among others.

My Traffic Value and PaidVert’s admin, Jo has scheduled a ‘swap’ for early April, which transfers Points and Invests (not expired by then) … to ‘Shares’ that pay a percentage each Monday. Both MTV and PV will then restart with limited daily purchases. A good time to purchase in my opinion. I have to assume this was all brought on by the large PayPal account that’s on hold awaiting a decision to be made by PayPal on March 10th.



Epic Advertising

While the oil industry appears to be sobbing in their litres of 10W30 motor oil, our gas prices keep going up with another 5 cents a litre for regular gas added today and diesel took a jump as well. Although the Oil per barrel has dropped below $50 US the last few days… consumers are paying more at the pumps at over $1.08 a litre here in Halifax.

Even with the news that the stockpiling and oversupply continues to plague that industry… I’m paying more… go figure.


With all opportunities online… timing and patience are key ingredients required.

Ventures take a nose dive real quick when members haven’t got the latter and want only the fast cash at the click of their mouse.



Pets and Plans

If you like quiet mornings gearing up for the day ahead… a pet bird is not for you.

Parrot like birds that love to talk and crave attention in the mornings are all about constant chirping, whistling a tune and chatting away for up to 1 hour and as long as 3 hours at times.

My buddy named Fritzie is like unleashing a feathered burst of energy early in the AM with a “Hello world… let’s make some noise! Oh Yah!” It’s mostly a one way conversation on his part but he pauses if I don’t come in with an occasional “ok” or “Yes Fritzie” every once in a while.

If I don’t, he cranks up the high pitch whistle until I answer. Something like a wife who’s ranting on about something and waits for an answer… “Well ??!!”.

“Your right Dear”

Satisfied, her fussing begins to wind down although I totally disagree in my mind but why prolong the thing …  eh.

In the online Biz, there’s suddenly another surge of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ profit shares launching and although a quick profit can normally be made by purchasing at the start, a lot of folks are left ‘wanting’ as these spiral down to oblivion.

But for folks who like these ‘share’ sites, there seems to be one at every door lately … like this guy who is all fired up …. which one to join?

That dude is comparable to a typical morning at my place.


Wonders never cease where PayPal has given the thumbs up to continue transactions with the advertising program called Mo Brabus. Member’s funds using the processor where on hold where PayPal wanted another looks at the business model which they eventually approved of. A rare thing on PayPal’s part from my experience.

However, Mo Brabus decided to end their dealings with PayPal and have shifted members cash over to SolidTrustPay in their backoffice accounts. I figure this is a good move where it only takes one complaint from a member who didn’t accept the risk funding a new venture … to lock that PayPal account again. Looking from an Admin’s point of view… who needs that aggreviation.

Mo Brabus is bringing in more payment solutions during their pre launch Beta run and have a new ‘slide’ presentation detailing their ‘Combo Ad Credit Packs’, which will be enabled in the near future. Looking it over a couple times and realizing the potential profit, I’ll be funding when it’s ready to go. Meanwhile the $5 Adpacks are earning, which expire at 120%.



Cold Cash

It’s been a weekly cycle for about a month now here in Halifax, Nova Scotia with regards to the weather. A bitter ‘Siberia like’ cold front that’s followed up by a day of snow which turns to rain as temps get milder. Like today … it’s bitter cold outside with the cycle repeating … snow coming tomorrow, turning to rain in the afternoon.

The daylight hours are getting longer however and spring is on the way next month so I’m looking forward to that.

Spring also means NHL playoffs as the Montreal Canadiens remain in good shape for a playoff spot with about a quarter of the regular season left. Every game is extra important now and specially for teams needing more wins to reach the playoff season.

Online, Digadz is steady as the advertising program produces the daily money, bonus and point ads and as I mentioned in my last post… building to add more features as the membership count increases.

This commercial is… nuts

I have registered with a couple new programs that are in prelaunch. At this stage, it’s about reading and watching for any negative news before they actually fire up on Launch day. Also important is the actual ‘time’ of the day these sites launch. I prefer to fund and purchase when the starting bell rings to cut down on the risk factor. I’ll write about these interesting programs when I’m confident about their potential to provide a profit.




The ‘Get Paid To Click’ Niche

There’s money to be made with the “Paid to Click” niche and thousands of people around this online world are involved. On the high end of getting the most bang per Ad when clicking on another members site to view is DigAdz … with more enhancements coming for the future while I see more cash within the daily Bonus Ads.

A new script is coming with more features meaning money and advertising for active members in the program.

PaidVerts, owned by My Traffic Value, is the original PTC site that issues high cash money Ads and I continue to earn on a daily basis with that site. PayPal, I mentioned in my last post, has MTV under review until March 10th, according to the latest update. Hopes are that issue will come to a thumbs up resolution from PayPal and the payment processor will continue doing business with MTV and PV.

My Traffic Value paid me within 24 hours to my SolidTrustPay account this week.

InAdClix is more the traditional style PTC but with a $5 share plan that pays to subscriber’s 7 days a week. I’ve been paid to Payza from the program and will soon be making an additional withdraw.

Rounding up the PTC programs for today is PowerAdCash, which also paid me quick to my Payza account yesterday. This long running program displays member’s promotional banners and traditional PTC ads.