In the online circles I earn a dollar with, it’s all about speculation.

An opportunity presents itself with the compensation plan and the products it may or may not have. The majority of the time… advertising is the primary product with the niches I follow.

The promoters… mover/shakers push the venture to their ‘lists’ and reach out to the online community. Interest builds and then folks decide if they will accept the risk over all this ‘speculation’ … “Will it provide a profit?” is usually the main question people ask themselves.

I remember when FaceBook went public and offered the sale of their shares in the company. That had to be a ‘win win’ deal was the general consensus among investors. The company just continues to snowball with growth and it’s definitely not going to fold.

Facebook started with around $30 a share but… quickly fell to half that amount.

Public outrage and panic… lawyers were called. Shares were sold at a loss fearing they would go lower. Those that hung tough saw the shares climb to around $77 to $75 each today with a lot of buying and selling happening currently.

Comparing to the programs I get involved with.. such panic and negativity can bury an opportunity very quickly but there have been times when it continued on providing a profit for members involved.

My Traffic Value

Moving to the ‘big leagues’ in investing… this week (Friday is the scheduled time) a Chinese e-commerce company called Alibaba will make the biggest share offering in the history of the American stock exchange. At a price of $66 to $68 a share, it’s forecast that those shares will be sold out within a matter of minutes for a possible 25 billion dollars in purchases. All involved expect to make a quick profit but again… this is speculation.

The owner Jack Ma filled a Waldorf hotel in New York recently, pitching his company to interested investors.

In my online ‘space’ … I continue with my gradual growth plan with the ventures that I enter and programs I’m currently a member of. My strategy is to always look forward and by the looks of the Stock Market with the new companies that make a splash among investors… it’s not much different.


The BitCoin

The article today is by a reader who uses the BitCoin and it’s in response to my previous write up about the BitCoin in the post… The Financial Bubble.

As a Blogger I express my opinion on the subjects I write about as a ‘Jack of all trades’ if you will… but a master of none. So I enjoy the interaction from readers that want to forward their views about a topic or issue.


Hi Gord. Thanks for taking the time for this. As you will see, it is very important to me, and to the world to have a better understanding of the big picture. Here it is…I’ve tried to keep it short.  lol

Gord, thank you for opening up comments for this post, because I think that a few more things need to be said in order to have a clearer understanding of how the bitcoin community thinks. The article you have linked to, is not necessarily wrong entirely, however it leaves a lot to be desired for someone who’s actually attempting to learn about bitcoin rather than just picking a side for the sake of it. Quite frankly there is no side. We have been presented with an alternative from a brilliant mind, and I think it is important to look at all aspects of this alternative before classifying it and compartmentalizing it (humans seem to love doing that, and especially governments) into a category that it was never meant to be in. I understand that writers in journalism need to make quick decisions about their stance on any particular subject in order to be “first on scene” with a story, but in this case as with many others, more research and testing is needed to have a clear picture of where this technology can take us. He took his position very early on, and will stick with it, since he probably doesn’t want to be wrong, just like anyone else. Just like the internet itself, (with its own share of naysayers early on, and with many still believing the internet is some evil place to stay away from…their opinions have obviously become irrelevant) bitcoin is very young, and it would be a shame to write off this five year old child before she even reaches her teen years. It is impossible to explore all aspects in one blog post, so I wouldn’t dare attempt to do so in a comment section.

I agree with one thing that Mr. Kinsella has pointed out, and that is the fact that classifying bitcoin as a “property” is short-sighted and simply a misrepresentation. However it seems quite convenient for him to choose the Canadian definition for his attack in order to drive his “ponzi” message home. Stephen Kinsella: “There’s nothing new here beyond the cool software implementation.”  Let’s take a look at the big picture…something that people with an agenda always fail to do. The software, the technology, the protocol itself is where the value is. He points out that bitcoin holds no intrinsic value other than for the purpose of trade/exchange, and that cannot be further from the truth. The protocol itself has many uses.

Gone may be the days of “democratic” voting where unions with political agendas make up the majority of all votes. Also “democracies” where voting results are manipulated…gone! This in itself makes the technology more relevant than any currency our elected officials force us to use. When looking at the protocol in this fashion, brilliant minds have pointed out many other uses for it, which are too numerous to mention here. For this reason, we must be very careful with definitions. It is a store of value. It is not exactly a currency, nor is it a piece of property or commodity.


Let’s take a quick look at the intrinsic value of a dollar bill, shall we? We can use it in an exchange and/or purchase of goods or services. That’s it. Even toilet paper does a better job of…well you know. This is especially true in Canada where it’s made of metal. It is backed by nothing, other than its usage (forced, not necessarily by choice) by people.  People quit using it, and it’s finished. The US government has been printing money since 2008 in an attempt to devalue its own currency to spark an inflationary situation similar to what China has done. The fact that the dollar remains pretty stable in spite of this, tells us that it is actually in a deflationary phase which if left un-manipulated, would be worth much more than it is, and the US public would be in a better financial position than they are at this time. Of course, human intervention, and the infatuation with having the power to control other people’s lives and net worth for the sake of their own, continues to take precedence with our “leaders” as it has for many years. History has proven that human beings cannot be trusted in positions of extreme power. The dollar bill is not evil itself. The fact that people in positions of power continue to manipulate and fudge the numbers if you will, is!

Bitcoin technology makes this a thing of the past. The market decides for itself what the value of a bitcoin is. The volatility is a result of trading, (fear, greed and speculation) not its usage. The original concept as I understand it, illustrated the fact that as more bitcoins are mined and we reach the capped number of coins in circulation, the price of a coin would become more stable, and in fact it is doing just that. The bubble argument is irrelevant when considering bitcoin’s sheer resiliency. The market has not collapsed, and the number of users continues to steadily increase. Pretty much what was predicted by its early adopters five years ago. Yes the number of transactions have declined, however consider how many traders have taken their profits and left. Bitcoin still stands. The type of adversity bitcoin has had to face, would have crippled any economy in comparison anywhere on the planet. It amazes me that some economists use the idea of volatility with negative connotations when traders in fact rely on volatility to turn a profit. If the price of an Apple share never moved, there would have been no profits for the taking. As folks sit on their mutual funds and what have you, the banks turn huge profits using the upswings and downswings of the markets, but I guess in an economist’s mind, that’s different. Although he did say that he has no problem with investors taking advantage of market swings, so his flip flop in that regard is a bit confusing.

So it seems that there is something very different here. Bitcoin takes trust (and lack of it when speaking of mine for government officials) out of the equation.

Again, considering the technology has many uses other than an exchange or trade, it would be ludicrous to write it off because of misguided definitions. If that were the intelligent approach to take, then the dollar should have been abolished long ago, and we’d be back to bartering tomatoes for eggplants.

It most certainly can, AND IS being used as a currency between parties who agree to use it as such. The “it will never work” mantra has been decimated by the fact that it is working and it is being used. I am not an economist, however I don’t need to be in order to use a little common sense when looking at the economic and social ramifications of an adoption of an idea. An idea which by its very nature eliminates the forced sense of trust we must have with our current economic systems.

There were many perfectly intelligent people screaming that email would never work…that there was no need etc. Those same people today can’t stay off of their electronic devices checking their inboxes. Email made the world a little smaller, and connected people in a much more efficient manner. Bitcoin technology used as a currency does the very same thing.




The Smart Watch

When I was a young gaffer, my first watch was a TimeX. It wasn’t long before I broke the glass face out of that one. My next watch became so scratched up over time I couldn’t see the time. That was the last wrist watch I ever wore.

They just couldn’t take the abuse a kid could dish out on a daily basis.

Today… I got sort of a mental clock happening. I rarely need an alarm clock where I wake up before it goes off and I’m not far off the time in my daily routine when I wonder what the exact time is.

Most kids today have a cell or smartphone with the time, always within reach or in their hand all the time. That goes for adults as well. It’s a wired world.

The Tech industry is always looking ahead and tinkering with what they can produce next and what they figure … will sell.

Pebble Technology came out with their “Pebble Steel” smart watch… $250

They have a plastic version that sells for $150.

Over 400,000 of these have been sold to date


So folks can now go online via their wrist watch and have both hands free.

Again… that would never work for me where I’d have it malfunctioning in no time.

Now… Apple has released their “Apple Watch – iPhone 6“.

New rigs like this are usually expensive and come down in price after awhile or become free with some kind of 2 to 3 year data package. The Apple Watch is over $600 to buy here in Canada! Cripes… twice so much as an average laptop.

But… folks who want the latest in gadgets will buy it.

With advertising and earning money online…. SustainableAdProfits issued an update that members will now earn 7 days a week when buying adpacks. Cool!

I’ve been with that venture since the 31st of May… 2014




After a very humid week here in Nova Scotia, this upcoming week’s temps are forecast to stay in the low 20’s C … and that’s just fine with me where my system doesn’t take kindly to hot humid weather.

I’ve been watching the UN meetings on the International scene and their current plans to deal with the Ukraine crisis and the Islamic State problem in Iraq.

In short… the UN is not going to war with Russia over Ukraine seeking a political settlement with further sanctions against Mother Russia.

Currently there is a fragile seize fire in place, which will hopefully move to more concrete peaceful solutions.

In Iraq… missions are now being carried out to cut down on ‘terrorist’ organizations of which the biggest threat is the Islamic State with an active recruiting program bringing in people from all over the world including Canada and the US.  President Obama has vowed to destroy this group.

I have to comment that is a serious situation where Canadians have returned home in a ‘brain washed’ state. Who knows when they will self destruct one day.

With matters concerning the online world of money related opportunities there are changes coming to the compensation plan with WorldWide SolutionZ and that starts on Tuesday… the 9th of September.

I’ve been receiving 5% gratitude payments based on my LifeJacket principal since the start of 2014 with quick payments when I request. That continues with the “principal” now included in the weekly Monday payments to my account.

A snapshot of what’s happening with WWSz can be seen on my “Update Page“.

They are about helping and feeding the children ‘in need’ in Africa where WWSz is based in South Africa. A worthy cause and mission provided by the folks who manage the program.

Here at home…. a similar venture would certainly be welcome where many low income families struggle to keep the wolf from the door and put a decent meal on the table. Many schools have free ‘breakfast’ programs for those kids in those situations but like everywhere… people and organizations ‘step up” to do more.

Seasons and Trends

As we head for Fall… the niches I make a dollar with usually step it up a notch with several interesting opportunities popping up on the radar screen. Current and new investors look to increase their online income with the trends that come and go like the seasons.

Currently, Linum Fund has made a big splash with investors involved and after the ‘5 day hold’, I can withdraw my “seed” money at any time or continue with the daily non-expiring plans, which I have decided to do.

Accepting the risk is a part of all investments and that old quote about… not being able to judge a book by it’s cover… comes to mind. What’s behind a company or website’s name? There’s only so much information available to digest and perhaps mentally analyzing how an investment will work but in the end it’s like living in a fog until jumping in with both feet.

The Wonderful Grand Band out of St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada) was a hit in the 80’s with their satirical look at Newfoundland life. They played a variety of tunes such as contemporary, modern, as well as, ‘old time’ music. Greg Malone who plays the boozy guy in the skit is a recognized author today.

Newfies from “The Rock” were, and still are, the brunt of Newfie Jokes from what they call ‘mainlanders’ but they take it all in stride as a ‘very friendly’ people who take time to occasionally laugh at themselves… a strong character trait in my books.