Cold War and Hot Weather

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Just a reminder… all investments come with a degree of risk… off and online so following the basic rules of investing is wise. GIC’s being the exception.

Cold War… is a label being used more and more these days as the US and Russia aren’t having good relations these days. US spies caught in Germany has that government wondering what hidden agenda the Obama government has.

A pot boiling over is the Ukraine crisis where another Malaysian flight went down… this time shot down by a missile, suspected fired from Pro Russian rebels. Horrific recounts from witnesses seeing bodies falling from the sky has prompted International outrage.

Where weapon toting Rebels control that area, investigations and body recovery for the affected families is delayed. That, I’m sure, has some Governments fuming and debating whether to take action.

NATO and UN forces are keeping a close eye on the situation but their suggestions of ending it and having peace in the Ukraine is just talk for now to those wanting war and recognition.

I don’t see that issue being resolved for a long time to come.

Passenger and crew safety are always a priority with Airline companies, but that was a terrible lapse in judgement flying over a war zone… even at 30 to 35,000 feet high.

Here in Nova Scotia… it’s been a warm and humid weekend. I’m not one for hot weather and I can envision myself camping while doing some recreational ‘pan handling’ for Gold on Greenland, where every year… more of the Glacier recedes into the ocean


The Annual Summer Slowdown

I’m heavy into making money with niches that don’t require sponsoring folks or heavy promotion to sell a product. I guess you could call it ‘arm chair” or “lazy boy’ investing. Terms used in the ‘Mutual Fund” world where ‘managers’ take care of business while I monitor the progress.

Today, I received another instant SolidTrustPay payment from PerfectAdSolution as my principal earns at varied rates per day until into profit.


PaidVerts had some ‘downtime’ a couple days ago… probably upgrading to faster servers with more bandwidth where I noticed an increasing ‘lag’ during heavy traffic times. Back to normal today.

Advertising is the backbone of that popular site.

Overall… there’s a general slowdown with the Hybrids, ‘Fixed Rate’ and HYIP’s where we are heavy into summer on this continent. The normal annual trend as things pick up again in the later part of August and September.

HYIP’s, or High Yield Investment Programs, I’ve been playing like a stock trader lately. Buy and sell at a profit is the goal or ‘purchase and withdraw’. When to exit is the key before taking a loss in that world of competing with the “hit and runners”.



Germany wins the Word Cup

In the 2nd half of extra time, Germany beat Argentina to win the World Cup of soccer in Brazil. It’s Germany’s 4th World Cup and the first time an European country has won in a South American hosted World Cup event.


After the game, I seen some German players on the field with their children in their arms… a memory they will never forget.

The other night, I watched the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ starring Leonardo diCaprio. Drugs, sex and money fueled the millionaire, Jordan Belfort and his band of merry men but it eventually came falling down like a house of cards because… he didn’t know when to stop. Not because his clients slowed down on spending but snubbing his nose at the “Feds” fueled them to one day… bring him down and they did.

This film is based on actual events from Belfort’s memoirs.

He made his money on “penny stocks” where he received 50% commission for each “unit” he sold. Penny stocks are normally overlooked by the big spenders where they want more bang for their buck. Knowing this, he went after the ‘big spenders’ and sweet talked them into buying and buying and buying again, making himself rich.

Interesting, in today’s penny stock world, a 6 cent stock CYNK Technology Corp gained 25000% in 17 days. Up to $21 a share. Linking to my last article about Social Networks… that’s what this is but nobody knows anything about it.

This is something similar to what the “Wolf of Wall Street” was doing  … creating money out of nothing and capitalizing on it.

Consequently… trading has stopped while the Feds look into why it has soared so high. BlackBerry had a similar “blast off” but that, as we know, is a legitimate company.




Social Media Empires

Social media expanded big time when Mark Zuckerberg uploaded Facebook and there have been several “wanna’ be’s” with Twitter being the most recognized today. Getting folks together and making millions of dollars… who wouldn’t want to get in on that… eh?

Well… there’s a lad named Pavel Durov who wanted that recognition and the money of course. He started VKontakte in Russia and it’s bigger than Facebook/Twitter with 260 million registered users growing daily.

Over on this side of the ‘big pond’, we enjoy our freedom of the “typed text” and videos (to a point) but living in Mother Russia, it’s a different story.

With the Ukraine crisis… Durov was ordered by the FSB (Federal Security Service) to remove any posts on “VK” that’s an insult to Russia and it’s government.

It would of been the wise thing to do but Durov ignored the order and eventually had to flee the country, leaving a power struggle for control of Vkontakte with Russia’s richest man getting a piece of the pie and wanting more.

Eventually … all those posts from Ukrainians and others were removed.

That’s not where it ended. Putin had enough of that and has now put to law that any site that gets more than 3000 hits in a day, has to be registered as a media organization and trouble makers will be found.


Since FaceBook and Twitter members like to speak their mind… that could push them out of Russia.

My questions is… did Putin set something in motion that other countries will adopt? Hopefully not… but, is it a way to crackdown (in North America) the cons of social media such as cyber bullying being the worst problem today in my opinion. Causing young and old to actually end their lives instead of hitting that ‘power off’ button.

Durov is apparently now in Berlin, Germany with some techs and backers to restart a social media site. That’s the recent news from his Facebook page,

On the ‘earnings’ side of this online world… PerfectAdSolution had a hiccup with it’s ’6 hour’ payment schedule but that’s been rectified where payments have resumed on my end.


Stay with Me

On Sunday in Brazil, the big final World Cup Soccer match takes place with Argentina facing Germany. I’m hoping for an exciting, close scoring, game.

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