The Manhattan Project and Canadian Political Humour

Here in Nova Scotia, the mornings are getting cooler… while the afternoons warm up some depending on the direction of the wind.

After a blast of high humidity day and night for about 5 days … I can’t get enough ‘cool’ lately.

Although My Binary Profits launched yesterday, additional features are coming on stream as per the recent updates on site by Steve. I’ll call it a ‘beta’ phase where testing continues before applications are enabled.

While that is ongoing, I entered an additional popular venture called Manhatan Traffic, (Not a spelling error by the way) which has ‘fixed rate’ plans that I prefer among all the money making niches online. There are ‘no surfing required to earn’ monthly memberships, which I also like in case I’m busy and can’t surf the required sites per day.

Interesting to see if Manhatan has the gumption to go the distance and produce a profit.

Politics here in Canada brings on more then one daily debate with people across this big land and the Press knows it with daily news on any extra curricular ‘scuttle butt’ they can uncover that most folks like to see and hear about fueling more discussions. It’s usually a love, hate thing or being just plain indifferent to it all.

Currently the Federal Government elections are under way, while the three main party Leaders throw rotten tomatos at each other and heave out the election campaign promises.

Justin Trudeau of the Liberals, Thomas Mulcair of the NDP and the long running current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who has a battle on his hands to keep his Progressive Conservative party in power this time around.

But… there’s also some fun and a laugh at times, like in this recent article… Social Media Pokes Fun at Naming Harper’s Plane

That’s followed by Tweets shown in the article I highlighted above about what Tweeters think of Mr. Harper’s chances of winning this Federal election by naming his plane … starting with…

Con Air


Cracked me up when I seen that in the article but… that’s just my twisted political sense of humour.

Bi Profits

It’s September 1st and that means more new ventures and opportunities to look over, which I have an interest in. The ‘Profit Share’ category is alive and well, which offers advertising and varying rates of ‘share’ earnings for members who make purchases into those programs.

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In my last piece about the nazi gold train in Poland, I mentioned; where there’s gold, the treasue seekers will come. Polish Police and Railway Security are now on patrol in the area where the train is buried to keep folks out of that area, highlighted in this recent article about the… Treasure Hunters

There’s also an international legal battle brewing and that involves some history …

Hitler ordered the ‘Final Solution’ to be activated and the death toll for Polish Jews rose by the thousands. Not only in Poland but in all areas under his rule at that time, which was eventually called the Holocaust.

Wars are often won or lost by mistakes. In WW II, the Allies waiting for Hitler’s nazis to make the errors and then took advantage of those mistakes, or Hitler himself making moves that sped up the collapse of his tyrannical grip on Germany.

Once buddies, Hitler wanted Russia and that was ruled by an equally ruthless leader… Stalin. That turned out to be a huge blunder and when the tide turned, Stalin was without mercy sweeping into Germany and finally… Berlin.

Ultimate revenge which costs thousands more lives including civilians.

The German Army advanced to the outskirts of Moscow before being pushed back and during that invasion, priceless paintings and all kinds of treasure were stolen from the Russians.

Today, Russia suspects some of those valuables could be in that train and they want those items back with lawyers on the case.

The World Jewish Congress are also weighing in …. that the bulk of the gold, etc. in that train should be handed over to them because of the Holocaust.

No doubt it’s ‘blood’ gold aboard and that’s if … there’s anything on that train besides military supplies.

Poland so far is having none of that, where they state that all their people endured hard times under Hitler and with Stalin’s push through the country.

Media from all over the world is now keeping a ‘lens’ on this developing saga.




Confessions about Gold and a Train

It was another wild ride in the Market scene this week, where ‘Black Monday’ in China sent the TSX – Toronto Stock Exchange into the abyss, fueled by investor fear. The TSX and other stock exchanges around the world began to recover Tuesday and made significant gains on Thursday while China shored up it’s economy and stopped their ‘Markets’ slump by pumping in millions of Yuan. Temporary fix? Who know’s.

Just another crazy ‘roller coaster’ week in the stock and mutual fund sectors.

This business is certainly not for folks that get overly stressed or just plain… freak out.

That’s now in the past while it’s always about looking forward when it comes to investing money… off and online. See what unfolds on Monday and the start of September.

As I mentioned in my last post, My Binary Profits popped up on the radar this week and it’s progressing along during the prelaunch phase. Also, welcome news is that STP will be added next month as well.

There are plenty of ‘on site’ updates to read while the technical workings of the script are concluding, gearing up for a Sept. 1st launch.

Speaking of ‘radar’, there’s more interesting developments about the nazi gold train in Poland. Using a ‘ground penetrating’ radar, Polish authorites have found the train about 70 meters down where the two men said it was. More info is also coming forward in the ‘clickable’ article above about how these two dudes… German and Polish found out where the train is.

armoured train

This all came about from a death bed confession from someone, not identified as yet who helped load and hide the armoured train…. probably with Hitler’s SS. He mentioned it was booby trapped with explosives.

Polish military explosive experts figure it will take a few weeks to get down to the train and disarm the safe guard bombs… if any.

Meanwhile, authorities cautioned ‘treasure hunters’ from digging for the train where they suspect it’s actually rigged to blow up when opened. I don’t expect that will stop folks with the ‘gold fever’ … planning or currently doing a secret dig of their own.




Investor Approach Mindsets

September is approaching as schools, colleges and Universities here gear up for their starting semesters, as summer vacations wind up for this year.

For me, here online … that also means new ventures and opportunities to look over that have scheduled a start for next month.

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August 25th 2015

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That brings me to the different mindsets Investors have about funding and that’s getting into a huge topic on it’s own about ‘how much’ and strategies to use, etc.

On my end, I have a starting approach or plan but know that has to be flexible as most programs take twists and turns during their life span.

I tend to stay on the ‘conservative’ side, where I look for modest gains spead across various opportuntiies to add overall growth as I move forward.

Then they are the ‘big spenders’, who can certainly make huge gains as well when everything goes their way. Like the American Author’s song …. Go Big or Go Home


Mystery of The Missing Gold Train Continues

In my article … Gold on the Rise. Will it Last? , I concluded that post with news about the mystery of a missing nazi gold train, which disappeared in 1945.

Being a history buff, I was hunting for more updates and a recent news article digs more into Hitler’s elaborate tunnel system in Poland and speculates on why they were built in the first place. … On the Hunt for the Nazi Gold Train


The Ksiaz Castle (Walbrzych, Poland) in the picture above was a Nazi HQ and nearby, miles of tunnels were built, included in this snippet from that news story:

‘But just where the train might have been found remains unknown. The two who have claimed to have found it have kept the location under wraps, saying, through their lawyer, that they may reveal their secret to the president of Walbrzych next week. But until then the location stays secret.

The local press have claimed one place the train could lie is the village of Walim. Stretched along a valley some 12 miles west of Walbrzych and overlooked by the forested Owl Mountains, Walim has emerged as a contender for the location because its hills are home to some of the Project Riese tunnels.

One of the biggest construction projects in the history of the Third Reich, Project Riese involved digging miles of tunnels in a series of complexes across the Walbrzych region, which was until 1945 part of Germany. Thousands of slave labourers died hewing the rock for reasons that still remain unclear. Some say the tunnels were for a secret command centre, others claim they were for underground factories for Hitler’s secret weapons, or even hid research on an atomic bomb.’

Currently, the two men who say they know where the train is are waiting to ensure they get 10% of the booty before revealing where they say it’s located.


The mystery continues.

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The rate of 6% per day (3% on the weekends) continues based on $10 AdPacks and $5 Media packs, which expire at 150%.

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Keeping my daily earning level up is a ‘rewarding’ task, while I collect 50% on my principal spends.

Investing and that varying degree of risk involved… has always been about been about timing when getting involved with a profitable opportunity.