Copper Tones

HYIP’s are high risk and offer an ‘arm chair’ approach where the most energy an investor burns is initially deciding to fund, how much and what strategy to use. There’s no adpacks, surfing to earn … or requirement to recruit folks to make money.

As I mentioned in my previous article, there is a new site in the wings preparing to launch but in the meantime …

A new high yield venture has launched called CopperTradePro and gaining ‘interest’ in the early stages. SolidTrustPay, Payza and other payment solutions are accepted.

Spanning over 100 business days, Monday to Friday … a minimum deposit of $20 earns 2.4% per day.

A point to realize about HYIP’s is although the majority claim funds are invested in real trading or whatever… it isn’t. As we know commodities like copper and oil fluctuate everyday and these days, the financially fittest of copper miners and oil companies are cutting back to stay in profit until things turn around for the better.

Keeping that in mind… it all comes down to the Admin(s) or Skipper of an opportunity and if he, or she has honest intentions plus have the right stuff to be a decent money manager.



Light on the Bull End

With stocks in Canada, It’s an overall ‘Bear’ market and that’s all about investors not having a lot of confidence right now. People might stay.. ‘Well, I’m into mutual funds’. Mutual Funds are primarily loaded with stocks.


The difference with Mutual Funds is the diversity of companies involved so they weather the storms better than say a person having his only invest in the Montreal based …. Bombardier. That aircraft and railcar manufacturer stock fell down into a ‘penny stock’ status due to the company being outbid on aircraft sales and contracts lately.

Shifting to the online world and the money niches I make a dollar with… I’m seeing a ‘Bear’ trend here as well into the first week of February. That usually doesn’t last long where normally a good opportunity or two gives more weight to the ‘Bull’ and boosts confidence once again.

Through the HYIP grapevine, there’s talk of a new program launching soon with the Admin apparently waiting for the time to be right before launching. Currently, there’s no mention of the compensation or payment processor involved.

Hopefully, it will be another winner like Amazing5 that continues to dish out the fast STP payments to yours truly.




My Eyes are Telling Me Lies

Two points that stand out in the golden rules of investing with me are; when I get involved I accept the risk knowing full well my principal could go poof at any time. Therefore, I only use cash that I don’t need to keep the wolves from the door.

So … with every venture I write about in my Blog, I apply that and I know there are no guarantees.

Seeing is believing they say but not in the world of finance. My eyes could be telling me lies about what I’m reading and watching while my noggin’ is working overtime thinking  … is it all smoke and mirrors or will it be profitable?

Folks should take heed of red flags and issues that just don’t look kosher. Certainly one of Canada’s ‘Big 5’ Banks should of put on the brakes and ceased dealings until investigated when they felt there was something just not right. But… that Bank did not, although it’s ‘alleged’ the warning signs were there and here’s the story behind that…

Fraud lands billionaire in jail and the corrupt money trail.

I have no doubt Banks try and avoid this type of situation in that article but I’m sure it’s a constant thing with persuasive rich crooks, drug/war lords and terrorist groups under an alias attempting get their foot in the door. Then move their money in small amounts first, eventually ramping up to the millions, while large transfer fees are taken in by the Banks.

Ramping that down to the online world I’m invested in … where funding a few thousand in a program is looked on as a high end spend, I remain conservative as always. But first … some navy humour

Although ‘revenue share’ ad packs won’t be for sale until February 28th. KooAds has enabled funding to purchase some advertising with the program. I’m sure there will be more launches in February I’ll be getting into but for now, there is plenty of time to watch KooAds and review the ‘on site’ AdPlan and FAQ’s.

If all is well, I’ll be there for the official Launch day.



Prelaunching into February

With the subject of compounding … there are some Admins running ventures that think ‘long term’ and understand the effects. There is a trend of new launches now that force compounding onto members in the form of a high percentage ‘repurchase rule’… 30 to 50% split from earnings.

In most cases, it just encourages a ‘one time’ spend and folks rely on the repurchase account for further compounding. Sites normally don’t survive very long with that plan.

I prefer to make that decision on my own and I’m ok with 20%  of my earnings going into a repurchase account buying additional spots depending on the Skipper(s) running the site. Anymore than that, I normally move on.

However, straight 100% earnings going into my cashout account is my thing.

The German run,  EdenTraffic has no repurchase account and no membership requirement. The advertising site is the latest venture I’m in profit with. To date, membership continues to grow.

Eden is similar to AdsPayPro, which also has no forced repurchase account currently. Paying out between 1.5% to 2% daily on my end, depending on membership level. Steady has she goes, beats out the majority of fast earners that crash and burn within a couple weeks or a month.

Today, there is a new advertising program in prelaunch called Kooad. Accepting STP and Payza, there is no repurchase rule and Adpacks start from $2 each up to $12. The Admin has a decent history and the launch is scheduled to start on the 28th of February. I’ll add more news about this latest venture I joined in my next article.

More encouraging news from MoBrabus. After taking on a new crew of programmers; the revenue share, advertising rotator and payment processors are tentatively scheduled to be in place before Monday.



Fund a Tangerine

I watched the NFL conference finals last Sunday and now it’s the Denver Broncos facing the Carolina Panthers in Superbowl 50 on Sunday, February 7th. Denver was involved in a close game with New England while Carolina easily won their match.

The Montreal Canadiens in the NHL continue to struggle and lost again last night currently out of a playoff spot. I don’t think any Hab fan expected that after a great last season and being at the top of the league during the first few weeks of this season.

Hopefully, My Boys can turn it around soon and get out of that mental funk they are in causing elementary mistakes, which costs them dearly when opposing teams even the score and win.

Open a Tangerine Account (owned by one of the top 5 banks in Canada; Scotiabank) with my Orange Key 24769201S1 and get a $50 Bonus! Visit:

I’m not a fan of early compounding with the online programs in the Biz, simply because there are too many variables that can throw a wrench into a person’s long rang plans.

However, folks do have success with their ‘systems’ and prosper depending on the program and Skipper(s) at the helm.

AdsPayPro, an advertising venture I recently got into profit with … starting with a compounding approach, can be more of an advantage contrary to my opening paragraph. There’s always that question pops up where membership continues to grow when my term expires and I got paid.

Do I go with additional funding or walk away? On my end, I repurchased and bought more Units from STP. So, it’s onward with AdsPayPro.

Things were slowly coming together with MoBrabus but their programmer was missing deadlines set by the Admin and it came down to… your fired. Currently MB is working with new programmers moving ahead with developing and finishing MB 2.0