Goals and Caps

The 2015-2016 NHL season started last Wednesday and the Montreal Canadiens, with multiple trophy winner, Carey Price in goal… won, beating the Toronto Maple Leafs in their stadium.

There’s a lot of ado about the Toronto Maple Leafs and their new head coach, the highest paid coach in the league… Mike Babcock (former coach of the Detroit Red Wings). The Toronto games ‘were’ always sold out until last season when the team fell apart and fans had enough of management promises that things will improve.

Watching the game, the Leafs outshot the Habs and looked desciplined, not falling apart like last season. Early on, Babcock is already making a difference, which should fill their stadium once again for future games.

The majority of interest, besides HYIP’s … is the ‘proft share’ niche from my view.

Awhile back now… there was a big stir with profit shares offering anywhere from 80 to 100% instant shares with members; depending on their principal spends. Members ready to fund when the programs launched, would see profits within a matter of minutes to a few days.

The downside was, as shares began to dwindle, further purchases fell off the cliff and the inevitable end came in a hurry.

Years ago… some lasted months on end but that was a different time and investor attitude was more… for a better word … ‘trusting’ in the Admin’s capabilities to run a tight ship.

Today, it’s more cutthoat where a rash of scams since then changed investor’s strategies.

Now, there’s the new trend of ‘capped’ profit shares allowing a decent ‘money manager’ type Admin to stockpile funds in the program allowing for longer running ventures such as AdBrook.

Capped meaning… for example … a minimum share of 3% to 5% allocated over 24 hours based on sales. There are varying daily rates such as ‘up to 7%’ per ‘server day’ and that brings me to the upcoming launch of ….

RevAdBurst , kicking off on Sunday, October 11th. The plan is $1 Adpacks with a minimum purchase of $4 and a minimum withdrawal limit of $2.

If a member owns more than 50 AdPacks, there is an an extra bonus (multiplier) share amount expiring at 150%, principal included. Members are required to watch 10 sites per day to earn on a daily basis.

This new advertsing site should be interesting as we head into Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.








Treasure Hunting and the Paycheck

The latest on the nazi armoured gold train buried in Poland I wrote about in past articles, is that a Polish military squad experienced in chemicals, radiation and explosives declared the surface area where the train is buried about 7 meters down… safe.

Testing was done about 1 meter down but when they eventually get down to the train … could be a different story where explosives are expected to be rigged to blow. Right now, all is on hold as Polish officials plan the next move, factoring in the cost to get this project underway.

And will there be the gold and treasures aboard that was just a myth before? … like the Bigfoot.

I know here In Canada and around the world, there are experienced mining crews that would make short work of drilling and blasting a decline down to the train. Poisonous gases and dealing with explosives are part of their job description.

Interesting, is a short article by Author, Robert Edsel who spawned the movie based on true events … Monuments Men. The hunt for treasures stolen by Hitler and the Nazis.

So what does he make of the story unfolding in a rural town in southwest Poland?

“We know there’s a possibility there’s life on Mars, but I’m not in a hurry to jump on a ship and get blasted into space to go look,”  he said.

“Are there significant things still buried that we have not found yet? Yes. I don’t have any doubt that there are,” he said. “And is this a possibility? It is a possibility.”


I registered with a new program today called … MyTrafficPayCheck.

The advertising site is in prelaunch until October 15th and captained by Richard Marcum, who apparently ran a program back in 2008.

The backbone of the compensation plan is a minimum of a $5 AdPack purchase that earns a ‘capped’ share every hour with a surf (130% expiry) and a non surf (120% expiry) plan.

There is no repurchase account and a low, $2 minimum payout. STP and Payza, among other payment processors are accepted.





Entertainment and Business

There are a couple dates I’m looking forward to so far in this upcoming, first full week of October.

On the entertainment side, the NHL regular season begins on Wednesday, October 7th. My boys, the Montreal Canadiens face the Toronto Maple Leafs, among 4 games scheduled for that day.

Interesting as well, is the prospect of adding 2 new teams for next season, Quebec City, which has had a past history with the NHL (club moved to be the current Colorado Avalanche) and a team ready to play on the ice in the desert…. Las Vegas.

After all the game is about luck, superstitions, systems and skill.

Take a shot from the blueline in the offensive zone for example. A jumble of players in front of the net and the puck hits one player and deflects into the corner. A missed opportunity to score.

The next shot could careem off a couple players, change direction and end up in the net over the goalie’s shoulder. That’s what I call pure luck like the slots in Vegas.

In the online Biz side of things… Otober 10th is the scheduled launch day for RevAdBurst, over 6000 members already in it’s prelaunch phase. Funding is disabled at this time but registration is open.

Wrapping up for today and back to the start of the National Hockey League. The games begin with the National Anthems and each city has their favorite performer. I usually crank the volume a tad where I enjoy listening to the various singers.

During the playoffs at home in Montreal last spring, Ginette Rino gets the crowd and the fans at home … fired up




The Train is Coming

It wasn’t long after I posted my last article, an interesting new opportunity popped up on the grid and is currently in prelauch.

Normally I wouldn’t of got on this train but it’s skippered by an Admin with some experience. The program is called RevAdBurst and since yesterday… nearly 3000 members jumped onboard.

It’s certainly affordable starting with $1 Adpacks, which earn every 60 minutes and accepting STP and Payza, among other payment solutions. There is a daily ‘CAP’ of 7% and 20% of a withdraw goes into a repurchase account.

The plans are laid out on the Homepage and launch time is the 10th of October with a countdown clock at the top right on that splash page.

So… who is the dude administrating this advertising site? Here is his latest update:


We are introducing you a revolutionary type of advertising revenue sharing website called RevAdBurst where you can earn up to 150% from your advertising packs with a variable daily % and multipliers for the number of packs you own and the type of advertisement pack you purchase.

Also there are certain upgrades that can also boost your daily income and referral income at affordable prices and for a limited time at a discounted price of over 50%, so first 100 upgraded users will get same advantages for a cheaper price.

Earnings in your balance are credited hourly every 60 minutes.

Instant payments for all processors except bitcoin and payeer and we are accepting payments with Paypal, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, Payza, Bitcoin, Payeer, Neteller & OkPay

The minimum purchase is $4 ( 4 adpacks of $1 each ), from each adpack type you can own a maximum of 200, excepting the last adpack type where you can purchase unlimited.

Join today, join the change, create an opportunity and earn by advertising.

Pre-launch end on 10 October 2015

Best Regards Reece Sinclair Revadburst & Advertzer.com Admin


Managing the Money

With October approaching, there’s a lot of ventures launching now or in prelaunch. Too many and that happens from time to time where a niche gets too ‘watered down’ such as the popular ‘profit shares’ currently. It all comes down to; if an Admin(s) is a very good to excellent … money manager.

I can quickly tell the difference between a program running along for 4 months with no hiccups and a newer, similar venture already stumbling after a couple weeks. No clue on how to manage funds in my opinion if it’s having trouble that soon.

I haven’t registered with anything new in the past week or so but keep scanning around as always. Back in September 11th, I joined 155 Profit Ads and continue to get paid instantly to my STP account. There was a couple processor muckups, which included STP but as I mentioned… running smoothly now. However, Payza continues to review it’s connection with ‘155’ and that ‘should’ be cleared up soon. (Payza enabled – good to go for deposits and withdrawals – 29/09/2015)

Lets talk dating for a minute. Many singles do their hunting from home … hitting the dating sites online and for sure, many like to butter up their profiles. It’s like the online programs… you’ve done what research is available but you don’t really know until your involved. Could be a good thing or whoa! … a disaster.

Then there’s this guy, the old fashioned way  ….