A Habs Christmas and Oil

Oil, with it’s major fall, is $55.64 US per barrel at the time of this post. It seems Oil bottomed out and came up a tad today. Some predictions are that it could still go down so far as $40 US per barrel and hover at a low cost for as much as 6 months …. possibly up to 2 years.

This has caused unrest and concerns in the Stock Markets and with companies (plus their spinoffs) where they have lost considerable profit due to the high expense of producing a barrel of Oil. It has caused a wild ride in the Markets lately where investors get into this ‘panic and fear’ thing. Cool headed investors wait for the stock price to come down in these energy companies they are interested in and buy at what they estimate is  ‘buying low’ … waiting for the rebound when oil will certainly rise in value again.

Consumers, such as myself, are enjoying the low cost of gas and lube for their ‘rides’ wondering how long the savings will last.

Airlines in Canada are in the news lately with the increasingly high volume of passengers as we head for the Christmas holidays. With the low price of oil, Airlines are enjoying the profits but created a negative buzz where they also have this additional ‘fuel surcharge’ added to ticket fares from when Oil was up there around $100+ per barrel. Folks feel the fuel surcharge should be dropped but of course that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Meanwhile, one of my ‘fav’ pastimes is watching the televised NHL games. Both Montreal and Toronto seen their winning streaks come to an end last night. Being a Habs fan, my team was bumped from their top spot in the NHL rankings as teams jostle for top positioning and try to maintain that spot through to Playoff time.

This Christmas tree is not mine but gives me ideas for next year… or is it a tad “too much’?


Digadz has posted their holiday downtime and maintenance schedule: (Edited for current stats)


Dear members,

I’m feeling that I must say thanks to everyone here and thanks for your patience! We are working really hard each and every day with almost no time to sleep.

Digadz has over 81.000 members and we are growing rapidly and we are having around 10.000 members online and I know there are issues with the server loading slow , but we are working all we can to solve this problem. For now server is running much faster if we turn off the banners, I know that is not a solution , that is why I want to give you this news right now.

Most important is that server will be upgraded around Christmas time 23rd-25th December,2014.

Please understand that for server upgrade we will need up to 3 days, (23rd,24th,25th December) to be completed. We already did this once and members who were with us from the beginning know what am I talking about. When we start with server upgrades , DNS (Domain Name System) will need up to 3 days to propagate in all countries. This time we want to avoid all problems while DNS propagates to all countries and we will be closed from 23rd-25th December to finish that process. We decided to upgrade during that time , so you can spend all your free time with your family for Christmas. I hope you will agree with this too.

This will be fair to everyone , because if we keep running, the server while DNS propagates then thousands of members will not be able to Login, Also before we start with upgrade there might be around 100.000 members. So we want to avoid any problems and we want to be absolutely fair to everyone. It’s better not to risk anything.

I have plans for the future but it’s still early and u will be informed when time comes :) This is just a beginning of our journey and I’m amazed with the number of members that we are getting daily! Thanks to all once again! You are doing a great job for DigAdz and we are trying to do the same for you!

Merry Christmas!



I Like to Move It …. Move It

With my experience and the online ‘money making’ niches, it pays to get in on the ground floor or opening day with an opportunity I’m confident about. I was there at the opening day of Digadz and I’m in profit adding growth, while performing the daily routine on site.

The advertising program had it’s start up issues mainly with keeping server speed at an optimum level for the number of people accessing the site on a given day. Data that’s causing lag has been identified and that will be addressed during the Christmas holiday break for server maintenance.

On a personal note, with regards to investing money and accepting the risk, I’m always searching for new opportunities to keep my funds on the move… collecting interest or compounding.

Starting my day, I have to get the gears in my head meshing first with my morning coffee fix something like this guy …






Cool Landings

By Trade, I’m a Transport Canada licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Technician/Mechanic. I’ve always enjoyed getting my hands dirty and see how machines work. Besides cars as a “Saturday Mechanic”, I worked on commercial jets and turbo prop aircraft.

It’s a satisfying feeling watching an aircraft roll out the hangar doors ready for another day of flying. I’ve seen planes land and takeoff fairly close at times but nothing like the video below.

From a safety standpoint… The powerful turbine engines on these aircraft shown spooling up are like a giant vacuum cleaner thirsty for air while the engines are looking for more power. So, if a turbo fan engines picks up an object like a small rock for example, it’s probably going to shoot out the back like a missile unless held up internally…. but the folks on the beach in this flick are not to worried about that apparently.

I certainly would like to visit there one day and see this first hand… probably without the little umbrellas that come with the drinks.

This is simply the coolest beach in the world. Maho Beach, St. Marteen, sits directly adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport, one of the smallest international airports in the world. Experience the jet forces of a 747 Jumbo Jet taking off just 50 metres away from you, and the sight of an Airbus landing just a few metres above the beach. Watch people and their bags being blown across the beach and into the sea…you can’t experience this anywhere else in the world. Just amazing!


Years ago, I read the book Jaws by Peter Benchley and later watched the much anticipated movie release by Steven Spielberg. It certainly was original and a blockbuster. Sometime later, I watched a documentary about Great White sharks and how they were being hunted relentlessly along with sport fishing, which is usually fueled from the thrill of fear with some fisher folk and Great Whites being seen as a threat to humans. Of course, nothing was done about it.

Folks involved wanted the trophy jaws and teeth to sell, auction or keep as trophies. To a point where they are now an endangered species.

All this stemming from one movie… hard to believe but that seems to be the case where before Jaws… not much was known about Great Whites

Enter Lydia, a female Great White, which scientists and researchers are now tracking in efforts to preserve this shark species in the future.


Amazingly, Lydia is 2000 pounds or about 1 ton of shark and she loves to eat while not wanting to be left out of the social circles online… having her own Twitter account.



“She’s traveled over 25,000 miles in less than two years. She’s connected the dots between Florida and the southeast of Newfoundland, and kind of excited everybody over in Europe there when she crossed the mid-Atlantic ridge … and then down south past the Azores off northwest Africa and back to the southeast” … a tidbit from the articles below

Two recent clickable articles about Lydia:



The Great White has been described as the perfect killing machine and never stops moving or it will die where ocean water passes through the gills providing oxygen. But… that shouldn’t be a reason for it to be hunted into extinction like the Tiger.

This is all interesting stuff for yours truly where I’ve been around or on the ocean most of my life.

Being ‘active’ in the investment world has similarities to the shark, where I keep moving forward and on the search for what can feed my accounts and eventually… my wallet. I believe in diversifying where sticking with a single invest could leave me stagnated in the future.

Currently, I’m heavy into Digadz and got paid to my SolidTrustPay account today as I continue my daily routine of visiting sites and buying Ads.

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For the transportation industry, the low price for a barrel of oil these days means more profit and for me…. I’m enjoying the savings at the gas pumps.

Airlines have less expense with lower fuel costs and raking in more profit.

On the flipside, those companies involved in producing oil are feeling the pinch as the cost of production is probably the same with steady increases while the return is lower with the current price of oil. The top five banks in Canada are now eyeing and probably worried about their high end loans to the energy sector like the the companies involved in the Tar Sands in northern Alberta, etc.

A lot hinges on the price of oil as can be seen the past few weeks while the ‘Toronto Stock Exchange” is taking a steady hit, currencies, etc. The ‘going green’ with battery operated cars is losing ground at this time while gas is cheaper to buy.

However, I expect oil prices to rise again in the future, where countries, governments and companies will want to see their fortunes return to normal and build instead of falling back.

The price of Iron ore, used in the production of steel, has dropped off the table with mines shutting down in northern Canada such as Quebec and Labrador, Newfoundland, laying off 1000’s of workers. China was the biggest buyer and Mine companies spent millions beefing up production plus infrastructure only to see the bottom drop out of the market with dwindling profits, where the Chinese slowly closed the valve on the import of Iron Ore.

Although there are more factors involved, when a market is glutted or over supplied, the cost of that commodity drops.

Like everything with a cost … there are winners and losers with commodities.

Getting back to stocks and investments… on and offline … they come with varying degrees of risk and capitalizing on the ‘peak’ of a particularly risky venture before it goes sideways or slides back downhill… can be rewarding. On the other hand it can be a disaster in the making if things go sour in a hurry before a profit is realized, as shown in the video below…