Blockchain … Where’s the ‘Link’

World banks and governments are always looking for a more ‘secure’ way to store their stuff, whether it be currency or data or both.

Like everything invented that’s a hit and has the option of ‘applications’ over the years, there’s a lone ‘App’ or several that make the inventor a ton of money and famous. For example, Steve Jobs brought out the personal computer back in the 70’s.

Microsoft under Bill Gates worth 78.7 billion today, invents “Windows’ for that personal computer and the rest is history.

I’m using BTC a ‘bit’ more every week and my processing choice, or Wallet is called Blockchain.

Like ‘Windows’, the actual ‘blockchain’ system brought about because of Bitcoin, is shaping up to be a future billion dollar bonanza for those who invented and install it.

In it’s simpler form it’s blocks of disconnected Data all topped up with various secure layers, so it’s like a puzzle with missing pieces scattered everywhere and not in one place to put together. The correct encyrpted input draws the info out of these blocks to complete a ‘one way’ transaction.

It’s far more complicated than that and probably the most high tech digital safe out there today.

Kind of the opposite of an elaborate ‘worm’ or ‘hydra’ that can infect a computer where pieces of data are hidden deep in hundreds or thousands of files. Good luck finding them all. Honey! … We need a new laptop!

So, Banks and government departments such as spy agencies are investigating all this blockchain theory and want to adapt it into their systems.

Meanwhile, where I just send and receive and don’t see all the inner workings of my BTC wallet, My current ventures continue to pay out daily. Being HYIP’s, I’ll knock on screen for luck… clink, clink.

Like this Adele song, “If your going to let me down, let me down gently.” Then it’s water under the bridge like all past opportunities. For the most part, having been profitable.

I did see these cool layout and script yesterday and funded. Very professionally made but it all comes down to the longevity thing.

PassiveLoan is an upfront plan where there’s no imaginative source of outside income or buying giant wind turbines for a cleaner earth. It’s ‘people to people’ like all HYIP’s are.

Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money are accepted with a $25 minimum invest to earn 5.2% for 30 calender days, principal and profit included for 156%. There’s are extensive FAQ’s and detailed information/diagram sections about the compensation.





Mid January Light Show

With the extreme cold one day and then up to mild temperatures, the flu season is here with a venegence where I live and work. Unfortunately, buying every cold remedy there is, the bug will run it’s course regardless. Then I think of those miracle drug cures on commercials … oh, how they lie … lol

Except, there’s no lie about how bad Buckley’s mixture tastes. Swallow and gag. Reminds me of cod liver oil ladeled right from the barrel sitting by the local fish plant from my past.

I’ve seen the Northern Lights before but these ‘Light Pillars’ seen at North Bay, Ontario are new to me. Reminds me of that movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, only the musical beat from the alien ships is missing … eh.

Light pillars occur when light bounces off of flat ice crystals hovering close to the ground. (Photo: Timmy Joe Elzinga)

For those who are never satisfied with the amount of growth when it comes to their cash like I am and kind of addicted to that pursuit like my daily morning Tim Horton’s coffee runs, high yield ventures have become a cure for now, although risky and unusually popular for this time of year.

With payment processors and options, I continue to prefer STP and Payza but looks like Bitcoin and Perfect Money are muscling in on a lot of the action these days. All three can interact with Bitcoin  … transfer, exchange and purchase options.

BitLuna continues with it’s exceptional growth, nearing 26,000 members with less than two weeks to Launch. The attraction probably has something to do with the simple plan of 2.5% daily and accepting all the payment options I mentioned above.

The compensation is high yield compared to a bank although keen stock traders can rake in a lot more with a pinch of luck where a prediction paid out big time. In my niches … 2 to 3% is more in tune with what investors look for these days, compared to the long gone, popular plans of 10 to 12% per day, a few years back.



Trendy into 2017

Typical of the maritime weather, we had a wicked temperature swing over the last few days from -25 C to 6 C today. Hot tottie weather with a generous amount of dark rum and cinammon sticks. Good for what ails you.

I’ve wriiten a lot about ‘trends’ in my past articles, going from new and unique, back to oldie type compensations plans. Actually the various plans don’t change much it’s the way they are presented peaks ‘interest’.

Today there seems to be more of a shift to social sites to present and discuss new ventures such as Facebook being the most popular. Of course, there is certainly a broader audience with Facebook approaching 2 billion users compared to Forums used primarily before.

Web.Telegram is another, although fairly new from last year but growing steadily.

Also, there is the addition of the ‘automatic payment of daily earnings to payment processors and Bitcoin wallets’. No need for investors to withdraw except for referral commissions.

So, that’s a couple new ‘happening’ trends ongoing, which will eventually evolve into new trendy promotional techniques as the months go by.

When it comes to where I stash my money, the big banks of Canada agree more and more folks are doing their business online. Mortgages are pretty well the same with paperwork, lawyers, deeds, etc. They figure that will eventually lead to even smaller branches where a fewer number of staff will be there for information and help.

Then there’s the FinTech companies online I’ll write about in another post that provide banking, loans, stock trading ..  you name it. All with a mission to undercut bank fees and gain customers. But, like everything that ‘trust’ thing has to be there so the big Banks aren’t overly worried about all that with their billions in profiit every year.

However, being bankers … they don’t like outfits taking ‘interest payments’ away from them. Their bread and butter.



Webinar Rapping

As we settle in with the new year and remember to add 2017 to what we date, I continue to watch what’s going on with all the news involving Bitcoin, which spiked way over $1000 US in exchange value but it’s in a marketplace and subject to fluctuation like Gold or the price of Oil per barrel.

China it seems had a factor in it’s fall back to around the high 800 to $900 US range. Their central bank warned folks that Bitcoin is not an official currency so risky. Nor an investment although the majority look at it that way. From that, there was a major sell off apparently with some ‘investors’ trying to get top dollar where they figured it would drop some after that news.

The thing is in the early days, BTC fans and users didn’t care what Governments thought, it’s here to stay. We know that anything to do with currencies and investing, it’s subject to change.

This is a cool and unique way for this outfit to promote their Webinar site …

It’s been awhile since I joined an opportunity that is promoted to accept STP, Payza and Bitcoin among other payment processor options.

BitLuna is a new program that is scheduled to start up in 22 days from today. The site is attractive and the plan is decent with a minimum of $5 to earn 2.5% per day for the lifetime of the venture. Currently there is a bonus of $10 added for new registrations until launch day with over 1500 members registered already.

Hopefully, Bitluna will live up to the early hype about the program.


Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year everybody and all the best in 2017 along with good health.

It will be interesting to see what this year will bring for us along with folks heading back to work on Tuesday while others work from home earning a living.

Both apply to me. Although I’m a 24/7 rotational shift worker, I enjoy working my home Biz as well, specially when things are running smooth and making a profit absorbing the scatter loss that’s a part of the investment world … on or offline.

These days of course, a person can manage everything from stocks, bonds, currency exchange to online opportunities and bank accounts/investments from their home computer(s).

That can also all be managed from the ‘Cell … on the go’ these days. I can pictue break times and checking invests on the iPhone  … it can either bring on a smile and a ‘Yes!’ or a … ‘oh crap’.

Speaking of invests, the first new thang for the New Year on my end is a HYIP called Elizion and I’m getting my daily payments of 3.33% sent direct to my Blockchain account. The program is using the ‘Bot’ style interaction with members like the past, highley popular Lara with Me from last year on ‘Web.Telegram’. I’m starting off with that needle vibrating on ‘high to extreme’ on that risk meter.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to climb, just shy of $980 US.