Rolling Funds Gather No Dust

Anywhere from 1% to 6% per calender day or business week seems to be the comfort level with investors online these days. A few years ago… a top scale plan such as 12% for 12 days was highly popular and programs that offered it had decent runs but that’s very rare now and doesn’t create much buzz from what I seen.

Like Daft Punk’s ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’, you can get in the groove when a plan feels right.

That Video makes me recall the times I go weird with a my own type of dance and lose all perception of time and reality, then snap out of it. I’m sure we have all done that. Doing our own thing where ever it may be. In the shower… cooking up a meal. The brain telling me … time for a release from the normal and let it all go … strut that thang!

Getting back on track with the 1% to 6% range of plans out there on the net …

I could see that with AdClickXpress and their 1st  ‘step up’ plan run … 6%; Monday to Friday and 3% on the weekends was smooth sailing for several weeks and there was money to be made. Above that at 7% and up … business dropped off. It gets to a point where earnings are compounding too fast and the experienced know… that’s shortlived.

Currently, ACX is at 3% again and I’m getting paid on a regular basis. Eventually, the plan will ‘step up’ to 6% and I hope that will be the top of the scale before they repeat and go back to 2% per day.

Before my funds in my payment processors gather any dust, I prefer to move them and get the cash working for me. That’s if a venture has perked my ‘interest’.

Looking it over for a couple days, I decided to register and fund AdsPayPro, currently in prelaunch but the compensation plan is active and current members are earning who funded. New members joining … get a $10 bonus pack that starts earning when registration is complete.

Accepting STP, among other processors… the maximum earnings per day is 2% based on principal spends, which is a reasonable rate of return in my books.

AdsPayPro - Instant Realtime Revenue Sharing!

Da Boom Revisted

It’s the start of another week online with the Biz. Last week was steady with the addition of the HYIP, PrimeBankers.

PrimeBankers has the type of plan that brings out more of the gambler in me. Like that Kenny Rogers lyric… know when to hold em’, know when to fold em’, know when to walk away …

Expiring a short term plan, I can cashout my prinicipal plus profit and be on my merry way.

Or …. I can go for another term with all of my earnings or a part thereof.

So …  I could of walked with a profit or roll the dice again. That’s the point where it’s all on me and not the site Admin if things go haywire mid term.

Anyway, for now …  I’m in ‘repeat’ mode for awhile.


MoBrabus is cleaning house these days of ‘stackers’ and it’s a long list, providing proof for those using the same IP Address to register underneath themselves using different usernames gaining comissions that doesn’t belong to them. It’s almost like these people think it’s kosher to do this.

Now they are learning it’s cheating, not only in MB but any program and their accounts are being blocked. Two thumbs up for the Admin staff for taking action.

This ‘stacking’ exploded it seems when the $30 was offered to new members registering. That has now been disabled until MB 2.0 launches.

However, ‘only’ new members who joined after 12 Noon server time on the 20th of November, can send in a support ticket to receive the $30 ($10 Cash and $20 Advertising Credits). Just a warning to anyone thinking of ‘stacking’ from here going forward … it’s useless where you are being monitored and will lose your account.

Meanwhile, I’m gaining on a steady basis and working on my profit margin.


Back in January of this year, I registered with BoomDirect and the weekly earnings grew in my account, gaining a profit from my original spends. Today, Boom has a new script with an English version available, which is great to see after months of just a French version.

Boom is definitely not for the ‘quick cash’ folks out there unless your a keen promoter and have a sizeable list, which adds up to referral commissions. For the long term people, it’s been online for over 11 months now and the weekly earnings continue to roll in like clockwork so that’s an accomplishment in itself.

This week there is news of adding a new platform where member can buy coupons and I’ll update about that in a future article.


Prime Banking

In the NHL, teams are nearing a quarter of the regular season completed. The Montreal Canadiens remain at the top of their division in the Eastern Conference, currently 2 points ahead of the New York Rangers who have come on strong lately.

Mike Babcock, head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs must be pleased with his team winning games lately, making fans happy with their rebuild progress.

Looks like a more ‘one on one’ approach with Babcock and the players with the attitude… ‘I know you can do this’ and it’s sinking in with their recent play.

OV, Alexander Ovechkin … the Washington Capital’s superstar and goal scoring machine has broken a record for Russian born players with 484 goals and years of hockey left in him yet.

This past week has been fairly quiet in the Biz but steady on my end with regards to earnings. I’m back in the groove with AdClickXpress where I fund and have been paid a few times since my last update about the program.

In the HYIP’s category, Amazing5 is now a month old and I’m in profit with another STP payment received yesterday. The only HYIP program I have been in until today.

PrimeBankers has launched and the site has several plan options available at varying interest rates … starting with a 1 day term moving up into longer plans such as the 5 and 10 day terms. Expiry includes principal and profit. Members can repurchase from cash balance as an option.

STP and Payza are among the payment processors accepted.

You’ll notice in the banner below, profits look extremely high starting with the 5 day plan but that all depends on the principal amount invest, as per these charts for the 1 and 5 day plans;

Level Deposit Range Net Returns
Level 1 $10.00 – $150.00 102%
Level 2 $151.00 – $500.00 103%
Level 3 $501.00 – $1,000.00 105%
Level 4 $1,001.00 – $1,500.00 107%
Level 5 $1,501.00 – $2,500.00 109%
Level 6 $2,501.00 – $5,000.00 112%
Level 7 $5,001.00 – $10,000.00 115%
Level 8 $10,001.00 – $15,000.00 118%
Level 9 $15,001.00 – $50,000.00 122%
Level Deposit Range Net Returns
Level 1 $10.00 – $150.00 115%
Level 2 $151.00 – $500.00 120%
Level 3 $501.00 – $1,000.00 130%
Level 4 $1,001.00 – $1,500.00 140%
Level 5 $1,501.00 – $2,500.00 150%
Level 6 $2,501.00 – $5,000.00 165%
Level 7 $5,001.00 – $10,000.00 180%
Level 8 $10,001.00 – $15,000.00 195%
Level 9 $15,001.00 – $50,000.00 235%

From Pictou County, Nova Scotia to Boston

Where I’m addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee … most mornings I head out early and get some ‘Timmies’ while listening to the latest tunes, news and gossip on my fav FM radio station.

Being in the city, traffic can build up quick at times and on the way home I topped a hill and came to a sudden stop… brake lights as far as I could see.

Eventually, police lights and sirens came into view … with police motorcycles in the lead and then a tractor trailor which had a huge tree loaded on a flat bed with the Nova Scotia flag drapped over it.

Ahhhh… this must be the annual Christman Tree, the province ships down to Boston. I just clued in on that when it was also announced by the DJ’s on the radio. First, a parade downtown here in Halifax before it begins it’s journey accross the border down to Boston. You can read the story at this link … Boston Christmas Tree Journey


It was cool to see this side of the upcoming holidays rather than the over commercialization of it all these years. Stores and shops promoting Christmas right after Halloween is not my thing.

This yearly tradition has been going on since 1917 when an ammunition ship exploded in Halifax harbour, leveling a good part of the city;

In the aftermath of the 1917 Halifax Explosion, which killed about 2,000 people and injured thousands, Boston was quick to send medical personnel and supplies.

72 Year old spruce tree as it stood in Pictou County, Nova Scotia before it was loaded

72 Year old spruce tree as it stood in Pictou County, Nova Scotia before it was loaded

Online, MoBrabus has risen to be one of the top performers in the Biz and their new script called … MB 2.0 is currently being worked on; estimated to come on stream in a couple weeks time. Meanwhile, I got paid early in the week and continue to build with that program.


A Cautious Start to the Week

It’s the start of another week with the online Biz. Kind of a slow beginning within the ‘revenue share’ category, continuing from last week, That’s my point of view where other folks will size up the situation from a different angle.

When one or two of the more popular programs begin stumbling, it sort of spreads like ripples in water and folks are more cautious for awhile. It happens in every category actually and even in the world wide Markets when things go haywire for either a very short time to … lasting weeks on end. The overall stock markets in general are actually experiencing that now.

Through all that summizing about what lies ahead there are are shares and stocks that continue to earn folks a good dollar. Most investors are influenced by the overall state of affairs and stand pat until things improve and that’s no different online.

A moment of silence for the victims in Paris, France and the playing of the French national anthem in Montreal, before puck drop last Saturday night.

I updated previously, AdClickXpress went through a restart and now the gears in the withdrawal part of the program are beginning to mesh and turn once again. Three payments came into my STP account since then, so that’s encouraging.

ACX has been running for a few years now and I’ve always had a conservative approach with my funding, watching my profit margin. Normally, around 50% of the amount I withdraw … I purchase more adpacks with … which works out to steady growth on my end.

Usually, of all the prelaunches and launches, there’s a new venture that tweaks my interest to a point where I’m sizing up the risk whether to fund or not, when it open it’s doors. See what surfaces this week and that part of the Biz always interested me.