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The Hot Days of Summer

Here in Nova Scotia, Canada, the temps, as well as the humidity, climbed the last couple of days and will stay up there until at least Canada Day, the 1st of July. The forecast is about getting back to normal after that… around 19 to 21 degrees C.

Although, I’ll be writing primarily about new opportunities I’m interested in, I have to give honorable mentions to long running programs that continue to provide growth and profit.

Cryptory out of Ireland, paid me instantly to my STP account again today and that ‘BitCoin Miner’ started up last year. A $50 minimum account balance allows members to be paid constantly around the clock… 24/7.

That site, plus others are, highlighted on my Update website, which is mentioned on the Opportunity Update (top menu tab) page on my Blog.

Clicking on the ol’ Moose there will transfer you to Gord’s Home Biz Updates… sort of an ongoing log of the latest news in my corner of this online money making world.


In World Cup of Soccer news… it was a hot day in Brazil where a rare “cooling down” break was offered for players in the first half. Tomorrow, at 4 PM EST… Germany plays Algeria in that ‘knockout’ match.

The Americans go against Belgium in the final match of the last 16 on Tuesday at 04:00 PM EST. Then.. it’s onto the quarter finals for the remaining 8 teams.



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Gord’s Home Biz has Moved to ‘The Open CashBox’

Welcome to my new WordPress Blog entitled… The Open Cashbox. The “Gord’s Home Biz… A Blogger’s Toolbox”, which has been online for years is now migrated to here with a new look.

It’s a work in progress and I’ll probably make a few changes to the appearance and layout in the upcoming weeks as I get accustomed to WordPress.

I entitled this Blog… The Open CashBox where it reminds of the old days when I owned a metal cashbox with lock n’ key where I saved coins and paper money. As the cash gradually grew to filling the cashbox… I transferred it to my savings account.

Online… I continue to fill my virtual ‘cashbox’ as I enter and fund online money making programs and companies. I’m also into Mutual Funds comprised of stocks, bonds, etc… which is all ‘virtual’ as well on my online banking portfolios until I actually touch the ‘real money’.

Even that is rare this days where it’s all about debit cards and online banking where money transfers and bills are paid.

Currently, with the programs I am interested in, I’m waiting for the launch of PerfectAdSolution which should be any day now. I’ll update about the compensation plan and when the actual start up day/time is going to be.


Concluding for today… I’ll be editing my old Blog link directing it to this site where will soon be going offline.