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Funds and Principals

According to the latest stats based on the average interest rate, $10,000 safely invested in a GIC is worth $10,146 at the end of a 1 year term. $11,153 after a 5 year term.

10 years ago… a 1 year matured GIC term… $10,191 and a 5 year term; $11,888. Earning more 10 years ago than at today’s rate.

The interest earned is not enough to go on a mini vacation and factor inflation on top of that… the price of everything going up steady.

But… an investor knows that cash is safe. I prefer faster growth and I’m seeing my investments earning more within my Bank where I take on moderate risk.

Online… a member of a decent venture can and has earned more money in one day than the 1 year GIC I mentioned in the opening paragraph. The high rollers are well above that at times.

I’m a conservative investor… so, slow and steady is just fine with me.


Linum Fund is a HYIP… high yield investment program and the risk factor is up there as well.

This is a rare HYIP which accepts SolidTrustPay and that has made it hugely popular already.

The opening plan: A $20 minimum purchase earns me 3.4% per day for as long as I keep my principal in the program. I can pull my principal after 5 days but my earnings cease. From there… it’s up to an investor how much risk he, or she, wants to take on.

Once a member has earned over and beyond what the principal amount is… the risk disappears.

An interesting project and I’m involved to see what the future holds with Linum.


Monday, Monday

On Monday, the 1st of September, Canada is taking a day off for Labor Day and the start of another school year will follow. Normally, we take that holiday on the 4th but that depends on where that day falls in the week within the calender year.

Online, there won’t be any hiatus with the business but the payment processor, SolidTrustPay will take a staff holiday on Monday where it’s based in Canada. Meanwhile, normal transactions will go ahead as usual.

PerfectAdSolution is going to perform a shake up of it’s plans with an ETA start of Monday, the 1st of September. A snippet from the Admin’s latest update:

=== Shares ===
$5.00 – Earns 3% a day(1 payment per day) for a total of 120%. 80% of it goes into Cash balance and 40% of it goes into Matrix balance.
$25.00 – Earns up 6% a day(3 payments per day) for a total of 150%.  120% of it goes into Cash balance and 30% of it goes into Matrix balance.

=== Memberships ===
Basic: $3.00
Allows you to purchase $5.00 shares and Perfect Matrix Packages.

Premium: $10.00
Allows you to purchase both $5.00 and $25.00 shares, Perfect Matrix Packages and Mini Matrix Packages.


I’m well into profit with PAS and I’ll carry on with the new compensation plan.


Linum Fund LTD

Investor Strategy

Continuing from my article “No Stopping the Weed“, I’ve been following the growing stock market interest in Canadian medical marijuana.


Two more companies went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) last Monday and that sparked a flurry of buying and speculation about what lies ahead with regards to the future of these “grow ops” and how much profit they will produce for their investors.

Bedrocan (v.bed) has the capital and resources with the parent company being based in the Netherlands. They have been selling ‘medical weed” since the 1990’s and now importing it into Canada.

Organigran (v.ogi) is another popular player that sold heavily and that company is based in New Brunswick. The only “licensed” company on the east coast of Canada to date.

While there is always a mix of approaches and strategies with investors… some sold at Monday’s peak to make a quick profit while others ‘hold’ and wait long term.. on into 2015.

That reminds me of the money making opportunities I pursue online where there is also a mix of investor’s interest in programs. Repeated ‘quick profits’ to seeking the long term ventures and everything in between.

Long term… My Traffic Value would fit that bill. Operating for years… everything is transparent with regards to investments, schedules, member’s earnings and stats like ‘time to expiry’.

Concluding for today… the medical marijuana industry has certainly peaked my interest but the consensus seems to be… Unit or Stock growth will go up over the next few years for those invested in the companies that have the ‘know how’ and expertise to develop a superior product which consumers can rely on for years to come.



Hybrids – G Suit Required?

Normally when I talk “Hybrids” on my Blog, I’m referring to sites with 2 or more compensation plans.

Years ago, I rented a mid sized SUV type vehicle called the Dodge Caliber. Nice looking car and had a smooth ride.

A couple years ago, I bought one and I usually take my time commuting around, leaving in plenty of time to get to where I’m going.

I had to bring the car into the shop a couple times where I noticed… when I wanted to go from a stop to a faster acceleration, there was a lag. Probably a second or more.

The electronic fuel control got the message I want more speed in a hurry by the direct linkage via the gas pedal but took it’s time delivering more gas to the fuel nozzles driving those pistons down.

Diagnosis… normal operation of that car after testing and consulting with the manufacturer.

Yesterday I was reading about the Hybrid…. McLaren P1.


In 2.8 seconds.. from a dead stop to 100 km/h. Holy cow! There’s got to be some ‘g forces’ in play pushing the driver back in that seat …eh?

300 km/h in less than 17 seconds! Cops can’t catch what they can’t see.

An electric motor assists the 8 cylinder engine when the turbocharger is spooling up to 903+ horsepower. That’s where the “Hybrid” comes into it.

My kind of car but I haven’t got the $1.3 million handy to purchase it at this time so I’ll have to live with that “up to” a second lag in my Dodge.





The Value of Traffic

In an earlier article, I mentioned PaidVerts. Today, It’s a premier “Paid To” advertising program. It could be called a “Paid to Click” and/or “Paid to View” site.

Either way… it’s a different niche that I normally register with.

Patience and a “Paid to Click” mindset is required. I’m in profit with my initial advertising purchases ($1 each).

Who owns and operates PaidVerts?

My Traffic Value, which has been in business since 2011. Currently they have 4 different investment plans and folks who are members of both programs can use their funds from PaidVerts to invest into MTV.

Accepting the majority of Payment Processors such as STP, EgoPay and Payza, the Admin crew are keeping members interested/funding, which is what it’s all about to succeed and move forward with their agenda.


My Traffic Value