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In International news… the US is flexing it’s muscles as President Obama directs the military to increase activity aimed at disbanding and destroying the Islamic State (Terrorist Group). I would assume that campaign will be on going for several months or longer.

I had to chuckle at this tidbit of news in Germany where it’s about… timing

BERLIN — A gambler in Germany has been saved from prison by a one-armed bandit.

Police said Thursday that two officers carrying out routine checks at an arcade in the western city of Bochum late last week discovered that a man playing a slot machine faced an arrest warrant.

He had been ordered to pay a 710-euro ($910) fine or go to prison for 71 days after resisting police during a previous incident.

Police say that as officers informed the man that he faced arrest, the slot machine started to flash and the beaming 37-year-old won a jackpot of 1,000-euro (about $1,300).

The man paid his fine on the spot — in cash.


With the BitCoin… it seems there is a breakthrough with 2 Banks in New Jersey, USA, deciding to partner with Ripple Labs and slowly proceed to include International transactions with BitCoin. That could lead to bigger things down the road for BitCoin users. The first bank to do business with Ripple is Fidor, located in Germany.

As an owner of a “not so quiet at times” cockatiel named Fritzie (my buddy), I enjoyed the above quick flick … squawk!

Online, I continue with the risky business of investing in HYIPs looking for growth in my virtual money coffers, as I mentioned in my previous article. Virtual money where the money is held in accounts with Payment Processors and online Wallets until I move it to my Bank.

Meanwhile, I continue with my Investments in My Traffic Value. A very interesting program that continues to grow, produce and pay members. The Admin and his crew investigate and develop new revenue avenues. With 4 main investment plans and a “trade shares” opportunity, daily stats are sent out to members plus the daily Forum report about what’s happening currently and usually… what’s coming.

There are several ‘money games’ available with different avenues to enter using cash or BAP’s… Bonus Ad Points. I have seen some members win big with these but like all ventures online… patience is a requirement.


Investor Mindset

As we head for October, the weather remains unusually warm here in Nova Scotia with plus 20 C temps during the daylight hours.

My last article concentrated on the High Yield Investment Programs and these opportunities come online at a steady pace. In this field, the people who run these programs attempt to make them interesting enough for investors to register and fund with the prospect of gaining a high and fast return.

These sites then become a haven for what I call… the ‘hit and runner’. Entering the shortest plan available, withdrawing and moving on/waiting for the next investment to surface. It’s a mindset with the majority of investors who fear the Admin will scam and exit out the back door with member’s money.

For many HYIP’s and ventures that offer a quick return… this practice can and does kill them fairly quickly.

Unfortunately… the serious folks who manage these investments are all tarred with the same brush… as potential scam artists.

Entering an investment and looking over the compensation available, I think about how other members are planning to approach this but of course… it all comes down to just a perception of how it will unfold. The… ‘big money in at the start and out as quickly as possible’ mental thought is what keeps me a ‘conservative’ investor.

That’s the scenario I deal with when investing. There is a lot of potential for compounding profits in some sites but it’s never realized. With that in mind, a fast paced HYIP called launched yesterday and there are several investment plans to consider but I figure… the daily paying 1 and 2 day terms will get the most attention. EgoPay and BitCoin are accepted.

Pi Never Ends closed registration and deposits yesterday evening with what appears to me to be another case of the majority of members ‘hit and running’ with the high ROI 7 day plan. That’s my assumption and with all closures there are different opinions.

I take it in stride as the occasional loss is part of making money online as I move forward to recoup with current and future opportunities.

HashPrime is taking in a great sum of money as new investors come onboard and fund. Again… the first investors can withdraw their principal after 10 days, which I’m sure many will. So, as a vested member, I’ll have to consider that when the time comes on my 11th day with HP.

Concluding for today… the practice of ‘hit and running’, contrary to the HYIPs I participate in… is the method many Stock investors make money. The ideal situation is to buy low and sell high. The difference is, the stock offering by that company will rarely collapse. Investors will often (who timed it right) will buy that same stock again at a lower price to repeat… selling again in the future with possibly an even higher return.

Comparable to Forex trading, with the highs and lows with the constant fluctuating currency exchange rates.



Hash and Cash

High Yield is the topic for today and what investors look for that are willing to accept more risk in their portfolios or what I call… the Biz.

HashPrime…. looks like a Medical Marijuana handle in the stock exchange but it’s listed in the category of HYIP’s with the niches I pursue.

A very straight forward compensation plan… 1.5% based on principal spends and that’s 7 days a week. After 10 days, if members choose to do so, the principal can be withdrawn but earnings stop. HashPrime is a rare HYIP that is SolidTrustPay approved while awaiting Payza verification. Meanwhile, EgoPay, Bitcoin (Current exchange value to US dollars on site) and other payment solutions are available.

Meanwhile, Pi Never Ends seen it’s first 7 day plan expire and payments are rolling out there based on 3.14159 … daily earnings follow in sequence with the infinite term Pi.

Aside from the program… I enjoy the Admin’s updates and his witty flow to his comments … very knowledgeable in the field of Mathematics, Bitcoin and how this online money world operates.

As I mentioned, HYIP’s, like any investment is risky and it’s wise to have an investment plan, or strategy mapped out to regain principal in the early stages and build on a profit. Timing is a factor to consider when funding HYIP’s.


Interesting Stuff:

BitCoin spiked today in value due to PayPal’s news


Boosting the Profit Margin

Reading news about training camps in the NHL means the start of the regular season is about 3 weeks away. Good stuff!

The Canada Pension Plan… it’s a Government controlled, nation wide pension plan that all the working class pay into. There were rumblings a couple years back wondering if it was sustainable as more and more ‘baby boomers’ are retiring and collecting CPP. Baby Boomers … a time at the close of World War II and the following years where the birth rate skyrocketed

To date… the Feds have reported a large surplus in funds, which is a good thing.

In my article… Speculation, I mentioned the Chinese e-commerce company, Alibaba going public with their shares and that happened last Friday with the owner, Jack Ma ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

I was surprised to read Canada Pension Plan Investment Board invested with Alibaba way back in 2006 and have profited by millions. How much? Estimates are CPPIB’s 160 million invest is valued at 680 million today and CPPIB went heavy into buying Alibaba shares on Friday.

Fascinating…. the CPPIB certainly has a nose for money and I’m sure Canadian pensioners are happy about that, as well as, those folks paying dues each month to collect pensions in the future.

Downsizing from investing with millions down to thousands and hundreds, I’m involved with a fairly new advertising opportunity called AdBoosters.

Purchasing $10 Ad Packs, I gain advertising credits and earn 2.5% per day, based on my principal. I click on the tab “Boost My Ad Pack” each day and funds are credited to my account balance. SolidTrustPay and EgoPay are accepted with other payment solutions on the menu.



Hi Yield and Pi

Original, that’s how I describe my latest venture called… Pi Never Ends.

It’s obvious the Admin has put some thought into the development of the layout, information and compensation plan. I had to chuckle a few times at the humor added ‘between the lines’.

In Algebra the term Pi has an infinite value of 3.14159…


Using the longest term plan of 314 days (notice the Pi value of 3.14 here)… members who purchase with a minimum of $25 get paid Monday to Friday each week at a varying interest rate. 3% the first day, 1%, 4%, 1%, 5%, 9% …

You can see the similarity between the daily rate paid members and… Pi.

An average of 4+% per day. EgoPay is among the processor options, which I used to make my spends.

There are 3 other plans with the shortest term being 7 days which returns the principal after expiry. The 314 day plan includes the principal with the business day payments.


This is not quite like I remember the movie… Life of Pi