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It’s Happy Halloween, as we make a beeline for the Christmas holidays. The ‘Thriller’ is my fav video by Michael Jackson to share on Halloween.

The clocks will roll back an hour this weekend in Canada and darkness comes earlier in the evening next week. While this part of the world will see cooling temperatures as the earth spins on it axis and moves away from the sun, I watched the first episode of ‘Ice Pilots’ last night filmed last winter in Yellowknife, NWT.

Record wind chills of -54 C in mid December. Yikes! Tough working outside without the proper ‘cold weather’ gear on for sure and aircraft that are not ‘preheated’ and flying steady, tend to create ‘bone chilling’ problems.

AdCumulation… I had a good previous experience investing with the crew that manages this advertising program and I funded their venture. I get a share of the revenue every 8 hours when I view other member’s opportunities, as well as advertise my own stuff.


Cyber Crime on the Rise

In the NHL, all the Canadian teams are playing well as of last night with the Toronto Maple Leafs breaking out for a win at home with a franchise record of fewest shots against being 10. Edmonton Oilers are on a 4 game winning streak and play again tonight after they beat Montreal on Monday night.

The Montreal Habs bounced back and won in Calgary last night on their west bound road trip facing the Vancouver Canucks next, who also won last night.

One Line Ad is now due to launch on November 9th with it’s revised compensation and referral commission plans. $5 positions pay for banner and text ad credits for member’s advertising.

Each $5 position earns 3% for 45 days until Ad Boards (Matrices) cycle.

I see Christmas is gearing up in shops here in Halifax, Nova Scotia and will get into full swing after Halloween this Friday. A concern I have these days as I browse and do the odd purchase is the ‘point of sale’ debit card machines.

Cybercrime is on the rise and the hackers are getting more cunning with them getting in and out of company data bases without them realizing it for weeks after.  Home Depot and Target have been victims here among many, where Hackers managed to install malware on the debit machines siphoning millions from credit card holders plus their information.

ID Theft

There are daily ongoing cyber attacks as cyber security systems watch this in real time on their screens. Where they are originating from and what areas they are targeting. Global costs to ward off these attacks are about 62 billion and rising. Hackers… making and costing economies 400 billion dollars a year world wide.

It’s now gone from keeping a personal computer as secure as possible to being wary of breaches when you go out shopping these days. Loadable credit cards are probably getting more use where hackers can’t access a max limits, only what’s left of the funds a person loaded per transaction.



The Revenue Venture

To start off this last week of October in the Biz, RevShare Advertising will launch it’s ‘no cap’ 95% revenue share plan today at 11:00 AM EST baring any delays.

To qualify, members are required to have a purchase in the ‘capped” profit share plan that pays out every half hour on the number of $10 positions held. Two $10 adpacks is the minimum purchase to gain earnings from the 95% profit share every hour, or $20.

On the advertising side of the program, a minimum of 3 sites are required viewing to qualify for earnings with the ‘no cap’ plan kicking off today.

It should shape up to be a busy day for RevShare Advertising.


On Saturday, the 1st of November, One Line Ads is scheduled to launch with an increased referral commission structure than originally released. There are more details to follow about the compensation plan this week.

In this online world of revenue ventures, it’s always about moving forward with my experience and diversify.

I was reading this weekend about a family that has a history and encourages investing in only the ‘Big Five’ Banks in Canada. This strategy has nearly doubled the average return on the Toronto Stock Exchange for the last twenty years.

Still, financial experts advise to diversify into other areas besides the banks where no one can predict the future with the markets and economy.


Tributes and Hockey

Last night, it was Hockey Night in Canada and an emotional start to the Ottawa Senator’s game that was also shared in the Toronto and Montreal stadiums.

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo of the Canadian Armed Forces who were killed by suspected terrorist acts last week were honored in pre- game ceremonies.

Members of the Canadian Military have a temporary policy in place to not wear their uniforms in public when off duty due to the collateral damage that could happen to civilians around them.

Terrorist group recruiting efforts and propaganda is on going in Canada and other countries in the world. Armed Forces members who before these tragedies thought being home was safe, have second thoughts these days.

Bruce Mackinnon, an internationally known cartoonist here in Canada was inspired by the shooting of Cpl Cirillo who stood guard at the War Memorial in Ottawa. His drawing instantly touched many as it was shared through out the world…


As the hockey resumed in Ottawa last night, the overall message was about being proud and united while not being intimidated.



A New Day

There’s no doubt about it… some days can be more challenging then others with the odd one being a total calamity where nothing seems to go my way and I rarely leave that milling around in my head when I hit the bunk at night.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. This a lively tune I usually crank up on my fav FM radio station when I’m cruising around the city

In the Biz, RevShare Advertising had a good start yesterday and the next phase is scheduled to be enabled on Monday, the 27th of October when 95% of $10 adpack purchases will be shared with members who participate.

The advertising program, PowerAdCash has had a couple of enhancements recently where the Admin is taking it one step at a time, which he initially wrote about on launch day. He updated his venture now registered and recently added PayPal as a payment solution. Today, SolidTrustPay has also been added.

I’m in profit with my initial spends in PowerAdCash and continue to advertise plus earn on a daily basis.

I’ll conclude today with a reminder about the money making opportunities I write about on my Blog. I accept the terms and don’t fund with money I can’t afford to loose. Similar to the stock and bond markets I’m involved in … however “guaranteed” an investment looks or promoted to produce a profit with no risk … there is no such guarantee to make money. Investing is about accepting the risk.