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Happy New Year 2015

I want to wish all my friends and readers… good health and a Happy New Year.

There have been a couple schedule changes with the advertising sites I’m involved in and I’ll start with the popular program called DigAdz, which will now come back up online on Saturday, January 3rd … powered by new servers.

UnionCycler has been doing some testing of it’s servers and script functions. The Admin has decided to delay the launch until next Friday to be fully prepared and that will be on the 9th of January at 10:00 AM EST. Union is approaching 3000 members onboard awaiting the big day.

Concluding for today, I’ll get down and boogie to my fav Music video for 2014 by Capital Cities.

News about Adz

This article is about two “get paid to” advertising programs with similar compensation plans.

The first is PaidVerts, which is undergoing a major shift this week… or rather … swap, which will take place on New Year’s Eve.

The Admin, Jo has decided to swap all member’s Points and convert them to My Traffic Value ‘Share’ units. For members there is now a conversion widget in the backoffice showing how many shares will be converted for the current number of points held and here’s the ‘read all about it’ news …

The 2nd advertising program is skippered by BeeJay and that’s called DigAdz. Very similar to PaidVerts in construction with some differences such as ‘Bonus Ads” for random cash and Points.

Digadz is scheduled to come back up on the 3rd of January. Securing servers that have enough power and can “share” the load while thousands of members are navigating the site at the same time is currently being worked on.

Actually, both programs are having ‘up time’ problems occasionally with having adequate bandwidth … 24/7. Until they can go ‘big time’ like Facebook, Twitter or Google for example, that will be an ongoing issue Admins and members will experience again moving forward. In this Biz … patience is a requirement.




Tomorrow is the start of another business week online with a break for New Year’s Eve and welcoming in 2015 on Thursday… New Year’s Day.

Unions in the workplace have always been a topic of discussion… pros and cons since they started up. They have helped me in the past big time but on other occasions… lengthy strikes for a 2% per year raise made me wonder if I’m further ahead with inflation and having to pay more tax. On paper… no, but any raise I’ll take as the price of everything keeps escalating except for the current break on gas and oil we are enjoying.

Anyway… today’s post is about another Union… a union of investors/advertisers and a compensation plan.

UnionCycler will launch on a Friday at the currently posted time of 10:00 AM EST…. January 9th


UnionCycler is a PROFITABLE advertising program where you purchase our advertising spots and receives premium advertising to promote your websites by adding your banners on display. Registration is free and upon signup you get $2.5 the cost of one UC SPOT Each UC spot cost $2.5 and gives you 2000 banner advertising credits, upon completing the 3×1 matrix you receives twice your purchase cost $5.00 and a free auto Re-entry to the UnionCycler Line.

UnionCycler offer 15% referral commission three levels deep and matching bonus There is a 30% repurchase rule and all withdrawals are either automated depending on the amount or processed within few minutes to 6 hours of request.

UnionCycler is owned by Shannon Walker, a credible Admin of realistic online income opportunity program. We are still in prelaunch phase and now is the time to reach out to folks and income opportunity seekers, UnionCycler is one ot it’s kind and with support from everyone we are all going to unite and make profit online.

Payza, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay are among the payment processors accepted

Account Funding: Funding/Deposits would be enabled 72Hours to Program Launch

Purchase/Withdrawal: This would be allowed on the day of Launch (FRIDAY, JANUARY 2ND 2015)

Closing for today, I watched the Jersey Boys last night… brought to film by Clint Eastwood. Although the flick got mixed revues, I enjoyed the movie about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Interesting is that the group band rivaled The Beatles for awhile in record sales and popularity during the 60’s.

Frankie Valli performed on stage during the 4th of July celebrations this year in Washington, DC near the White House in an open air concert with other performers.

Kids at Christmas

Happy Holidays everybody. I seen this treat arranged for some kids in Montreal by P K Subban of the Montreal Canadiens and I thought it was special so I had to share.


Merry Christmas

The Montreal Canadiens are enjoying their Christmas break after beating the New York Islanders last night in New York, 3 – 1. That win earned the Habs a 3 way tie for second place in the Eastern conference with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1st place.

On this Christmas Eve, Digadz is now in maintenance mode and expected to return Jan 1st where new servers are being added for more bandwidth.

DDoS attacks are a common thing here online with the ‘money’ programs I invest in and Digadz was a victim when it launched until it beefed up it’s security and protection.

Distributed Denial of Service originate from jealous competitors or people with aliases who just like to throw a monkey wrench into things and say “Yes… I did it…. I shut you down”.

Can this be done to a whole country, shutting down it’s use of the internet? Yes it can and North Korea was the victim of that with their ‘low key and unprotected’ internet service.

This all flared up over the comedy movie “The Interview” where a source within North Korea was hacking Sony over it’s pending release of the flick, which will go ahead in limited number of theaters on Christmas Day. Amazing, where the US president and North Korean leader where in the news over this controversy.


As computer technology continues to grow, Hackers get more powerful as well. I can picture a dude in a room with probably a bank of large computer screens and liquid cooled CPU’s doing what damage he can muster to a country, company or individual, either being paid or for the warped thrill of knowing it can be done.

Millions of dollars around the world is being spent on protection from these individuals or groups of hackers.


Meanwhile, that’s all part of just another day online and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Here in Nova Scotia it’s going to be a ‘green’ Christmas where it’s about mild temperatures the next couple of days.