Merry Christmas

The Montreal Canadiens are enjoying their Christmas break after beating the New York Islanders last night in New York, 3 – 1. That win earned the Habs a 3 way tie for second place in the Eastern conference with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1st place.

On this Christmas Eve, Digadz is now in maintenance mode and expected to return Jan 1st where new servers are being added for more bandwidth.

DDoS attacks are a common thing here online with the ‘money’ programs I invest in and Digadz was a victim when it launched until it beefed up it’s security and protection.

Distributed Denial of Service originate from jealous competitors or people with aliases who just like to throw a monkey wrench into things and say “Yes… I did it…. I shut you down”.

Can this be done to a whole country, shutting down it’s use of the internet? Yes it can and North Korea was the victim of that with their ‘low key and unprotected’ internet service.

This all flared up over the comedy movie “The Interview” where a source within North Korea was hacking Sony over it’s pending release of the flick, which will go ahead in limited number of theaters on Christmas Day. Amazing, where the US president and North Korean leader where in the news over this controversy.


As computer technology continues to grow, Hackers get more powerful as well. I can picture a dude in a room with probably a bank of large computer screens and liquid cooled CPU’s doing what damage he can muster to a country, company or individual, either being paid or for the warped thrill of knowing it can be done.

Millions of dollars around the world is being spent on protection from these individuals or groups of hackers.


Meanwhile, that’s all part of just another day online and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Here in Nova Scotia it’s going to be a ‘green’ Christmas where it’s about mild temperatures the next couple of days.





One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. mywirelessguru

    Merry Christmas!, about the Sony Hacking, it is Sony’s fault for not investing on data security and I don’t think it was done by North Korea since the initial demand was about money and not about movie.


    Merry Christmas Kevin,

    Reports are the source was within North Korea and where the Leader, Jon-un previously attempted to
    block it’s airing, he is probably behind it all. Who knows?… perhaps Sony or an employee…someone directly related to the movie encouraged the Hack of North Korea.

    Anyway… there are certainly bigger International concerns than this affair the press decided to jump on and blow out of proportion.


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