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The Hidden Fee Debacle

Fees, fees… everywhere there are fees. Help! I’m being Fee’d!!

An interesting news item came up today. I know when I visit a tourist trap… I’m going to pay more than I normally would but what the heck is a DMF?

CBC’s Marketplace uncovered what the ‘Destination Marketing Fee” in Niagara Falls is and what millions of people pay without realizing it.

You can also watch and listen to the video at the link below …

In the online Biz… fees are a part of this hyperspace world. These virtual fees are charged by the middle ‘people’ or payment processors as well as, more and more owners of sites charging their own fee schedule. While deducting a few cents to several dollars depending on the dollar amount and currency of a transaction, a company like PayPal has grown into an online ‘money processor’ giant.

When I look over an investment… the plan, or plans show the ROI or Return on Investment with principal and profit. However, fees associated with these investment are never shown and I have to do my own ciphering if I want to know how much I’m actually docked from start to finish with a compensation plan, which folks rarely do.

With some investments, people are actually paying double fees… payment processor and what the program Admin charges for depositing and/or withdrawing funds without realizing it where they don’t read all the information provided. Something like the DMF mentioned above.

But… I chalk it up to the cost of doing business and any profit is a good one these days.

Speaking of being in profit, DigAdz is back after a Host/Server upgrade and operating normally at this time issuing ‘money’ ads, Point ads and the 10 ads required to receive daily Bonuses.


I Will Survive

Keeping with the Football theme as Super Bowl weekend approaches, there were some awesome Football movies made over the years, both comical and dramatic.

One of my favorites is The Replacements with Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman. There are a lot of great soundtracks in these sports flicks and in The Replacements… ‘I Will Survive’ which turned a bunch of rag tag players into contenders in professional football, sticks in my mind.

This particular scene follows a Bar fight with the Pro players on strike they are replacing.

On the serious side … it’s also a song about folks who hit rock bottom and struggled/prevailed to overcome addictions, family issues, job losses, etc. or for those who decided to do a complete 360 and retrain… pursue another path in life looking for that blend of being happy with the job/income and family life.

InAdClix issued the first daily earnings from the $5 Share plan for those who purchased among the 6551 members registered to date.





All Stars and Super Bowl Commercials

The NHL All Star weekend will wrap up today after the skills competition yesterday and the annual All Star game will be broadcast tonight. In the skills, The hardest shot record held of 108.80 MPH by Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins remains intact but Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators came close with 108.50 MPH.

If they put me in net to face one of those shots I’d have to take a break after to change my jock strap.

The regular season continues on Tuesday.

Next big event in sports is the Super Bowl weekend with the Seattle Seahawks facing the ‘football deflating’ New England Patriots on the 1st of February.

In the Online biz, InAdClix has launched and funding is enabled with $5 shares available for purchase.

Digadz is currently working on servers to handle the growing traffic to the site and will be back in operation any time now.

Going back to the Super Bowl, advertisors spend millions of dollars to get their ads in front of viewers during the broadcast of one of the biggest sports events of the year. From 2014 this RadioShack commercial was rated one of the best, if not the best….



Oil and Gold in January, 2015

After all the hubbub about the falling oil prices and where it will bottom out, I was wondering when articles and reports of the eventual rebound will come. That started this week.

To further understand what drove the price of Oil per barrel down here is an excellent article explaining what’s happening to date…. Saudi Arabia’s Impact on Oil Prices.

Why the Saudi’s want to operate at a loss and deplete their savings as reported in the article is beyond me but the big wigs in the Oil Markets figure an increase will happen, probably settling at $90 US PER barrel after possible spikes of $150 to $200 in the future… that will hurt at the gas pumps for sure.

Meanwhile, the almighty Gold has increased some lately, fluctuating at around $1300 an ounce and where it’s been kept low for some time now, investors figure it will start a climb this year.

Oil and Gold bottomed out at the start of 2015 have investors waiting… scouring over companies to buy stock when the rebound starts… thinking about future profits to come.

However, the movers and shakers can only rely on predictions as International issues can cause big changes and swings at any time, as we know.

Coming down a notch from those billion dollar industries to making a ‘compounded’ dollar online… I’m more into the “Get Paid To Advertise” niches these days with banners from the programs I’m involved with, highlighted on the sidebar to the right of this article.

I can’t say “A penny saved… ” anymore where the penny is no more here in Canada so it’s “A nickel saved is a nickel earned.” Makes me think of my Dad who immigrated to Canada to start a new life and job with just a few dollars in his pocket… never looked back from there.

Another one from the Capital Cities group …




Low Cost Advertising is the Rave

Yesterday, I registered with an interesting ‘low cost’ advertising program called InAdClix.

Low cost Ad programs are attractive these days, where over 2800 people joined InAdClix in the last 24 hours while it’s in a 7 day pre launch phase. Funding is not enabled at this time. The site is primarily a PTC like Digadz and PaidVerts but also has an optional ‘$5 share offer’ earning .07 each for 90 days. Certainly not a “fast money” opportunity but experience shows the ‘quick money’ gigs don’t last long where folks try and get registered/funded on the 1st day to cut down on the risk factor. And… usually with a ‘one time’ spend these days where investors know it’s a program that’s already dying as soon as it’s launched.

As I mentioned InAdClix is primarily a PTC program so there are daily cash ads members can click on as free members and work their way up if they wish. There are also bonus offers like a an Ad Grid challenge and other games such as ‘Coin Flip’ and ‘Bank Vault’.