The Hidden Fee Debacle

Fees, fees… everywhere there are fees. Help! I’m being Fee’d!!

An interesting news item came up today. I know when I visit a tourist trap… I’m going to pay more than I normally would but what the heck is a DMF?

CBC’s Marketplace uncovered what the ‘Destination Marketing Fee” in Niagara Falls is and what millions of people pay without realizing it.

You can also watch and listen to the video at the link below …

In the online Biz… fees are a part of this hyperspace world. These virtual fees are charged by the middle ‘people’ or payment processors as well as, more and more owners of sites charging their own fee schedule. While deducting a few cents to several dollars depending on the dollar amount and currency of a transaction, a company like PayPal has grown into an online ‘money processor’ giant.

When I look over an investment… the plan, or plans show the ROI or Return on Investment with principal and profit. However, fees associated with these investment are never shown and I have to do my own ciphering if I want to know how much I’m actually docked from start to finish with a compensation plan, which folks rarely do.

With some investments, people are actually paying double fees… payment processor and what the program Admin charges for depositing and/or withdrawing funds without realizing it where they don’t read all the information provided. Something like the DMF mentioned above.

But… I chalk it up to the cost of doing business and any profit is a good one these days.

Speaking of being in profit, DigAdz is back after a Host/Server upgrade and operating normally at this time issuing ‘money’ ads, Point ads and the 10 ads required to receive daily Bonuses.


One thought on “The Hidden Fee Debacle

  1. Mattias Kroon

    Fees, fees, yeah….

    A few years ago I got fed up with these endless fees everywhere and eventhough there are fees, they aren´t always unreasonable.But with the too depending situation of payment processors all the time I sought another solution and suddenly, there it arised.When I get paid from e-Toro I can recieve the payments directly to my bank account and don´t need the unsecure factor of being forced to have the middle hand always and one more transaction from the processor too.Of course, there are some fees in Forex programs as well but in the one I am using, not unreasonable.


    Thank you for your comment Mattias,

    Good advise for investors wanting to avoid fees


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