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Whopper Wednesday

Tomorrow is Humpday and that starts the slide into the weekend for the working class folks who are on a 40 hour schedule. It’s also Whopper Wednesday at Burger King and although I’m usually a Big Mac dude when I go for take out… The Whopper deal for just over $5 Canadian is an attraction with plenty to munch on.

Being thrifty and an appetite satisfied makes Gord a happy blogger.

BoomDirect officially launched back on the 15th of March and the weekly coupon/share earnings go into my account every Friday, when I usually upgrade in the program. It all depends when a member purchases. Buying a $25 coupon/share on Monday produces a payment the following Monday until 140% of the principal spend is reached.

The Admin is now holding weekly scheduled French and English Webinars explaining the latest news and future goals. The site itself is in default French with a Google translator at the top right where I select English. Boom est a la recherche bonne !

Boom is looking good in these early stages.



It was a good night for the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL where they beat the stubborn Florida Panthers in overtime to clinch a Playoff Spot, which starts on April 15th

Unlike last year, it’s looking good to see other Canadian teams join the Habs in the Playoffs this year… Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and possibly Ottawa if they can get more points than the Boston Bruins to clinch the final spot in the east.

Time to ‘Sing’ ….

An update out of My Traffic Value concerning their 1 million+ dollar PayPal account is that it will be paid out into a bank account owned by MTV/PaidVerts over the next 6 months as the Admin and crew continue with payment arrangements for PayPal users, which is no longer a funding option with that opportunity. Meanwhile, It’s business as usual.

Despite my initial reservations about the program, Advertzer paid me quick again today to my SolidTrustPay account while the Admin continues to make additions and improvements to the advertising site.


Bitcoin Trading

I have written about Bitcoin in past articles and at the time of this post… 1 Bitcoin is valued at $251 US dollars/$306 Canadian. in the online Biz, Bitcoin is becoming more accepted as the days go by but the US currency remains the backbone with the majority of opportunities out there.

This week, there is news that Bitcoin is moving into the big time as Nasdaq OMX Group Inc., the biggest stock exchange operators in the US, is working with Noble Markets, which deals with BitCoin and together, have future plans for Bitcoin trading in the months to come,not only in the US but in International stock markets as well.

Banks here in Canada realize Bitcoin is here to stay and probably have plans of their own for the digital currency in the future.


Trends come and go online and some repeat as the online money making world evolves over time. These days the “Bonus Ad Points” niche is big where it’s all about buying $1 Ads for promotion and gaining Points plus cash.

The number of BAP (Bonus Ad Points) a member holds determines which ‘earning’ Level (percentage) he, or she falls in with the daily profit sharing. Other opportunities may call the BAP’s by a different name to distinguish themselves from competitors but in the end… earnings depend on number of points held and the earning level.

To encourage members to buy more $1 Ads, Points are deducted as daily cash is earned where all involved in investing online know, or should know…. one time ‘hit and run’ funding kills a venture quickly.

PaidVerts started all this and is undergoing a ‘swap’ of BAP’s for Shares (payments to accounts each Monday) starting on the 6th of April. PV will restart with a fresh sheet when that ‘swap’ is completed.

DigAdz was the first to follow up on PV’s success and now, what I see as the most popular of a growing group of sites, is called Advertzer with a similar compensation plan and I’m actually surprised to see the Admin of this program anticipate the high traffic volume by purchasing adequate servers with enough bandwidth. Each $1 Ad will expire when daily earnings reach $1.54 US.

Important to note with these advertising programs and again dealing with ‘Points’…. I mentioned a member’s BAPs are deducted as the daily profit share are divided among Levels, which are average 10 levels in number. To maintain a preferred Level and percentage of the profit share, a member must be prepared to buy more $1 Ads/Points or a drop to a lower Level of earning eventually. Keeping a strategy in mind is wise to ensure a member stays in the ‘black’ when maintaining a Level or buying into higher Levels.



Goalies in the Spotlight

In the National Hockey League, Goalies are in the spotlight this past week as the Montreal Canadiens goalie, Carey Price racked up his 40th win last night with 2 shutouts in a row.

Phenomenal is Andrew Hammond, nick named… Hamburgler, who has 13 wins in 14 starts with the Ottawa Senators since he joined the team.. breaking records from years back. After each win on home ice, the Ottawa fans toss hamburgers on the ice in celebration.

No doubt other teams want to break that streak as the regular season winds down heading for the Playoffs.

It’s spring and most around here hope that’s the end of the weekly snow storms we have been getting lately but long range… looks like small amounts of white stuff towards the end of March.

In the list of profitable programs I’m involved with is Digadz… receiving another payment last night from that advertising site. With all similar programs in this niche such as PaidVerts and others to launch in the future… revenue and earnings depend on daily Ad purchases by the membership.

I’m also in profit with InAdClix, a premier PTC/Share program that’s making it’s mark on that scene and continues to increase it’s membership.

Processing Spring

With the first day of Spring on Friday… it’s nothing but snow these days after back to back storms hit my area and dumping a lot more of the white stuff in Atlantic Canada. An unusual winter this year. Gander, Newfoundland, for example had over 120 cm of snow this past week with more coming.

spring and deer

With the online programs, I’ve decided to back out of the impending launch of Advertzer, where it is a copy of the original PaidVerts and seeing similar launches having issues where the Admins don’t have the capital to use Host/Servers that can handle the traffic or pay for adequate DDoS protection.

Personally, I use PayPal to buy products but don’t use the money processor in online money making ventures. My Traffic Value and PaidVerts are good examples why. Recently, PayPal decided to suspend their account which holds a very large balance from the last MTV news item I seen about the issue.

Expectations are, that within a month or so, the Admin will have access to those funds again but any purchase with PayPal into MTV and PV are disabled. More news on that when it becomes available where the options could be to just pay members that originally used PayPal or ‘move the money’ using an alternative method of compensating original PayPal users in the program.

Meanwhile, My Traffic Value sent funds from a recent withdraw request to my SolidTrustPay account as usual.

PayPal continues to improve where it made a major purchase of around 60 million to buy a security company called CyActive for more advanced ‘anti hacker’ protection to further protect member’s accounts. PayPal was originally developed by eBay.

Interesting is that the former PayPal president, David Marcus is now working for Marc Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook to spearhead “Facebook Messenger’ where Facebook members will soon be able to send funds to each other via debt cards linked to bank accounts. This will bring about direct competition with PayPal.