People… Working Night and Day

Airlines are in the news a lot these days. In this business ‘on time performance’ and a solid safety record mean everything to these companies. For repeat business that keeps passengers confident they are going to arrive on time and safely.

The giants in the industry… Air Canada and Lufthansa’s German Wings both had major accidents where an Air Canada flight belly landing in Halifax International Airport recently with luckily… no fatalities. That crash is still under investigation to determine if it was Pilot misjudgment or a mechanical/avionic problem.

With hundreds of flights in the air on any given day… Pilot error and mechanical issues are going to happen with the majority of incidents corrected quickly but like all modes of transportation, major problems occur.

And there’s the ‘first time’ stuff I never heard of before with an Alaska Airline flight that left Seattle bound for Los Angeles and passengers heard banging and screaming from down below. Read all about it at …. Alaska Flight Airborne 15 minutes Diverts Back to Seattle.

People working night and day with that dude not having enough caffeine in the morning….


I registered with an additional ‘Points for Cash’ $1 Ad site, which is called AcePlus … currently in prelaunch.

Low cost advertising brings in the crowds and caters to all… from the conservative investor to the folks who are looking for an opportunity to add growth to a large deposit.

AcePlus is a version of the compensation plans used by PaidVerts, Advertzer and Digadz and like these programs… all have a different approach with the same result. $1 advertising where members can gain a profit from a single Ad and possibly gain referrals to their opportunities or readers to their sites.

Depending on the number of $1 Ads purchased, a member gains 3100 points per Ad bought and enters one of 14 levels, each offering a higher level of daily earnings by clicking and watching other member’s Ads.

I’m watching AcePlus at this time where funding is not enabled yet.




One thought on “People… Working Night and Day

  1. Mattias

    Yes, people are working night and day… it worth it? To earn enough money is understandable but when the big players have brought in the big money they get crazy over even more money and they do everything in their power to squeeze out everything from the orange to get it dry.We as humans have a life besides that as well and we have to spend time with friends and family as well to enjoy the life.

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