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Advanced Study and BitGold Enters the USA

For the last half of June, I’ve been taking an advanced First Aid course that I completed yesterday. It’s an intense course and I gained the skills/knowledge to act as a first responder for people who have heart attacks, critical injuries due to a car crash for example … down to assisting with minor issues.

With daily simulations to respond to and know how the human body functions …  reacts to blood loss, etc. within a 400 page text book to study and be tested on, the course got frustrating and stressful at times. Learning from mistakes as always, is the best way to learn.

Getting to eye level, if a patient is conscious, and be reassuring … is a big part of a responders role while stabilizing injuries with the equipment available. Knowing the Paramedics and ambulance are on the way can also be a stress reliever for both the First Aider and the person(s) in trouble.

During all this heavy theory and classroom simulation testing, the Instructor/trainer lightened the mood at times and on one particular comedy break, we all got a good laugh out of a video he decided to show… the flipside of comfort and reassurance that everything is going to be ok and your in good hands…

Meanwhile, during study breaks, the online Biz is moving along nicely these days with a few sites that are producing daily earnings with a mix of HYIP’s and profit share programs.

BitGold, which I published an earlier article about, is now available in the United States and I’ll conclude this post with their latest update about that ‘big move’ on their part …

BitGold Founder's Roy Sebag (right) and Josh Crumb

BitGold Founder’s Roy Sebag (right) and Josh Crumb

After overwhelming demand we have officially, as of today, launched in the United States!

US citizens can now create a free BitGold account within minutes and have instant access to gold. If you have already begun your registration simply pick up where you left off at the mobile verification stage of the registration.

With a BitGold account users are able to purchase gold within 1% of the official market price and store it for free in one of many Brink’s locations around the world. At this time US users will not be able to send or receive gold payments on the platform, but we look forward to offering this and additional features in the future. Any updates on availability of features will be announced via email, social and on our blog.

Good things come to those who wait!

To show our excitement we are offering 0.25g (approx. $9) of free gold in ourBitGold Golden Heart™ referral program. We know that no one can tell our story better than our users, so we designed the BitGold Golden Heart™ program to reward you and your friends with free gold for sharing the experience.

Simply click on the Golden Heart icon in the top right corner to find your unique referral link. Share this link with friends and family and we will reward you with 0.25 grams of gold for every new person you sign onto the network. The sharing doesn’t stop there; we’ll also give all the new users 0.25 grams of gold to get started.

Have lots of friends? Invite them all. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite. Feel free to take advantage of the BitGold Golden Heart™ referral program and spread the word via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or SMS.



The ‘Price’ is Right

In the world of HYIP’s online, I like to toot the horn of the programs that make me a profit and today it’s Carbon7 based on my initial deposit.

As I continue with Carbon7, I’m working on gaining a profit from Royal Trust next, paying to member’s accounts 7 days a week, 1% on Saturday and Sunday.

I like to give kudos to not only HYIP’s but any online money maker that gets me from being in the black with that initial funding … to being in the red plus providing additional growth on top of that, with my invested funds.

Montreal Canadien's goaltender Carey Price winning multiple awards such as the Vezina for best goaltender last season and the Hart trophy for most valuable player.

Montreal Canadien’s goaltender Carey Price winning multiple awards such as the Vezina for best goaltender last season and the Hart trophy for most valuable player.

With ‘Profit Share’ related sites, AdBrook paid me instantly yesterday to my SolidTrustPay account and it’s paying 3.3% today, where the interest rate fluctuates…. being about 3% since the launch.

Ultimate Traffic Cycle or UTC, had it’s humps and bumps at the start but moving along steady now and I’ve gained over 3% on my deposit per day since the minor issues were ironed out. Currently there’s no surfing required to earn but I view at least 3 or more sites anyway as an upgraded member.

Today, a new non-surf plan is being enabled that costs $5 per Ad Share via Payza, STP and other payment options … with a minimum of $25 required. Earnings are 6.8% to 8% daily interest until each $5 Share expires at 155%.

As always, weigh the risk factors when dealing with any investment, online or offline.

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads who stop by for a quick glance at my Blog or stay awhile for a read.

Certainly a lot has changed over the years since I was a young gaffer. Dad worked in the mines and Mom stayed home to ‘work the house’ with meals, cleaning and everything in between. There was always 3 meals a day, with supper being the biggest in our family and not being sent to one of those baby sitter places every working day.

Today, Dad’s share the workload at home or even do the most of it while more Mom’s go to work. Many a Dad stays home if Mom makes the big bucks where… let’s face it, a high paying permanent job is not easy to come by with all the competition on the go.

In Canada, men had the highest ‘stat’ with work related injuries or sickness directly/indirectly caused from the ‘daily grind’. Interesting is, woman have now passed men in that area.

There are injuires but also the mental stress and not eating healthy everday where it’s about the ‘coming and going’ with two parents working and a lot of ‘fast food’ or microwaveable meals. Perhaps not getting a good night sleep freeting over the workplace or some other problem. One of the biggest being, finances and keeping the wolf from the door.

Unfortunatetly, that takes it’s toll over time.

Living in the city of Halifax and during rush hour, I see more ladies on the road with their ‘shades’ on (sun ok …. cloudy or raining?) then men and that always seems weird to me.

The ‘put on the sunglasses’ thing even in winter driving is not computing with me. Perhaps it’s that ‘look’ like during the 60’s… I remember Jackie Kennedy looking cool in the ‘shades’ of that time.

Overall, perhaps I’m ‘old school’ Archie Bunker style, where I prefer to come home to a tasty cooked meal by the Missus, realizing she works hard too. But again, times of changed and I occassionaly think about the past but adapt to the future generation and roll with it.


in the online money world, I have to give kudos to Ad Click Xpress, which continues to pay out a 6% interest rate on new purchases. Payments continue to roll into my STP account so due credit is deserved. ACX has had it’s ups and downs and that will happen again down the road but this is the longest run they have had between ‘restarts’ in a long time.

Thier game plan is to continue to stay at 6% per day as long as possible, then move on to 7% per day (3.5% on the weekends), which of course expires AdPacks and Media packs even faster until the final interest rate is posted at 10%. The longer ACX remains at each percentage increment, the better for yours truly and members involved.

What I like this time around is that irregardless of a future restart, all ‘repurchases’ made from wallet cash balances will be paid 1% per day.


A Royal Funding

The NHL season is over with the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, while each team already prepares to do it all again this fall. Millions of dollars changing hands as ‘front offices’ and coaches make changes which they figure will either win them the Cup next year or get a step closer to it.

In the world of HYIP’s online, that niche had sort of a sleepy first half of the year and is now beginning to ramp up somewhat. Carbon7 continues to produce and I’m nearing that ‘break even’ hump, jumping into a profit. It’s a niche of high risk and there can be big money involved depending on the site. Asset Order has run it’s course and I earned a profit with my first term in that HYIP. Timing and when to ‘hold’ or invest again is always an internal, mental battle an investor struggles with at times.

Is it safe to repurchase or invest more for another term or funding? Investors who are heavy into trading in the world’s stock market face similar questions… mainly with recovering principal and adding more money to their portfolios.

With that in mind, a new HYIP surfaced a couple days ago called Royal Trust. With STP in the verification process and paperwork submitted by the Admin… Payza, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin are the current payment processors accepted.

A $25 minimum deposit earns from 1% to 3.5% each business day and a fixed 1% on the weekends. Each funding earns every 24 hours and expires at 180%. While I wait for the STP approval, I deposited with my Payza account.

Royal Trust should run for several months, hopefully into 2016 but I know in the end … the program is a HYIP. It’s about being prepared for a collapse with no blame from my end where I personally accepted the risk. In the meantime … I look forward to a profit.


Bits of Gold and G Forces

In the NHL Staley Cup finals, the Chicago Blackhawks could win at ‘home’ on Monday night, clenching the series and hoisting the Stanley Cup. They lead the Tampa Bay Lightening 3 games to 2 in the best 4 out of 7 series.

Airlines today are adding modern aircraft to their fleets, which are cost effiecient with regards to fuel burnt, can cover more distance plus have the power/speed and agility when needed.

An example is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that can carry up to 335 passengers with a top speed of 954 km/hr and fly over 15,000 kilometers with full fuel tanks.

The 787 Dreamliner is nearly 4 years old already as aircraft manufactures compete in the world aviation markets to develop even better models.

In the video below during the 2015 Paris Airshow, the 787 shows off her stuff. During takeoff, when the Pilot goes to full power, there’s that G-force that pushes passengers back in their seats but here… there’s also the rush of going near straight up although this wouldn’t happen on a commercial flight. “Excuse me… Flight Attendent… Madam, Is the seat belt sign off now? … I need to go change my shorts.”

I thought the design of the wings on the 787 make it look like some kind of giant hawk when the aircraft is diving… cool.

I added a new banner in the right sidebar and that is for a new company that’s making waves called BitGold and it’s also trading in the Toronto Stock Exchange with symbol XAU:CN (venture) at $4.17 Canadian currently. Folks can join BitGold for free and and check out the site to see if it’s something they want to get involved in or take their time to gather funds if interested.

BitGold was founded by Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb and the idea of the company is for members to buy Gold, which they can either store for the future for secure savings or spend it when needed;

About BitGold
BitGold’s mission is to make gold accessible and useful in digital payments
and secure savings. The BitGold platform provides innovative solutions to the
challenge of transacting with fully allocated and securely vaulted gold.
BitGold accounts are free and convenient to open by anyone, anywhere* in just
minutes. BitGold provides users with a secure vault account to purchase gold
using a variety of electronic payment methods. The platform will also provide
transaction capability including: instant cross-border gold payments, merchant
invoicing and processing for gold, debit card spending of gold at traditional
points of sale, conversions to a customer's external digital-wallet or bank,
and physical gold redemptions. All physical gold acquired through the platform
is owned by the customer, stored in vaults administered by The Brink’s
Company, acting through Brink’s Global Vault Services International, Inc.
(“Brink’s”), which insures gold through third party insurance providers.

*Currently BitGold is not open to US residents, where each State has their own rules and laws, while they deal with the red tape.

I can buy Gold grams at 46.85 CAD (price fluctuates with the markets). Looking at an ounce of Gold now, it’s at $1179.2 US. It was at near $1230 US in mid May, so keeping an eye on the Gold price in the future, there can be profits or gains in a member’s gold deposits.

Predictions are, Gold will eventually climb at a steady rate for a while in the future before leveling off again and that converts to more cash for spenders or savers.

I look at it as the PayPal of Gold, only my deposits ‘can’ grow with BitGold. Store/save it or spend it when a member wants. The important item on everybodies mind when getting involved with any company like PayPal or BitGold … what is the fee?

BitGold realizes to compete and grow, it needs to keep fees low and thats 1% for transactions. Certainly reasonable in my books, where the lower it is, they will get more customers, deposits for thier growth and expansion plans.