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Plywood Art

Over the years, there was a time when my hammer was not far away, as I nailed and screwed down hundreds of sheets of matched lumber, plywood, aspenite and gyprock. Never thinking, as I drove those nails home, that a piece of plywood could transform into an art piece.

Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palagniuk wrapped 24 km (15 mi) of thread around 13,000 nails to create an amazingly realistic portrait of Justin Timberlake. It took the artist over 200 hours to complete. Palagniuk began by sketching the portrait on a large piece of plywood. He then hammered in all of the nails and wrapped the thread, varying the thickness to create the final portrait.

Like this young lad who had an idea and a passion, which will probably make him a very successful artist ‘branding’ his talent on Youtube and folks wanting their portraits done in this unique way … new people online plan to fuel their own interests such as … making money online, which is one of mine.

One thing I learned over the years is to avoid getting vacuumed in by a lot of ‘Hype’ chatter surrounding an opportunity. It can be difficult at times to separate ‘hype’ that is warranted or hype from a promoter who joins everything that launches ‘only’ for the referral commissions knowing that most launches are not going to be profitable.

Thinking outside that ‘hype’ box and weighing the risks along with how much interest a site develops with regards to membership growth along with that ‘attraction factor’ are some of the points to consider.



The Beast

There will always be an ongoing dispute about which pickup is the best… the most common rivalries being between Ford, Chevy or the Dodge Ram.

After I finished up my Navy days, I bought myself a truck… a brown, 8 cyclinder Ford Explorer, which I nicknamed the Beast and it became a workhorse carrying more weight than her limit at times. The odd scratch and dings on the tailgate gave the Beast her own character.

'79 Ford 150 - Similiar looking truck to the Beast

Similiar truck to the Beast

Today, the Trucks are bigger and look more fancy. Too nice to be be dirtying up with firewood, fishing gear, dirt & gravel, etc. And they can guzzle the gas for sure. I would say the most work an average truck gets these days are hauling around travel trailers in the summer

Then there’s this monster call the Conquest Knight XV … a truck lover’s dream ride built only in Toronto, Canada.

The Conquest Knight XV starts at $629,000, but most go for several hundred thousand dollars more. (Galit Rodan/Canadian Press)

The Conquest Knight XV starts at $629,000, but most go for several hundred thousand dollars more. (Galit Rodan/Canadian Press)

One good thing about pre-launches is; a potential investor has plenty of time to size up an opportunity and see if it’s an acceptable risk. RevSharingClub is one of those programs and it’s scheduled to launch on the 6th of August.






What Gives? Good Question

As we head into the last week of July, I came across a recent article on the question;

Oil Prices are down but gasoiline Prices are not. What gives? You can click on that subject line of the post and read about what I call… consumer manipulation.

Since the Iran embargo is gradually being lifted, the oil industry is again being glutted with their vast oil reserves and the price of Oil per barrel fell from around $60 US down to around $48.

Oil czars figure.. heck no, we’re not going through that again where we already took losses and cuts with the last big tumble from $100 per barrel down to about $40 before. So… who gets the shaft? …. Gord when he pulls up to the pumps.


What I haven’t seen yet, is an explanation of; why Gold seems to rise and fall with the price of Oil. The price of Gold is at it’s lowest since 2010. As I mentioned in previous articles, current buyers of Gold ($1018.5) will reap the benefits when it evenutally climbs but so far predictions from so called experts … that should be happening during the last half of 2015.. are way off the mark so far.

From 2010 to mid 2011, Gold rose from around today’s price to over $1800 an ounce and that’s what Gold buyers and savers are hoping to see again. Hopefully, real soon.

The question is how low can all this go? The Canadian dollar is expected to drop lower yet compared to the US dollar. Good times for American tourists this summer.

On my oldies list of programs online for over a year, I haven’t mentioned My Traffic Value for awhile where it went throught a upheavel about a month ago with a top management ousting and is now beginning to rebound from what I can see and the latest news.

The new management got PayPal back into their spinoff program, PaidVerts and revenues are picking up there once again. The investment ‘Queue’ in MTV is moving along a tad faster these days as the latest round of invests from July 19 to July 25 (ending today and a new round will begin) is currently at cash-in from members at $22,395+. Compared to the last round from July 12th to July 18th of $3,282.

As you can see with the current figures in that ‘straight line’ progression in the 170.2% revenue share, things have picked up with this current week of invests, pushing more members out with their profits.

Older programs go through shake ups from time to time and have their highs and lows with a probable avaerage of 98% probably failing while other Admin crews remain dedicated, resourceful and push on.






Bond … my name is James Bond. Daniel Craig is back as 007 in the latest of the Bond series called, Spectre. The action flick should be an interesting thrill ride to watch.

I enjoyed the last Bond (Craig) movie called SkyFall… I found it more in tune with today’s scene where Mr. Bond has a more relaxed British style… leaning more towards Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in the Mission Impossible series. And the villians are also cool in their own devious way with sort of comical, fatigue laced lines like. “All this shooting and killing Mr. Bond… it’s exhausting”

‘Do you like this new modern 007 style … M?’

‘Definitely James.’

Speaking of action … there hasn’t been any real blockbusters launching recently comparable to say… the popular HYIP… Carbon7.

I’m in profit with all the programs that I joined going back to the AdBrook launch at around the 18th of May, which paid me instantly again today to my STP account… except the HYIP, Royal Trust, which is more of a ‘long burner’. I’m over 50% towards seeing a profit with that program. Royal Trust is also paying instantly to Payza accounts.

Ad Click Xpress continues to perform. Paying ‘sameday as withdrawal request’ and remains at 6% per weekday, 3% on the weekends based on new purchases from the payment processors accepted.

‘Are you up to adding more risk in your next mission Mr. Bond?’

‘For Queen and country Moneypenny!’


Cooling Pets

I have to give kudos to the Halifax police department and I’m sure other police departments are doing the same across the country.

In this sometimes hot stiffling weather along with the humidity and although some folks know better, they keep the family dog or cat locked in the car with the windows up while shopping. Police have even come across young kids and babies in their car seats.

There’s been many news reports already about Halifax police smashing windows to get in and get the suffering pet or child out of the vehicle. Crazy stuff but people still do this and the police do regular patrols of business parking lots, on the look out while ticketing cars parked in fire lanes.

Recently in a local Costco parking lot, Police saw a dog locked in a car on a hot day and managed to unlock the vehicle before smashing the window in. That guy got a $600+ fine. Well deserved in my opinion.

Police suggest… be smart and leave the pet at home if your considering on doing this.

I have a buddy called Fritzie and he’s a cockatiel who likes the warm weather but not being in the direct sun light when it’s on the way down at my place and he kickes up a racket to have the shades pulled down. When the sun is down or it disappears behind the clouds.. another high pitched screeching alarm… “Open those blinds! I want to see what’s happening out there.”

He’s been out for a car ride and loves to be on the move. Not so happy when the car is stopped and he lets me know about that as well… ‘It’s Green! … for squawks sakes!”

Fritzie's high five

Fritzie’s high five


In financial news, as the Canadian dollar, Gold and Oil (again) continue to head south, investors wonder when the ‘bottoming out’ will come, which is a good time to exchange and buy Stock/Gold before they begin to climb. That backs up what our Prime Minister stated recently… Canada is in a recession due to International events beyond our control. Hopefully, it will be a short term thing.

Meanwhile, prospects of profits are on my mind, The ‘straightline’ compensation plan of ZiggyAds has launched with a minimum of a $20 purchase with an eventual return of 160%.