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I often talk about ‘escapes’ from reality and for those who have stress in their lives. Stress is a mental pressure people put on themselves or inflicted by say ‘the boss’, for example.

I knew too much stress is not good and works on parts of the brain that drive folks to a place they don’t want to be and can shorten their lives. The brain works over time and in turn, so does the heart and up goes the blood pressure, etc.

Escapes for me are writing in my Blog, working my online biz and a biggie is; watching movies.

So, it’s no surprise to me that recent releases like Jurassic World, The Avengers, American Sniper, Furious 7, among many …. brought in over a billion dollars in theaters around the world.

Recently, I watched ‘Chappie’ not knowing what to expect with this flck about a rejected robot but it certainly was mix of everything from sadness to laughter (on my part anyway). Like this snippet from the movie below…

Heading for mid July, there hasn’t been many new Launches that interested me except AdzShareClub due to Launch on Tuesday (July 21st) unless there is an unexpected delay.

The current programs I’m involved with are all ‘paying out’ at this time but it’s a roller coaster business so that could change and the reason I’m always looking ahead to new perspective ‘earners’.

The top money grosser for me last month and so far this month is Ad Click Xpress, currently at 6% per week day (3% on the weekend) and completing withdrawals on a daily basis.





One thought on “Cool Chappie

  1. Mattias

    Hi Gord!

    It amazes me on how many thinks they will do things more efficient by being distressed.One can work efficient without being distressed.In Sweden, the children in the school have hard to get grip of the knowledge they need to complete their education.I am sure, stress ia a major factor even there.Maybe the evolvement has started to run a bit too fast in a time like this? We may take a step backwards and evolve ourselves before being like robots?


    Hi Mattias and thank you for your comment,

    With the kids today, some have the same issue here.
    I attribute it to where most are on the computer daily
    and letting it do the thinking for them. Then it becomes
    a struggle in school and that brings on stress in our
    young people.


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