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Confessions about Gold and a Train

It was another wild ride in the Market scene this week, where ‘Black Monday’ in China sent the TSX – Toronto Stock Exchange into the abyss, fueled by investor fear. The TSX and other stock exchanges around the world began to recover Tuesday and made significant gains on Thursday while China shored up it’s economy and stopped their ‘Markets’ slump by pumping in millions of Yuan. Temporary fix? Who know’s.

Just another crazy ‘roller coaster’ week in the stock and mutual fund sectors.

This business is certainly not for folks that get overly stressed or just plain… freak out.

That’s now in the past while it’s always about looking forward when it comes to investing money… off and online. See what unfolds on Monday and the start of September.

As I mentioned in my last post, My Binary Profits popped up on the radar this week and it’s progressing along during the prelaunch phase. Also, welcome news is that STP will be added next month as well.

There are plenty of ‘on site’ updates to read while the technical workings of the script are concluding, gearing up for a Sept. 1st launch.

Speaking of ‘radar’, there’s more interesting developments about the nazi gold train in Poland. Using a ‘ground penetrating’ radar, Polish authorites have found the train about 70 meters down where the two men said it was. More info is also coming forward in the ‘clickable’ article above about how these two dudes… German and Polish found out where the train is.

armoured train

This all came about from a death bed confession from someone, not identified as yet who helped load and hide the armoured train…. probably with Hitler’s SS. He mentioned it was booby trapped with explosives.

Polish military explosive experts figure it will take a few weeks to get down to the train and disarm the safe guard bombs… if any.

Meanwhile, authorities cautioned ‘treasure hunters’ from digging for the train where they suspect it’s actually rigged to blow up when opened. I don’t expect that will stop folks with the ‘gold fever’ … planning or currently doing a secret dig of their own.




Investor Approach Mindsets

September is approaching as schools, colleges and Universities here gear up for their starting semesters, as summer vacations wind up for this year.

For me, here online … that also means new ventures and opportunities to look over that have scheduled a start for next month.

So far, I have an interest in and registered with … My Binary Profits, skippered by Steve Larson out of the Big Apple …  New York City. Estimated start date is next Tuesday, September 1st,

I’ll add the recent ‘on site’ update:

August 25th 2015

Hello Everyone! The new Advertising Packages have been added. The payment pages are open. When you make a purchase, please allow us time to update your account. The backoffice is still being connected to the accounts. When that completes than all purchases will instantly update your account automatically! We’ll update this news post just as soon as all of the accounts are connected.

Have a great week everyone,
Admin Team – My Binary Profits

Cash Bonus – $15,000

You can purchase our advertising packs prior to our official launch day. You receive an instant rebate cash bonus added to your account for each advertising pack that you purchase.

The instant cash bonus you receive in your account is available for immediate withdrawal!

The cash bonus will be given away on each ad pack purchase until it is all gone. We have set aside $15,000 just for this active pre-launch. The more ad packs you purchase, is the more instant bonus cash you receive in your account.
The Details:
$5.00 Ad Package –   $1.00 Instant Rebate Cash Bonus!
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$50.00 Ad Package – $10.00 Instant Rebate Cash Bonus!

On each Advertising Package that you purchase, you will receive an instant rebate cash bonus added to your account! The instant rebate cash bonus you receive is available for immediate withdrawal!

The cash bonus will be given away on each purchase until it is all gone. The more you purchase is the more instant rebate bonus cash you receive in your account.

$5.00 maturing at $7.50 ( 150% returns )
$10.00 maturing at $15.50 ( 155% returns )
$50.00 maturing at $80.00 ( 160% returns )

That brings me to the different mindsets Investors have about funding and that’s getting into a huge topic on it’s own about ‘how much’ and strategies to use, etc.

On my end, I have a starting approach or plan but know that has to be flexible as most programs take twists and turns during their life span.

I tend to stay on the ‘conservative’ side, where I look for modest gains spead across various opportuntiies to add overall growth as I move forward.

Then they are the ‘big spenders’, who can certainly make huge gains as well when everything goes their way. Like the American Author’s song …. Go Big or Go Home


Mystery of The Missing Gold Train Continues

In my article … Gold on the Rise. Will it Last? , I concluded that post with news about the mystery of a missing nazi gold train, which disappeared in 1945.

Being a history buff, I was hunting for more updates and a recent news article digs more into Hitler’s elaborate tunnel system in Poland and speculates on why they were built in the first place. … On the Hunt for the Nazi Gold Train


The Ksiaz Castle (Walbrzych, Poland) in the picture above was a Nazi HQ and nearby, miles of tunnels were built, included in this snippet from that news story:

‘But just where the train might have been found remains unknown. The two who have claimed to have found it have kept the location under wraps, saying, through their lawyer, that they may reveal their secret to the president of Walbrzych next week. But until then the location stays secret.

The local press have claimed one place the train could lie is the village of Walim. Stretched along a valley some 12 miles west of Walbrzych and overlooked by the forested Owl Mountains, Walim has emerged as a contender for the location because its hills are home to some of the Project Riese tunnels.

One of the biggest construction projects in the history of the Third Reich, Project Riese involved digging miles of tunnels in a series of complexes across the Walbrzych region, which was until 1945 part of Germany. Thousands of slave labourers died hewing the rock for reasons that still remain unclear. Some say the tunnels were for a secret command centre, others claim they were for underground factories for Hitler’s secret weapons, or even hid research on an atomic bomb.’

Currently, the two men who say they know where the train is are waiting to ensure they get 10% of the booty before revealing where they say it’s located.


The mystery continues.

With the online Biz, I’m into a steady replacement mode with Ad Click Xpress.

The rate of 6% per day (3% on the weekends) continues based on $10 AdPacks and $5 Media packs, which expire at 150%.

I’m at the point now where my AdPacks are expiring daily or every second day, as they mature with their profits and I buy more from my preferred payment processor, which in this case is STP.

Keeping my daily earning level up is a ‘rewarding’ task, while I collect 50% on my principal spends.

Investing and that varying degree of risk involved… has always been about been about timing when getting involved with a profitable opportunity.



Investor Reactions

This past week was brutal while the TSX, Toronto Stock Exchange here in Canada fell to it’s lowest point in 18 months. As I mentioned in past posts, China and it’s declining economic problems and the falling price of Oil, are driving investor fear and there’s a lot of ‘selling’ going on. Hanging tough on my end and waiting it out for the rebound.

China has the second biggest economy in the world and countries like mine, are heavy into the export/import business with the Chinese. I know they slowed up on Iron Ore purchases and looks like they are not using so much oil as in the past, increasing the over supply even more in that market, driving the price further down.

On the flipside, profits are up overall with the online ventures I make money with.

In the high stakes HYIP world, Elegant Trading, which I funded 17 days ago … is performing as advertised.

There’s been a rash of new HYIP programs launching lately, none of which has interested me so far. There is a new site aiming for a Sept. 1st launch. I’m keeping an eye on that one to see if it has the ‘right stuff’ I’m looking for in a plan, or plans.

Meanwhile, the dark side or seedy underbelly of the HYIP world emerges at times.

Carbon7, which has been the best HYIP to date in this half of 2015, starting on June 2nd … and issued a withdrawal request to my STP account yesterday (Friday) … has been under severe DDoS attacks.

The website was down for me but came back on Thursday and has been online ever since despite the ‘off and on’ attacks.

Carbon7 ramped up it’s protection and is surpressing that DDoS crap, which is speculated to be coming from the Admin of another HYIP trying to eliminate the competition. Good to see that’s not happening as this week winds down.

In the ‘profit share’ niche, the energizer bunny advertsing program that keeps on going, called AdBrook, which I joined on May 18th … keeps pumping out instant STP payments to my account. I would certainly like to add more ‘AdBrooks’ to the Biz, but it’s always been about the top 3 to 5% of all opportunties that launch are; as the Vikings say… Wunderbar!



Bots with Brains

Here’s a good question; Do science fiction stories come from the ideas spawned by inventors and scientists/engineers or do tech scientists/engineers start developing what they read in books or see on the big screen? Works both ways I figure.

I can picture a mad scientist with some trashed ideas dreaming about something that could work and suddenly popping up in bed … “Eureka! I’ve got it! … first Tim Hortons for a medium coffee, 3 sugar and 1 milk and then off to the Lab!”

As I mentioned in a previous article… I’m sure Star Trek was first back in the 60’s with it’s gadgets and then Tech dudes eventually created cell phones, lasers, etc.

Looking at the ‘Terminator’ series starring Arnold Shwarzennegar … powerful Bots with artificial intellegence with imbedded ‘mission protocals’. I would say Terminator 2: Judgement Day is the best movie in this series, which won 4 Oscars.


I was thinking after watching that sci fi story, one of these days … ‘they’ll’ eventually work up to a humanoid looking Bot that can think for itself, but be controlled by a Human. What happens when this Bot loses control and tragedy strikes. Be it elctro mechanical or hydraulic powered… a Bot arm and hand out of control can easily snap Human bones. Just a thought.

If you click on the highlighted article below you can see I’m not the only one thinking about that and when is it time to stop the scientific development, which is gathering steam with millions already in funding behind research and engineering:

Scientists Must Act Now To Make Artificial Intelligence Benign

I would say there’s no stopping it now… what they call ‘progress’.

I guess it must be human nature to keep working on things that could kill us. Nukes, a global killer is not enough it seems. Or am I thinking too extreme but then again, nuclear power was first put on the table for practical uses like generating power, etc. World War II changed all that.


In the ‘proft share’ niche online, looks like Hourly Ad Profit has got it’s Payza approval and as of now… launching on Monday, August 24th.