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The Train is Coming

It wasn’t long after I posted my last article, an interesting new opportunity popped up on the grid and is currently in prelauch.

Normally I wouldn’t of got on this train but it’s skippered by an Admin with some experience. The program is called RevAdBurst and since yesterday… nearly 3000 members jumped onboard.

It’s certainly affordable starting with $1 Adpacks, which earn every 60 minutes and accepting STP and Payza, among other payment solutions. There is a daily ‘CAP’ of 7% and 20% of a withdraw goes into a repurchase account.

The plans are laid out on the Homepage and launch time is the 10th of October with a countdown clock at the top right on that splash page.

So… who is the dude administrating this advertising site? Here is his latest update:


We are introducing you a revolutionary type of advertising revenue sharing website called RevAdBurst where you can earn up to 150% from your advertising packs with a variable daily % and multipliers for the number of packs you own and the type of advertisement pack you purchase.

Also there are certain upgrades that can also boost your daily income and referral income at affordable prices and for a limited time at a discounted price of over 50%, so first 100 upgraded users will get same advantages for a cheaper price.

Earnings in your balance are credited hourly every 60 minutes.

Instant payments for all processors except bitcoin and payeer and we are accepting payments with Paypal, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, Payza, Bitcoin, Payeer, Neteller & OkPay

The minimum purchase is $4 ( 4 adpacks of $1 each ), from each adpack type you can own a maximum of 200, excepting the last adpack type where you can purchase unlimited.

Join today, join the change, create an opportunity and earn by advertising.

Pre-launch end on 10 October 2015

Best Regards Reece Sinclair Revadburst & Admin


Managing the Money

With October approaching, there’s a lot of ventures launching now or in prelaunch. Too many and that happens from time to time where a niche gets too ‘watered down’ such as the popular ‘profit shares’ currently. It all comes down to; if an Admin(s) is a very good to excellent … money manager.

I can quickly tell the difference between a program running along for 4 months with no hiccups and a newer, similar venture already stumbling after a couple weeks. No clue on how to manage funds in my opinion if it’s having trouble that soon.

I haven’t registered with anything new in the past week or so but keep scanning around as always. Back in September 11th, I joined 155 Profit Ads and continue to get paid instantly to my STP account. There was a couple processor muckups, which included STP but as I mentioned… running smoothly now. However, Payza continues to review it’s connection with ‘155’ and that ‘should’ be cleared up soon. (Payza enabled – good to go for deposits and withdrawals – 29/09/2015)

Lets talk dating for a minute. Many singles do their hunting from home … hitting the dating sites online and for sure, many like to butter up their profiles. It’s like the online programs… you’ve done what research is available but you don’t really know until your involved. Could be a good thing or whoa! … a disaster.

Then there’s this guy, the old fashioned way  ….

Renegades and Pioneers

Fall is in the air here in Canada. It’s light jacket time in the early morning as temps warm up to about 20 degrees C in the afternoon before it drops again as the sun begins to set.

No change with the Markets here as all remains flat. The ‘oil per barrel’ price is staying around the mid $40 US range with gas prices here in Halifax, a cent below $1 a litre currently. Overall the US economy is doing better than ours while the forecast is that things will slowly get better up here… north of the border.

It’s once again time to give kudos to two programs that launched in the spring. Carbon7, a HYIP is having an amazing run for a high ROI program and finished up another business week of earnings and payments.

AdBrook continues to dish out the instant payments. Both of these ventures I support by making additional purchases as my invest terms expire.

Long live the renegades while some other Admins just can’t get with the ‘program’.

Watching the dude on the keyboard is something like what I feel when all the planets are aligned and I got paid.


With most opportunities in the Biz, it’s about one day at a time or at the most… planning for a week ahead while getting to that break even point and into profit.

I’ve been in profit within a single day with some and others… took me a month or more. Predictions are all over the map so they can’t be relied upon.

Who would figure a company like Volkswagon would suddenly run into their diesel emission scandal while investors watch their stock values fall like rock. Ouch… but they will rebound. Old timers like Warren Buffet would say… a good time to buy while they are low.

Concluding for today, the top performer for me again this month is Ad Click Xpress and they recently released an update about their compensation plan.

I’ve been there from the beginning a few years back and their popularity is like the long rolling swells in the ocean after a storm. I’ve been in a convoy of ships where we would be up and the other ship would go down into the bottom of a swell, at times … totally disappearing or just see the top of the mast before she rises up again.

I do well, like that ship, when it’s on the rise to the top of that swell in the water and the last few months, earnings have come in daily. 6% (3% on the weekends) lasted for weeks.

Their new addition to the compensation plan is to do away with any ‘restart’. Currently the interest rate per day on new purchases from payment processors is 7% per day (3 1/2% on the weekends). Repurchases earn 1% per day. Down the road when the ‘step up’ plan eventually reaches 10% per day… earnings will come back down to 2% per day when withdrawals far exceed incoming funds or what I call that ‘ Exceeding the Peak’ thing.

From there, earnings will again ‘step up’ to 3%, 4%, etc. until back up to 10%. ACX continues to be an interesting and profitable ride for yours truly.




STP’s Appreciation Week

SolidTrustPay, based here in Canada, is my most used and trusted payment processor where I have been a member for years.

For STP users there is now ‘Membership Appreciation Week’  with 25 winners added to the latest post on the STP Blog and here is what it’s all about;

What is Member Appreciation Week?

Member Appreciation Week is all about showing how much we appreciate you, our extended STPay family! We will be holding a series of contests and draws throughout the week for some great cash rewards and prizes.

What are the prizes?

With a total of 25 Mystery Cash Prizes daily, 5 daily draws to win the total value of your week’s fees, and a chance to win 1 of 3 Grand Prizes, there are many opportunities to win!

But how do you enter?

Simply do what you do best; use your SolidTrust Pay account for all of your daily Ewallet needs. It’s that easy! Every day during the first week of September we will be drawing random transactions to WIN INSTANTLY.

Want to increase your chances?

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for additional chances to win! Complete our Customer Survey to gain an entry into the draw.  All of our Social Media followers will be kept up-to-date on the prizes, in addition to the useful content we already post.

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates. With so many chances to win, Member Appreciation Week is already off to a great start.

SolidTrust Pay, where you matter.


Kind of cool I think to give something back. I completed the quick and easy customer survey.


The second processor I use is Payza, also based in Canada. I use them with a scatter program that accepts Payza but not STP. Payza has had their issues in the past and I don’t leave much cash in there to be tied up in case another problem arises although it’s been smooth sailing for awhile now with Payza.

There’s no proof of this but I’m certain they created the long defunct EgoPay for use mainly with HYIP’s but that died long ago and is history. Trust? No …. I consider it along with the money related opportunities I enter; accept the risk in dealing with them.



Don’t Kill The Magic

For a fictional character… James Bond is creating a lot of scrutiny and debate on the newswires these days. Recently the actor, Daniel Craig who plays Bond and in the upcoming movie…Spectre, labelled 007 as a sexist, which is nothing new.

But that seems to have raised some hackles with fans and Bond ‘lovers’.

Really? In this day and age of multiple online dating sites and for cheating couples… the Ashley Madison website for one, which got hacked recently.  I can picture a George and a Harriette married for years finding out they were both into Ashley Madison on the sly.

They’re certainly not into these type sites to share a cup of tea and crumpets with a stranger so what’s the big deal with Bond sleeping around eh?

Anyway …  the Beer giant, Heineken decided to capitalize on all this press and the release of the latest Bond flick, with their new 100 million dollar Ad campign.

Interesting is that in the last Bond movie, SkyFall … James can be seen having a swig of Heineken beer, which again irked some fans. For Queen and country… perhaps Bond should be drinking a British brand of beer eh.

A part of that Ad Campaign is the…. The Chase;

Speaking of 007’s go to girl… Moneypenny … things are progressing nicely with the latest trend in profit sharing. There are two programs in my right sidebar that provide ‘shares’ to members every second with a ‘minimum’ overall daily percentage of 3%.

I figure they hold that attraction factor with members seeing their earnings coming in at the rate of an average adult heart beat per minute. The daily rate could be low one day and up the next making it interesting.

Being a shareholder, I’m singing along with ‘Don’t Kill The Magic’ by the band…. Magic;