Bulls and Bears vs Invest and Hold

Ending this week in the ‘Markets’, world investors have sold and pulled a lot of cash while adjusting to the International news… a recession in Canada expecting a slow rebound and the same mess over in China… one of our main importers.

While some folks capitalize on some individual stocks that perform well… I look at it as a waiting game for more ‘bullish’ news before confidence is restored again.

Kind of reminds me of the Biz ventures I follow as well, with the big difference being billions in currency invested in the world stock markets down to thousands of dollars invested in the online ventures I follow… with the cash constantly changing hands from Administrators/Owners to members and visa versa.

I watched this Audi ad expecting the normal car commerial but …..

Lulls come and go where there’s not a lot happening online and then Boom! There’s some decent opportunities on the go … invest at my own risk.

Manhatan Traffic is performing well on my end in the early stages while I earn 5% per day, where I upgraded to Diamond for 15 bucks.

Steve doesn’t seem to be any rush in ramping up his site as work continues through the weekend. Currently, security measures are put in place and according to the ‘on site’ news withdrawals will be processed soon with My Binary Profits.

Meanwhile, Members can now advertise their stuff where affiliate banners can now be added for other members to view…

Note: Members can contact support via email and request a withdrawal until the instant payment option from processors is enabled.

Sept. 4th Update;

‘You can add all of your advertising now! 🙂 I will update this news section later today.

P.S. We are all working over this weekend and will be available remotely on monday.
Yes that means we are also processing withdrawal requests through the holiday.’

In this fast paced online world, investors want to see their withdrawals processed yesterday so it will be about … how much patience members can muster until ‘Binary’ is firing on all cyclinders and spurring a renewed interest in the program.

Wrapping up for today, I have to give honorable mention to 2 programs that ‘out performed’ my expectations with all the competition and underhanded stuff that goes on like DDoS attacks and wanting bribes to avoid being hacked … being a couple common trash tactics.

Carbon7 paid me to STP again yesterday and surpassed 3 months online with over 30,000 members onboard. I continue to add invests there as my older terms expire.

AdBrook continues with the ‘instant’ STP payments, launching back in May, ranging from 3 to 4% per day. I keep on purchasing as my oldest terms complete.

Two thumbs up for the people who run these ventures and the members who support them.


I’ll be back on Thursday, Sept. 10th where I’ll be away for a few days.