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Thrills and Chills

There’s more frost-filled mornings lately here in Nova Scotia, as we head for winter and into November. The clock goes back here 1 hour after midnight (Sunday morning) … that time of year when night closes in at my usual 5 PM supper time or before.

For the past few years, I’ve included the ‘Thriller’ video by Michael Jackson in my annual Halloween post but I recently watched this ghastly video counting down the top 10 going back through the years, bringing back some chilling memories …

I rarely get involved with webinars hosted by various opportunities online but I took in one by MoBrabus last Thursday evening with a good introduction to the compensation plan and what lies ahead with MoBrabus 2.0. I’ll get into the new version coming soon in a future post, which builds on the current plan.

An interesting part was when asked what countries those taking part where from. I chimed in with Canada and a scrolling comment list from all over the world came up. I thought that was kind of cool.

Wrapping up for today, Pearse Donnelly, overseeing MoBrabus updated that the bonus offered new folks taking in the webinar and registering, will continue on until MB 2.0 is launched …

Hi folks,

Due to a fantastic response on the trial promotion after the recent webinar, the $10.00 Free Wallet Balance and the $20 in free advertising credits is now set to auto. Every new member who register between now and the launch of 2.0 will receive $10 in spendable balance and $20 in advertising credits.

Once MB 2.0 goes live, this will be a feature of pro membership only. When you are a pro member you will be able to give each new referral $30 in account credit, $10 to spend on ad packs and $20 in free advertising credits. Make the most of it now while we continue to trial this offer. Those who registered before now and after the webinar will have their credit allocated by the end of today.

Regards Admin.


Cash Reset

Heading for the end of October, RevAdBurst continues to perform well despite a recent rash of member cheating the Admin dealt with and nipped in the bud; according to the last update. If I was the skipper, I’d make these people walk the gangplank and see ya later. Membership deleted.

I increased my profit margin there with a payment issued and purchased more $1 AdPacks.

With HYiP’s, Amazing5 is moving along at 5% per weekday. I must say… that program has a snazzy script… probably up there in cost as well.

I, for one, am glad the AdClickXpress crew has done a ‘reset’ and now my adpack and media packs will earn 2% per day bought from payment processor (1% on the weekend).

When ACX went into the 7%, up to 10% level … I could clearly see those high rates were taking a toll on the program.

This time around with this ‘reset’, all prior purchases made by members will stay in the system with a ‘starting’ rate of 2% moving forward. New addition to the compensation plan is new purchases from payment processors earn 3% per weekday; 1.5% on the weekends.




My Profit … in the land of the Irish

I have been mentioning the UK program called MoBrabus lately in my blog and the site is beginning to spark renewed interest. That is rare in these money related circles online so I got more involved as well.

MoBrabus meaning … My Profit, which did happen for me with the program during the early days.

Reading over the ‘About Us’, via the link on the Homepage, the crew have a number of projects on the board to build their enterprise. Currently … it’s about the compensation plan which is quite affordable.

But first… a Pizza break;

To purchase $5 Adpacks, a member must first have a membership. I went with the $5 monthly, which requires surfing 10 sites a day to earn. There is also a non surf membership.

MoBrabus has set their $5 Adpacks with a 1% share per day… 7% per week. That works out to 5 cents a day… per adpack owned. I’m thinking … very reasonable for the long term. All this information can also be seen on the FAQ and Opportunity pages.

‘Instant 38-40% Rev Share Payment, guaranteed instant earnings on orders over $20. You will receive $2 from the Rev Booster System and $4 from the Rev Share System over time on each pack. Total $6 on every $5 Pack.’

Accepting STP and other payment solutions, each time I purchased $25 worth of Adpacks, I got the credit mentioned in the paragraph above (from the site)  credited to my account balance. Last night I got paid to STP.

On the 29th of October, Thursday… MoBrabus will hold a webinar to see, hear and read first hand what’s happening behind the scenes. Folks interested in pursuing the program will be directed to the main site after the webinar to register if it’s to thier liking … receiving a startup bonus of $10 and a $20 in advertising credits. Here’s the siminar link; MoBrabus Webinar – 29th 

The time for the webinar is 8 PM UK time – 4 PM EST in Canada.

Concluding for today… I watched the movie ‘Lord of War’ again last night, starring Nicholas Cage and Ethan Hawke. Based on true events, it’s about life as an arm’s dealer and how powerful poeple and countries use these ‘brokers’ to move their weapons.

In this particular scene, Yuri Orlov (Cage) managed to dump his weapons cargo before authorities arrived but was detained for 24 hours along with the aircraft he was forced to land…

Everything that comes from the earth eventually returns, even a 40-ton Antonov 12 cargo plane.




Sharing Good Fortune

I rarely watch the news on TV anymore where the majority is bad stuff and depressing. The ‘tube’ is more of an ‘escape’ for me watching sports and movies usually of the action kind. Online, is where I browze through the major headlines and get an idea of what’s going on around the world and open the links to articles I want to read.

There’s not a whole lot on the International and National scene is good news with wars, death and destruction but there are the ‘feel good’ stories amongst all that and this one is awesome in my mind ….

Good to see athletes like Carey Price share some love in their communties. If the video does not open properly… here is the link;

I registered with a new venture awhile back, currently in prelaunch until November 2nd called StartRevShare. At first, the plan was a 100% revenue share with members, as purchases were made. This type usually slows down quickly and runs off a cliff

Lately, the Admin has made some revisions and a cap of ‘up to 5%’ every hour will be shared with members. That’s more to my liking and I’ll keep watching the updates from that program until launch. So far, the site looks interesting.

Currently, as I mentioned in previous articles, there’s a ton of competition now within the revenue share niche. As always, only a handful will survive and have a lasting run to provide some profits for those involved. Which ones is why investors would like to all have their own crystal balls or genie in an iPad. If they did, everybody would be millionaires and where’s the fun in that… eh

Only to be taxed more by the new Federal government here in Canada? Then again, I could live with that.



Enjoying the Magic while it Lasts

Getting into games today … in the NHL, the Montreal Canadiens won their 8th game in a row since the season started beating the Buffalo Sabres last night. The Habs are riding high now and the team members are enjoying it to the fullest, as well as their fans.

In the MLB, the Toronto Blue Jays ended their run for the World Series last night with a loss to the Kansas City Royals. Deep disappointment for sure for Jay fans and the players but today they are probably refecting on the awesome season they had. Get em’ next year.

In the end people say… well, it’s just a game. And, that it is.. but today it’s getting more and more about the money with these two leagues and the multi million dollar (into the billions in total) revenue and salaries they generate.

For me, it’s just pure entertainment.

In comparison, investing can also be a novice to a professional sport with the money games. There’s different levels of participation and a wide scope of strategies but … no matter how much of a keener an investor is… there will be gains and losses. Ask Warren Buffet, the king of stocks … he took his hits but generated enought capital to easily absorb any losses today.

Same as yours truly… the odd invest will not pan out but the programs that do, quickly overcome any loss. Gaining over the long run is the goal.

In the risky business of HYIP’s, I came across a new program that accepts STP, which is rare. STP being my main processor of choice, I registered and invested in the ‘5% for 31 business days’ plan in … Amazing5.

My principal earns from Monday to Friday until I gain a profit of 55% based on my principal.

I know some of my current programs I’m involved with will eventually stumble and collapse so I add sites, I feel … are a decent addition to the Biz. My main game plan is to to get in as early as possible.