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Referral Bots and Predictions

This being the last week in December, I’ve been reflecting back on the biggest invest winners of 2015 and speculate about what’s in store for 2016.

I continued building on a profit with a couple long term programs at the start of 2015 and entered quite a few opportunities over the year that produced a profit making me think of doing ‘The Carleton’ …

Quoting Hannibal from the A-Team  …. I love it when a plan comes together but that doesn’t always happen in the world of investing and there’s no guaranteeing the successful outcome of a new venture.

Moving into 2016, MoBrabus, my main squeeze these days … now has their new powerpoint presentation up in quite a few different languages. That link is on the Home page and has options for folks who like to promote/build a downline to the passive, where they can lease virtual referrals.

Those Referral Bots stay in a member’s downline for the lifetime of MB 2.0, increasing share earnings …






Up on ‘Jimmy’

One of my fondest memories of living in an outport on the island of Newfoundland, Canada was the off season ‘times’ enjoyed by all. These times, or parties in the fishing village where I lived, where held in a large 2 storey buidling called ‘The Lodge’ … where meetings were held for the various ‘orders’ and town affairs.

The building was high up on the side of a rocky hill called ‘Jimmy’ over looking the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the whole outport on the other.

The word would spread around … ‘There’s a time tonight boys … up on Jimmy’

That would spread like wildfire and it wasn’t long before everybody knew about it. And .. just imagine… no social media with computers then or texting with cell phones

There were no ‘facilities’, only a makeshift toilet for the women and the men went outside. Music and drinks flowed until the wee hours with competitions showing off the best ‘clickers’ doing the Newfie Jig… a mix of the ‘stomp’ and tap dancing and that brought on clapping with roaring laughter from the onlookers.

Today, that’s all in the past where a new modern recreational hall was built where the atmosphere is just not the same and there are no more times up in that lodge where I had a lot of fun on those winter nights.

There’s a new song out that’s been getting quite popular over the last few weeks and that’s called ‘SOB’ by Nathaniel Ratelifff and The Night Sweats. I can picture that being a hugh hit ‘up on Jimmy’ watching the foot work by the lead singer… gets my toes to tappin’

MoBrabus is making the shift to it’s new MB 2.0 script over the next 5 days, followed by it being launched. Therefore, there will be no shares distributed until MB 2.0 goes live with the new compensation plan, which includes a Pro membership that can create residual earnings as additional monthly earnings.

Current members will just continue with their current AdPack count and earnings at that time. Meanwhile new members that register will gain a $30 bonus. More news to follow on that as it develops.


Boxing Day and a PK Christmas for Kids

Boxing Day is usually ‘left overs’ day at my place and getting back to normal following Christmas Day. It also means the NHL is back after the break and it’s also the time of year for the World Junior Hockey Championship.

I remember there was a gathering and some friends came over one Christmas and the topic of hockey came up. A close friend of my Dad’s said … ‘There’s a teenager you should watch this Junior tournament called Wayne Gretzky, He’s already good enough to play in the NHL.’

That was the first I heard of the Great One and after that, he practically became a household name here in Canada.

I enjoy watching PK Subban play with the Montreal Canadiens and right from the start when he joined the Club a few years back. He loves the spot light and can get the fans fired up with his style of play.

Recently he donated 10 million dollars to the Montreal Children’s Hospital and they opened a new wing in his name and for Christmas along with Air Canada, he had a surprise for a lot of kids  ….

Today is also about getting back to the Biz and it will be interesting to see what unfolds in early 2016. Meanwhile, my current ventures are moving along normally.

Merry Christmas

It’s going to be a green Christmas here in Halifax, Nova Scotia and looks the weather is giving all the travellers a break heading home to be with family and friends for the holidays.

I’ve seen this time of year full of snow storms and high winds forcing the Newfoundland super ferries to stay tied up for a day or more. Keeping folks waiting with a huge backlog of vehicles and trucks on the Nova Scotia and Newfoundland docks with 90 miles on that Gulf of St. Lawrence keeping them from home. Reminds me of that song… “I’ll be Home for Christmas” … one way or another.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas.


Tryin’ to make a Dolla’ – Saul’s Back

My favorite Lawyer is back in February for the 2nd season of ‘Better Call Saul’ on AMC. A black comedy about Saul, a crooked lawyer who is trying everything to get back on the legal side of things and his struggles to make it big … honestly.

Of all the shows out there, AMC has come out with some decent series where the hour flies by and I actually get to thinking … I can’t wait until next week to see what happens. Haven’t thought that in years watching the tube.

Starting this week, heading for Christmas … I still only hold one HYIP in the Biz, and that’s Amazing5 and I have to admit… it’s having an amazing run compared to other sites that have launched and crash n’ burned since it started up.

AdsPayPro continues to make progress during it’s pre launch phase as I near ‘break even’ with my principal, looking for that profit.

The German site… EdenTraffic is also doing well at this time, having it’s PayPal account reviewed twice and restored, while dishing out payments at a steady pace. I’m using STP and got paid there again this morning.

I drove into the city here early this morning and I found out I wasn’t early at all, with shoppers swarming everywhere. What’s strange compared to other years is that the ‘tech’ shops are not that busy. I guess folks get better deals online without the hassle of going to those type shops.