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Sync’ing High Yield

Being Saturday, it’s the end of another ‘risky business’ week with the HYIP’s I’m participating in. To put them in a personal ranking … Amazing5, being over 4 months old now, is #1. I have more than doubled my money and the payments continue to be fast to my STP account. When my invest terms are a few days from expiring, I buy more.

Capital7 comes in at #2, where it just started and finished up it’s first two full weeks, paying Monday to Friday.

In 3rd place and paying at a lower rate at 2.4% per day, is CopperTradePro.

The lower the ROI, the longer a program will run … seems like common sense but it’s about popularity. Investors want to make the faster buck but also know, the higher the ROI, the greater the gamble.

On the ‘personal risk’ side of things, anything can happen from day to day and my own rankings will change.

As I mentioned in my Blog way back to the early days when I started blogging; my thing is to fund early when I figure a venture is doable, knowing there’s no guarantee I’ll see a profit.

In the ‘revenue sharing’ category, MyTrendingAds has launched and I funded that advertising program with a share coming into my account every hour. I know of the Admin who’s been around for awhile so that encouraged my confidence in his site.

I’m not to keen on a high ‘repurchase account’ rule. MyTrendingAd has a modest 20% of earnings at the starting $2 AdPack level.



Am I Lost? Never!

I had a good chuckle at this commercial with a comical version of Tarzan, the popular show I watched as boy.

We’ve all been lost in the past and if your like me … I’m not going to admit it unless I’m by myself. “Crap … where the heck am I?”

In the online Biz, I’ve found myself off track in the past with a venture not working out or just spinning my wheels with medicore earnings.

Then it’s time for re-evaluation and get back to the steady pace in cash growth I want to see. Sometimes that can be a quick adjustment or a lengthy one … waiting for the right opportunity(s) to surface on the grid.

MoBrabus is steady now with profit share payments and adding options as MB 2.0 develops further. Profit Share is based on the number of $5 Adpacks a member owns.

An increased Profit Share depends on ‘ranking’ corresponding to the number of referrals in a downline. Ranking max’s out with 5 referrals and a ‘Pro Membership’, although members can earn additional commission with a growing downline.

Active today, is the option for MB 2.0 members to buy Virtual Referrals for $60 each.

Each Virtual Referral (VF) stays in a member’s downline for as long as a member remains with MB. $50 is earned over time as commission from that VF. Eventually, a member could gain the remaining $10+  with the increased ‘ranking’ , which works out to an increased profit share.


The Jagr Meister

In the NHL, the Florida Panthers have the magic this year lead by the oldest player in the league, Jaromir Jagr who turned 44 last Monday. Roberto Luongo in net is on top of his game as well, being a vetern goalie at age 36.

Last night, Jagr scored twice as the Panthers beat the Winnipeg Jets 3 -1 and that put him in 3rd place overall in the league for most goals scored ever, past and present … with 742, passing Brett Hull.

He’s certainly an inspiration for young hockey players dreaming of making it to the NHL and current players to have fun, stay clean and make the most out of their careers.

Tomorrow, being Monday … kicks off another busness week with the 3 HYIP’s I’m currently involved with, which pay active members … Monday to Friday. Their banners are listed in my Blog’s sidebar on the right.

MyTrendingAds launches on Friday, the 26th with an ETA of 09:00 AM EST. A recent update added that purchasing of AdPacks will actually start 24 hours before … on Thursday, the 25th of February.

Unless ‘KooAds’ drops PayPal as a payment processor option before launch, I won’t pursue that program. My reasons for that are in my previous article about PayPal.


Speculatin’ on the Manipulatin’

Currently, the price of Oil is on the rise with ‘speculation’ oil production may slow to relieve the economic pressure on countries, Canada being one. We’re dependent on carbon fuels and that’s not going to change in the foreseeable future, so it has an impact on the overall Markets with the price swings.

With that being just ‘speculation’, I’ll be hit by ‘manipulation’ in my wallet where the price of gas is going up despite no movement by OPEC or non-OPEC countries to cut production as yet.

In the Biz, I received my first STP payment from Capital7 yesterday where the HYIP is into it’s first full business week online.

PayPal is once again in the news with rotten tomatos being hurled at the processor. Over the last month it’s freezing more and more Admin accounts worth millions of member’s money although they are on the ‘up and up’. Getting an explanation, from what I see is like being put on hold permanetly.

I can only summize that if these huge account holders want to move all the money pronto … puts them in a fix to exchange virtual money to cash in one lump sum. It’s like going to a local bank branch … ok, I want to withdraw my 10 million in cash I have here. Not very likely that’s going to happen on the spot. Just my theory.

Why do they collect fees on every transaction and allow accounts to go over a million plus in the first place? Makes me wonder.

So … take heed when an online venture accepts PayPal although the Admin states … been with them for years and not an issue, which is probably true. It’s almost a given, the processor will interfer at some point when the account gets too large.

Better Call Saul, Season 2 has begun …..  “it’saulgood”


Closing for today… MoBrabus updated; ‘revenue share’ payments for active members will begin today.



What’s in your E-Wallet?

This past week, since the SuperBowl with the Denver Broncos winning … there’s been countdowns about the best SuperBowl commercials. Companies pay top dollar for a spot during the SuperBowl game after putting a lot of work and money into their ads.

Football fan or not, folks have their favs and for me, being an action movie nut … I liked this Toyota chase plus follow up scenes after each episode.

In the HYIP scene, Capital7 begins it’s first full week online. Reminds me of that Capital One commercial with a twist… ‘What’s in your e-wallet?’

On the revenue share front and working through the weekend, the techs with MoBrabus have the site up and running currently. I surfed smoothly and payment processors are added except Neteller ….  to be added early in the upcoming week.

SolidTrustPay is enabled (15 Feb) and I purchased more Adpacks. Neteller being tested currently.

There are more additions in the works while the main functions such as purchasing $5 Adpacks and advertising on the site are enabled. For members owning AdPacks; surfing daily is recommended with the daily revenue share being added soon. I’ll post important new updates as an addon here when they are announced.