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Hometown Lads

In the NHL and since no Canadian teams are going to be in the Playoffs coming soon, I figure I’d cheer for a hometown lad.

Brad Marchand, with the Boston Bruins … was born here in Halifax, NS but I can’t cheer for the Bruins were there’s been a tense rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens for decades, my team.

The Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins is Sidney Crosby. No doubt a super star in the league and born across the bay from me in Cole Harbour …  Halifax. He and Phil Kessel, a sniper that came over from the Toronto Maple Leafs, are lighting the red lamp alot now and racking up the goals, while the Penguins are in a comfortable playoff position.

So, I’ll rout for the Penguins and see how far they go in the quest for the Stanley Cup.


Sidney Crosby with another game winning goal.

On my end in the Biz, this week started off with a STP payment from Amazing5, where the Admin is into the world markets adding several languages through Europe, Russia and beyond.

I further invested into Capital7 and got paid to both my Payza and STP accounts this Easter Monday.

I haven’t added any new ventures for awhile now but that could change at any time. There are lots of new Launches on the go but nothing that gets my mustache to twitchin’ at this time.



Lag Time

Being involved with online money related ventures and specially HYIP’s … many landing pages, or Homepages (some like to call them Splash pages) show a condensed compensation plan and other related information. A common one is heavy into FOREX trading … or the Foriegn Exchange market.

For the most part, that’s just masking the truth where most don’t even know how to trade and that it’s not all pure profit to fuel the associated compensation plans.

There is a program I was involved in for over a year that decided to actually go 100% into the Forex markets. I decided not to follow that route and won’t mention the name of the program because the Admin is working to make it a success so more power to him and members involved.

Anyway … two main online Forex trader programs are eToro and Tradeo, neither of which accept US members. The main thing to keep in mind when trading or copying a trader is the script ‘Lag’. Depending on the speed of the script/servers closing a trade could take a second or two. Perhaps longer and a gain could loose some cash/profit in that time period. Depending on how many copiers are down the line, a person copying that trade could loose more than the original Trader where the script needs time to calculate the returns, etc.

I have watched this happen before and at this time… continues to occur where I can’t see a solution unless there are ultra high speed servers in the background which cost big bucks. Even then … the script still needs time to do the auto ciphering.

Just my thoughts on that and what I have experienced in the past.

The Cookie Monster going high tech ….

Moving on with the risky business of HYIP’s, my current programs continue to produce as advertised. Amazing5 surpassed 5 months online. Quite an acheivement where online investors are smarter and wiser than years ago after trial and error dealing with sites/plans that crash and burn early due to poor money management or just an out right, planned scam.

Capital7 is also doing very well at this time producing profits for yours truly and many of it’s members dependant on the registration date. In my books, its always about timing.

Have a ‘Good Friday’.



Pickled News about Ketchup

There’s something more important than the economy, making a dollar and keeping ahead of inflation that riled up Canadians this past week … it’s the Ketchup Wars.

Loblaws, behind one of the largest supermarket chains in Canada, decided to take French’s Ketchup off it’s shelves. French’s makes it’s ketchup from tomatoes grown in Ontario so It wasn’t long before that whipped up social media into a frenzy about that Issue and that same day, Loblaws reversed it’s decision after being flooded by complaints. How dare you mess with my ketchup!

That followed with the ongoing debate about ‘Which ‘catsup’ is the best?’ I would say Heinz is the best but being thrifty, I buy whatever is on sale. I sacrifice a slight change in taste for a larger size bottle for my hotdogs and burgers.

Weird how these issues come in two’s or three’s but in Newfoundland, earlier in the month, a favorite side dish to traditional Newfoundland meals was discontinued  … bottled mustard pickles. Residents made a lot of noise when that came to light eventually getting Bick’s to restart the Pickle Lines and shipping to grocery stores.

Again social media was light up about that subject along with some humour, songs and good natured fun summing up… don’t mess with our meals.

A Blackmarket Pickler

A Blackmarket Pickler

Steady as she goes, MoBrabus paid me again today to my STP account and I purchased more $5 Adpacks, gaining an instant ‘cashback’ along the way.

MyTrendingAds is also into profit sharing and advertising. On my end, I’m every pleased with the results to date and did some more purchasing today as well.

Tomorrow kicks off another business week ending in Good Friday and the Easter long weekend.



Spring 2016

Spring begins this Sunday and a sunny day is forecast here In Nova Scotia but there’s a mix of snow and rain to start the week. Winter wants to get another hit or two in before calling it quits until the latter part of 2016.

The overall Market scene has improved here in Canada over the past couple of weeks. Some humps and bumps along the way but that’s normal. The world of gain and loss. Anyway, I can feel the steady upswing in my investments, which I haven’t seen in months. Knock on wood.

In the virtual money Biz … I do a lot of comparing between various compensation plans I experienced before. The unique, or original plans that get noticed by the online masses are usually good money makers that I’ve been a member of in the past and currently involved with today.

Anyway, where I have a thing about comparisons, I watched this video and with the little girl giving some money to watch the gentleman play … it builds from there. Reminds me of some ventures where a professional and clean starting presentation eventually builds into an attraction …

The HYIP niche with the ‘fixed rate’ plans continue to be popular as more programs surface now. Caution is certainly needed where there are a few performing nicely but that doesn’t mean every launch will be a winner. Far from it unfortunately.

ROI’s in the range of 3 to 8% per business day, seem to be the rave now; adding payments to member’s accounts … Monday to Friday. I prefer the programs that accept STP, as well as Pazya, which are listed in the HYIP section on my Blog to the right.





Up She Rises

The latest news with the ‘Revenue Share’ section of the Biz and fitting that St.Patrick’s Day is just around the corner … the Irish run program, MoBrabus 2.0 is running smoothly these days, which has a $30 free signup bonus and trial.

With the past lengthy downtime between the original script and the creation of MB 2.0, it’s not unusual for some current members to lose interest so that offer is available for them as well and currently being sent out by the MB crew.

MyTrendingAds has opened purchasing for their $1 AdPack addition to the compensation plan.

Getting into the ‘Luck of the Irish’ mood this 17th of March, the HYIP’s I’m in continue to run smoothly at this time. Although I’m not Irish but Canadian with a German ancestory.

I grew up and finished school in Newfoundland; a culture mix of Irish, Scottish and the English. Their unique slang of the English language, habits, music and food eventually rubbed off on me. To the point, friends thought I was from ‘The Rock’ but I was born in Ontario … ‘up along on the mainland’ … a common ‘saying’ amongst Newfoundlanders. From there it was hit the high seas with the Navy and they celebrate St. Paddy’s Day to the fullest.

Nothing like being on a swaying roller coaster ride in 40 foot seas with mountanous swells and drinking some green grog  … eh