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ApplePay and Payment Excuses

I read PayPal is now being investigated for it’s free Venmo ‘peer to peer’ service. Probably spurred by competitive companies and possibly fines coming, which could result in forcing PayPal to introduce fees for this service. Reasoning could be unfair practise compared to the competition while Feds are looking into it.

As I mentioned in earlier articles, PayPal is notorious for locking online venture accounts which could hold up to millions of member’s money while the excuse is to take a few months to ‘review’ an account they verified in the beginning. ‘If’ they had to suddenly unlock all those hundreds of accounts and payout that wicked amount of combined money … I figure that would put a good dent in their stash of cash and profits.

So … to that end, paying out a possible hefty fine looks good on them.

Being in Canada, my young fella mentioned the other day that ApplePay will soon be coming and it’s big in the US now. Expecting to grow to 50% of the market as a ‘payment processor’, it will be stiff competition for PayPal and other similar outfits.

Doing some research, ApplePay is already here in a limited version using American Express but visa, mastercard and ‘interac’ are slow to come onboard. TD Bank accidently leaked some info on that so I expect ApplePay will have the Canadian Banks come onboard some time in the future.

For iPhone users who load the ApplePay app … it will be as simple as pointing the phone at an outlet payment scanner and done. Wallet in a phone. Although it’s easier for me just to whip out my small, thin debit card … I guess it’s the novelty of it all with the iPhone generation.

Perhaps script makers for online programs will be adding their version for accepting ApplePay. If the demand is there … they will make it happen as an option to sell their scripts.

Meanwhile … I should but I don’t really want to pay;

In the HYIP world, Amazing5 had an awesome run of about 6 months that put me well into profit where I funded early. The program is now history and I suspect the Admin will return again sometime in the future with another program and plans.

It is rare those type ventures last that long online while I keep my profit margin in the black when making additional invests in case of sudden issues that can arise.



Pens Deliver

The Pittsburgh Penguins had a iffy start to the past regular NHL season. After adding speedster and sniper, Phil Kessel from the Toronto Maple Leafs … the Penguins figured they would be a goal scoring machine but we’re a tad off starting out.

When 2016 came in, things began to click with home town lad, Sydney Crosby from Halifax (Cole Harbour) … leading the way.

Today, the ‘Pen’s’ are resting and savouring the moment … waiting for the next round in the NHL playoffs after defeating the New York Rangers, scoring 11 goals in the last two games. Wicked and see if they can keep up this pace ‘skating’ forward.

The only new online venture I’m looking at currently is called ClikDelivery. Accepting Payza and STP, the ‘share’ program has had a lengthy prelaunch with over 3500 members onboard to date. There’s no repurchase rule and no membership required to earn and advertise member’s stuff.

ClickDelivery had issues on Launch day, so I haven’t funded and waiting to see what the news is on the fixes.




The Wild Wood Flower

Marijuana … it’s everywhere now here in Canada but still illegal except for medical weed prescriptions. In the United States, Colorado and Washington have legalized pot.

2015 … enter the pre-election Liberals and their young leader, Justin Trudeau. Legalize marijuana was one of the platforms the Liberals entered with during the Federal elections. Meanwhile … marijuana grow ops began springing up gaining licenses. These have strict health and security guidelines to remain in business. Trudeau, the man with the ‘nice hair’ became our Prime Minister and so on April 20th ….

The Liberal government announced that the controversal legislation to bring into law … legal pot in Canada… will be introduced next year on the 20th of April. The ‘allowed’ annual celebrations in Toronto were ‘a buzzed’ with the news as they smoked away in front of the police.

The Federal Government will take in a windfall of tax money from the weed, probably increasing every year and the Liberals know this. I have to think it will increase our population eventually as well.

Meanwhile, in the online Biz, no issues are good issues and that’s the go of it for the last week with the ventures I’m involved with. Knock on wood.

It’s kind of a stable time in the normally volatile niches I make a buck with online. Then again, I realize things can change at anytime and for now … I’m not complaining with the steady growth.



Elementary Code, My Dear Watson

We already know over the past decades how the computer and applications have wiped out hundreds, probably thousands of jobs that provided income before the computer age.

And … the race is on with Tech companies to add more computer based technology to throw more people out of work while some Governments are grappling with less tax dollars coming in to their coffers. Can’t tax a computer.

I know here in Canada, one fix is to bring in more immigrants to boost the ‘taxable’ working population but that’s just adds more competition for our young people coming out of school.

There’s no real fix … just bandaids for now from Fed think tanks that get paid big bucks to find a permanent solution.

Now we have IBM’s Watson. I’m assuming the name came for Sherlock Holme’s side kick … Dr. Watson. If I want to find information… I go to the search engines such as Google and that provides a list of links to references. It’s hit or miss if I click on the right link and the answer is there I want.

Watson, using the TV game, Jeopardy as a testing ground … is a constant learning machine adding information that’s stored so when asked a question… it searches it’s own memory banks and provides the answer within milli seconds. That will be just touching the surface where I’m sure it will be installed in a humanoid looking Bot in the future.


Picture an office setting. A corporation bigwig wants information on a specific company he’s thinking of merging with or buying out. A Bot with an audio and visual version of Watson can provide the answer without any delay and bring the dude a morning coffee with the right mix of sugar and milk, or a Latte with that cool swirl in the middle.

Doesn’t need a lunch or coffee break… never late for work or sick. Just goes into sleep mode at quitting time or continues to download data all night. No holiday or pension to payout. What company wouldn’t want that?  … eh. Military versions … you know they are waiting for this.

I’m sure a scenario like that is coming and that just puts stress on the old generation of Bots trying to cope with computer evolution while I’m thinking … just scrap it all … but that’s not going to happen. Put more peope out of work and that’s progress folks.

Can I Help You?

When I go shopping for clothes or new sandals I’ll want soon for the upcoming warm summer weather. I see sales people approaching and I tell them I’m just browsing.

Other folks like the assistance and then there’s the ‘haggler’ like my Dad was. Questioning sales reps why the price is so high and ‘I’m not buying it until I get a deal’. If he got something for a lower price specially when haggling about the cost of a vehicle… it was a morale victory coming away with a sense of accomplishment.

Online, I get spammed by sales reps for online programs. Normally that all gets filtered and goes directed to my spam folder in my email account. I quickly scan these and delete.

Occassionally, I’ll find a gem amongst all that in a profitable venture but not very often.

Promoters that I’m opted into … I read over their emails and have had some success with their stuff. Otherwise, I go hunting to see what’s new and popular out there.

The three HYIP’s I have wrote about recently and still in my sidebar on the right, continue to perform with Capital7 passing 2 months in operation. Amazing5 continues to be my number uno program at this time.

With revenue share, MoBrabus has been a steady performer for weeks now and I got paid to my STP account again this week … while I purchase more $5 AdPacks.