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Playoff Beards and PCP’s

The Stanley Cup Final matchup with the best 4 out of 7 starts on Monday, May 30th.  The Pittsburgh Penguins face the San Jose Sharks with this being their first ‘Finals’ appearance since the club started up 20 years ago,

Sidney Crosby, from Halifax … along with his Penguin team mates are on a roll since 2016 came in and Sid hopes to hoist the Stanley Cup once again.

Probably the ultimate playoff beard with Joe Thornton of the Sharks … The Grizzly Adams look.


In the online Biz news, MoBrabus is coming out with an interesting revamp of it’s ‘combopack’ plan to be introduced soon. Standard $5 AdPack will not be affected by the introduction of this new revenue stream.

ComboPacks will now be replaced by PCP’s or ‘Power Credit Packs’ costing less at an affordable $5 each … expiring at 120% with 10% commission awarded to the sponsor.

The following is a snippet from a recent update;

Total When all units reach full potential cash back = $ 10.92 ($5 back in cash back and $5.92 in revenue share. If you purchased $25 of PCP’s the same price as previous combos packs you could potentially receive $43.68 in cash back and revenue share per full cycle.

All current combo packs will be calculated and new PCP packs will be credit to the new PCP system for you minus any money already earned in the RTS. For many of you holding combo pack this will generate significant instant earning once the new PCP system goes live. As with the combo packs you will only be able to purchase PCP’s from new external funds.

I’ve been buying standard $5 Adpacks on a regular basis and getting withdrawals sent to my STP account consistently. Where I like the low cost and potential of PCP’s, I’ll be doing some additional funding with MB.



Thick Fog and Navigatin’

With the online Biz, there’s still a lengthy overall drought happening with decent money making programs. There are a couple I’m interested in and waiting for launch day to decide on funding. Both have decent membership levels so far but as always it all boils down to the Admin(s) providing a fair game with consistent payments building confidence.

HouryAdsRevenue launches on Monday, the 30th of May with over 3000 members onboard. I figure the low $5 minimum fund and withdraw limits with no membership required accepting STP and Payza is an attraction. I’m not gone on the 40% repurchase rule but that always depends how much steady funding the membership gets involved with.

Today, I decided to register with EarnEvery30Minutes or EE30 for short. The venture is in a 10 day prelaunch phase with decent plans (no repurchase rule) and also accepts STP and Payza.

One drawback for promoters, who help build the program’s membership … is the 7 tier referral plan starting with 4% for the 1st level. Normal it’s 10% for 1st level referrals but so far, that’s not slowing down the growth at 1100 so far. Again, I’ll see how this program shapes on Launch day.

Nova Scotia, being stuck out in the Atlantic Ocean with a narrow strip of land connecting to the mainland of Canada, is getting a lot of normal coastal fog this time of year. Usually by noon time, the fog begins to lift as the temps begin to rise heading for summer.

That always reminds me of my commercial fishing days. Couldn’t see beyong the bow of the boat in thick fog and Initially just using a compass to navigate … listening to the fog horns coming from the lighthouse perched on top of rock cliffs surrounding the coastal areas.

Judging from the intensity of their blasts, I handy about knew about how far offshore we were.

After a few hours in thick fog and using a compass heading for home, your mind begins to play tricks and your doubting the accuracy of that needle on the the compass face. Will I run aground or hit a shore rock/cliff. It’s windy so did I drift off course?

Later we installed the radar and GPS onboard, which made life easier … not worring about smashing into another vessel or a drifting iceberg as we head out to sea or on a course for home.




Fire and Oil

It is rare but I continue to get a break on the price of gas here where it hasn’t moved that much in recent weeks although the cost of Oil is rising and below $50 US currently.

With more summer traffic starting soon, I don’t expect the gas to stay down for much longer as some reports suggest the Oil glut is easing. Fort McMurray in northern Alberta is all about oil production and partially shut down if not totally at times due to a fire that started in early May.

The small city remains evacuated while air quality is very poor and shifting winds keep the fires burning around the area. Today… some work camps are again being evacuated as fires move closer. The massive fire fighting effort can only stay on the defensive at this time were the overall fire is too big to put out and will probably burn for weeks to come.

Meanwhile the oil market see this as a further reduction in supply.

Kind of incredible when I think about it … in this day and age, a whole city in Canada remains on evacuation order despite our fire fighting capabilities in the air and on the ground. Fire out of control while in war zones around the world … in Syria for example … with the long civil wars going on there …. the people have adjusted to live around destruction and disaster with their mindset while thousands of others want to escape to hopefully, a better life,

Canadians with our busy lives rarely think about these type situations but like in Fort McMurray, it can and will happen at times.

Encryption with John Oliver and should Federal Agencies have blanket access to our private data for National Security … or just a code for an individual computer or iPhone:

EdenTraffic, the long running German run traffic exchange has added Payza recently to it’s current payment processor options which include STP. The Admin initially used PayPal and has a daily countdown to when the program and members funds are expected to be released according to PayPal after having the account locked … nearing 100 days to go.

No doubt ridiculous where it’s obvious after all this time, PayPal made the wrong move where Eden continues to operate and pay members despite what PayPal minions think. Of course they are not going to admit that.



Happy Thoughts

In the NHL Playoffs, Phil Kessel … kind of an underated star with the Pittsburg Penguins moved into the spotlight last Tuesday, scoring a couple of goals as the Pens defeated the Washington Capitals … moving on to meet the Tampa Bay Lightning in the semi final round on Friday.

A big turnaround for Kessel from last year coming from the disjointed Maple Leafs being near the bottom in their division, to this year … visions of lifting the Stanley Cup.

I mentioned Apple Pay in a previous article and initially Canadian Banks stating .. no, we are not getting involved. I kind of figured they would change their minds with the growing number of iPhone users (a poll is at around 38% of Canadians) and the stat that Apple users tend to spend a lot of cash.

Royal Bank and the Imperial Bank of Commerce got the ball rolling with the other big banks following soon. Everywhere I go from work to the shops, I see people with an iPhone in their hand or texting while walking. Forgot a wallet? No biggie …  they’ll eventually be using the app on their phone or already are. Mastercard is set up so 92% of retailers don’t need the physical card… virtual card is fine.

Things continue to be slow at this time with the online Biz. Lots of folks reviewing and sizing up opportunities with nothing extra attractive on the go. The highly risky HYIP scene is kind of iffy as well until something big launches and creates a bit more stability there once again.

I did register with a new venture scheduled to launch on the 30th of May, called HouryAdsRevenue. The whole ‘profit share’ niche seems to be totally saturated these days but this program has a growing membership so I’ll wait thru the prelaunch and decide to fund on Monday.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms on their special day. In another couple weeks my Mom will be 90 years old and continues to live on her own, doing her housework and enjoys watching sports in the evening.

Born in Germany and surviving World War II with the constant bombing in her area as the allies moved forward towards Berlin, she followed Dad in 1954 to immigate to Canada after he arrived first, finding work and a home. From heavily populated towns about a kilometer or two apart in West Germany to Northern Ontario and the thriving mining setllements at that time, where the next major city or town was hours drive away through the thick forest.

Quite the adjusment to today where she speaks English fluently while struggling to recall the German language she grew up with when speaking to relatives overseas.

Arosa Star, the passenger ship Mom crossed the Atlantic in 1954 arriving in Quebec City, Canada

Arosa Star, the passenger ship Mom crossed the Atlantic with in 1954 arriving in Quebec City, Canada

In the Biz, it’s once again a lull on my end as May didn’t have a good start. Usually the case when a major program or two with a few thousand members collapses … for the most part investors become skittish and hold off for awhile causing more programs to fall like pins in a bowling alley.

Something like when the Oil prices dropped like a rock from over $100 US per Barrel US …. the Markets seen ‘Bulls’ turn into ‘Bears’ in a hurry …  selling stock and in wait mode.

However, like I seen humpteen times before, that can all change in a hurry online when a decent money maker surfaces.