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The Brexit Fallout and Patience

There’s certainly a lot of news coming out of Britian after the Brexit vote with the fallout affecting the Markets and some currencies in a negative way. The price of Oil is down as well … below $50 US.

This all reminds me of elections and/or Union strikes … a lot of noise with many not really understanding what’s happening and just jumping on the bandwagon. Not getting informed or debating the consequences when voting.

One thing that is going up steady is the price of Gold. Usually the thing when a major currency like the British Pound drops in value instilling some fear. So, if you own Gold or come across some… it was over $1324 on June 27th. It’s that mindset that Gold is a safety net during these turbulant times.

Buying Gold now however is kind of iffy where the Markets will eventually stabilize and climb slowly again. Then I figure Gold will drop back then so there will be a loss ‘if’ your heavy into buying and selling. But there’s no forecasting that … just educated guesses by financial gurus.

Gold usually values in an opposite relation to the price of Oil. Today, Oil has rebounded some and Gold has dropped to $1311 an ounce at the time of this writing

Meanwhile… pensions invested in mutual funds, which is mainly made up of Stocks took a hit as well but like past major or slight crashes, patience is the word and recommended by the major Banks until they rebound instead of selling at a loss.

I’ve have had a few experiences with that where I waited for the rebound and glad I did after debating about selling where no one wants to lose what retirement funds they have.


In the Biz, ACX Monsoon, based on a popular program’s compensation plan that’s been running since 2014, is a new addition and pays 2% per day (1% on the weekends). What’s totally different is the repurchase rule. It applies to the ‘daily earnings’ a member receives that’s cashable and not on the ‘balance’ accumulated.

Kind of confusing but testing it … a member requires enough balance to withdraw the daily allowed ‘cut’ of their ‘daily earnings’.

That encourages mass ‘compounding’ to build up the ‘Daily Earning’ payments. Some Admins will shudder at that word knowing the consquence with a moderate membership base but it’s what smart investors attempt to do and of course … totally encouraged by the major Banks when it comes to savings and/or investing … compound your money over time.



Summer Holidays

The first day of summer has come and gone. Daily average temperatures here in Halifax have creeped up to the low 20 degrees C. I expect humidity levels to get higher toward mid July.

Speaking of July, there are two big holidays coming up in North America. On July 1st it’s Canada Day with Canada celebrating a birthday and in the USA, on July 4th … Independence Day.

Next week schools here will be letting out for the summer holidays and the tourist season is ramping up. This time of year, visits from Cruise Ships increase and it’s busy until the fall bringing on a boost to the cities economy with the ‘waves’ of cash floating in from the cruise companies and passengers.

Queen Mary 2 in Halifax Harbour

Queen Mary 2 in Halifax Harbour


The ‘Repurchase Account’. I’ve written a few articles over the years about that rule Admins use in their programs.

I don’t prefer it but if it’s a reasonable 80/20, I can live with that … 80% cashable/20% repurchase calculated on earnings. That 20% is like a forced savings account to buy more products such as Adpacks, for example.

MoBrabus which has been on the go now for about 16 months, brought in the 80/20 rule recently and where the price of Adpacks is low at $5 each, my repurchase account will come in handy for future spends.


Banks and Crypto Currency

The Bank of Canada raised some eyebrows around the financial world with what it calls an experiment with crypto currency… it’s own CAD-Coin. Initially to be used for the banks to transfer funds with a ‘trusted’ go between, blockchain software. Not anytime soon, is the word but that’s what the big banks said about ApplePay and they are onboard now.

One day perhaps, I’ll be able to use a ‘bank backed’ CAD-Coin or a USD-Coin type crypto currency with the online Biz. Currently, my biggest concern remains piracy by hackers which continues and is unrelentless.

Here is an example with some snippets from recent news articles about a new rival to Bitcoin called ‘ether’….

Thousands of people have pumped $150 million worth of ‘ether’ into what might be the biggest crowdfunded project in history, something called the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Compare this to the $20 million raised by the project with the most funds on Kickstarter, the Pebble Time smartwatch. The strange thing about this crowdfunding is that the DAO doesn’t produce any concrete products or services–not yet, anyway.

But about nine hours ago (from the time of publication on June 17), chunks of ‘ether’ started getting transferred away from the DAO’s address. As recently as an hour ago, the transfers were still taking place. All told, during that period the DAO’s balance fell by 3.7 million ether, worth $79.6 million at the time. As the hack was discovered, however, the price of ‘ether’ itself has plunged by 27%, from being worth $21.50 each to $15.59 at its lowest. The price of bitcoin fell by about 6% this morning,

Apparently one fix for folks who are having their ‘ether’ swipped is for all collectively to rewind the blockchain to an earlier date to restore the currency. Something like a fix I use when I restore my computer to an earlier date and time when an issue comes up where some bug or malware got into it I can’t find to delete it. 98% percent of the time, that ‘rewind’ works.

You really need to do you due delegence when deciding what outfit to trust with handling your crypto currency and if they have the security in place to safe guard your ‘virtual’ money.

It’s usually large amounts hackers target and work around the clock to try and access it.

And talk about being ripped off ….

In the HYIP niche with the online Biz, the boat is still very rocky these days with sites not living up to expectations … crashing and burning including Bitcoin only sites.



Tarzan is Back

My last two articles are about sports legends that passed away recently. I watched Ali and Gordie Howe growing up and kept tabs on them long after they retired. Role models in their sport and they will be remembered when sports broadcasters remark about past greats in history during games and matches.

A fictional legend I also grew up with is being brought back in a big way opening July 1st on the Big Screen. Tarzan and a modern version of the hourly ‘oldies’ show I watched years ago. I expect that to be a big hit with the older generation and new, probably spurring a sequel in the future.

I remember being out with my buddies and we were trying to renact Tarzan with his famous call, swinging from vines. I’d get up on a branch of a tree and swing from a rope screaming while my dog looked at me like I was crazy. That didn’t always turn out the way I hoped and in need of more bandages for cuts and scraps.

So far, the ‘low’ from May has lifted with the Biz here in mid June. Things have picked up some and I’ve entered into a couple new ventures both paying instantly to my STP account, at this time. I mentioned them in my last post.

Still, I remain cautious but looks like many an investor grew anxious after that month long lull and jumped on some decent launches lately, which is a good sign.



Stanley Cup Legends

Another sports legend has passed away at 88 years old, Gordie Howe … Mr. Hockey.

Like Ali, he was one of the more popular sports figures in the world when I was growing up. He was most famous for wearing number 9 with the Detroit Red Wings and his sharp elbows. Wanting his time and space to rack up points and goals, he dished out his brand of punishment to opponent players.

A young Bobby Orr was winding up to make one of his famous rushes up the ice when boom! He was flat on the ice and dazed looking up at the towering Howe standing over him. Keep you head up was his lesson for the day.

Last night, Sydney Crosby earned the trophy for the Most Valuable Player and his team won the Stanley Cup, beating the San Jose Sharks in a close game… 3-1.

7 years ago, almost to the day, Crosby won the Stanley Cup for the 1st time in his NHL career.

Phil Kessel, coming over from Toronto in the off season was an important factor through the playoffs and he was no doubt ecstatic to win the Cup this season after a tough time with the Maple Leafs last season.


SolidTrustPay is celebrating 10 years online as a premier payment processor. I’ve been with them for most of that time enjoying their superb and timely service. Certainly dependable in this risky online world of money making.

The instant payments on my end continue with EE30 while I did some additional spending with that popular program.

I decided to participate in a new HYIP, that accepts STP and Payza, Six Spend. The venture has similar plan(s) to some of the more popular HYIP’s from the past, like Amazing5 but where it just launched, time will tell if it can produce a similar lengthy run.