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Stronger and PCP’s

July was an uneventful month when it came to funding and earning with a new venture online. I would say that is the first time in years. My ‘oldies’ continue to produce and I’m getting paid regular when I request a withdrawal. Thanks goes out to those Admin crews.

There was news of two US based programs with millions invested that is not good and that usually sparks a range of different opinions about this money making industry or niche. The Zeek or Zeekler Admin, which closed a long time ago, had millions confiscated by the local SEC in that area and he has been charged … facing a prison term. Traffic Monsoon just closed with the same circumstances … millions in accounts. That Admin’s fate will be judged later. I wasn’t a member of that now defunct venture.

Both Admins were paying out to members when they were shut down by the Feds.

No matter how big a hit or potential to be a huge cash cow with investors, I stay conservative with my funding with the goal to be in profit of course and then reinvest with a percentage of that profit slowly building … watching my bottom line … staying in the ‘black’.

However, like the Markets, folks can predict with some having a knack for being right ‘most’ of the time from experience and research but no one knows actually what is going to happen weeks, months or years from now. Companies manipulating the books in the Markets have run afoul of the Feds just like those two programs I mentioned above.

Some folks gamble with big bucks and sometimes they win or compound too long without withdrawing any cash until it’s too late. It’s all a big risk no matter how you approach online opportunities with no guarantees of making a buck. Gains and attempting to eliminate losses … what it’s all about in the end and that will never change.

Knowing all that and as mentioned, I continue to stay conservative with my spends. I may miss some big cash hauls with bigger deposits but I won’t lose a huge amount of money either.

Meanwhile, it’s about moving forward. The UK based MoBrabus has replaced it’s original ‘Combo Pack’ part of the compensation plan started over a year ago with the long awaited PCP’s. Power Ad Credits. My old Combo Packs were converted into the new $5 PCP’s and I have made a good gain from that already. I have purchased additional PCP’s as well;

Dear Members

This is an update that many of you have been waiting for. We recently took away the Combo Packsand the Revenue Tracking System because it was not performing as we had hoped and had become stagnant due to lack of activity.

As promised we have been working on a new, must faster and potentially much more profitable system called the Power Credit Pack system. We are pleased to announce that the Power Credit Pack System is now in place and can be found in your back office.

For those of you who are new members…

The Power Credit Pack System is a fast moving revenue share system made up of five linear accounting matrixes.

Please be aware that members do not go into these matrixes, Power Credit Pack units do.  There are two 1×2, two 1×3 and one 1×4 straight line Accounting Systems.

Power Credit Packs cost $5 and will pay the Referrer 10% in sales commission. Each time a pack is purchased $0.78 will be placed into each of the 5 straight line accounting systems

Every $5.00 Power Credit Pack purchased has the potential to earn $10.92 in revenue share over time.

Now to avoid having to come back and revisit this system again in the future and also to keep the momentum of this system moving we have now introduced a second repurchase wallet.

As of now, an additional 20% of your Revenue Share, Cash Back, Pro Matrix Commissions and Power Cycler Pack Commissions will be placed into the Power Pack repurchase wallet.  This is in addition to the standard repurchase wallet rule of 20%.

For those of you who previously owned combo packs your combo packs have been converted into power packs minus any revenue already earned in the previous RTS. Many of you will already notice Power Pack commissions in your wallets.

The new Power Cycler Pack System combined with the forced repurchase rule will enable members to potentially earn much more over time than was possible before.

The Power Credit Packs can also be purchased internally from your wallet balance if you wish to do so.

Please Note: Over the next 72 hours we will be accessing the impact of these new Power Packs and they may require some changes after live testing. This may cause drop in the final commission per cycle possible.





Sunshine and 24

With the online Biz, the new venture I’m looking at, mentioned in my last article is quite popular at this time. My 24 Hour Income is currently into a lengthy prelaunch until mid August.

The owner/operator is Drew Burton out of Ontario, Canada and the scoop is that he is experienced although this is the first time I have come across his name.

My 24 Hour Income accepts STP and Payza along with other payment options. The compensaton plan is generous when it comes to referral commissions paid on downline spends from Payment Processors and on purchases from account balances.

There is no repurchase rule with this program and AdPacks start at $5 a piece. Where it is a long prelaunch, I’ll rehash about this opportunity in a future post before Launch Day where I make it a point to fund on the 1st day, if ’24’ continues to be kosher.

Concluding for today, My Trending Ads has had a lengthy run while paying members consistently and I figure it’s mainly due to the money management skills of the Admin, Redzlord (MMG handle). I got into profit and now on the 22nd, Friday … he is going to launch an interesting ‘Line’ plan (progressive matrix) I’ll be funding. The countdown clock and details about that plan are on site and the cost is a low $2 per position purchased with STP and Payza.


PreLaunches and Lord Stanley comes Home to Halifax

Stanley Cup champion and captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sydney Crosby has been in the news here this past week. Today, Sydney born in Cole Harbour here in Halifax will be having a Stanley Cup parade on a main drag in the area which will be closed to regular traffic for a couple hours. After that there will be ‘day long’ celebrations in the local stadium, Cole Habour Place.

This is the second time for Sydney to bring the cup home and last time a crowd of about 50,000 people showed up. This year, the city expects 60,000+.

Another power forward hockey star with the NHL team, Colorado Rockies … Nathan Mackinnon was also born in the Cole Harbour area and hopes to bring the cup home himself some day.

Until the new season starts in the fall, it’s Sydney Crosby’s time to enjoy the spotlight and the fame with being one of the top professional hockey players in the world at this time, if not the best. Although, fans from other NHL hockey clubs will argue that point.

Sidney Crosby visits the Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building at the QEII in Halifax from Nova Scotia Health Authority on Vimeo.


MoBrabus, meaing ‘More Profit’ in Irish, is basd out of the UK and has produced just that for yours truly and other members. The long running program continues to be steady along with sending out timely payments.

In the planning stages and script work underway, MB is prelaunching an additional site. The actual compensation plan is hush hush at this time and I look forward to reviewing what it entails with a Powerpoint explanation coming soon. Probably early next week and I’ll be writing about that when I learn more information.

In addition to opportunity, there is an interesting new venture in prelaunch I am watching that’s gathering steam fairly quickly as new members join. More news about that as well soon.



Doin’ the Math

It’s been unusually quiet with the online Biz heading for mid July at week’s end. Except for my steady ventures, I haven’t added any new opportunities for awhile. New launches continue at a steady pace with the majority being (in the immortal words of Archie Bunker from the old TV series; All In The Family) …. crapola.

The summer and vactions usually brings on a general slow down in overall online spending. That being said, a primo opportunity could surface at any time in these niches.

Meanwhile, when things slow down, investors explore and ponder about other areas to make a decent dollar. Comparable to the money making programs I make a fairly stable additional income with, the Stock Market is equally as risky.

To make any decent gains in the Markets you need a good chunk of change to invest but if your lucky, making some good choices can add up fairly quickly as well … with losses far and few between.

Being in Canada, I mainly concentate on the TSX … Toronto Stock Exchange and that has taken a lot of wild swings in the last year. Dropping with Oil prices. Rebounding and then another drop with the recent Brexit vote. Along with those major events, there are daily financial issues that can cause minor negative or positive results.  Mutual Funds sway with these fluctuations as well.

So what’s somewhat consistent I can depend on? Dividend sharing stocks where you buy a company’s stock and the company also shares a portion of their earnings with investors. A stock holder here, can roll all those additional earnings into buying more units/shares … ‘building’ by owning more stock as the months roll on, or … cash the dividends out.  Actually, a one time spend in a reputable company can bring on years of ‘compounding’ those dividends. What they call the ‘passive’ approach while monitoring the stock(s) owned.

Some folks plan ahead and do the math to build these dividends for significant additional earnings to add to their total household income in the future while many enjoy that extra cash today.




I Got This Feelin’

The 4th of July is Independence Day in the USA and I remember having fun on those holidays as a young gaffer living in California. They were ‘all day’ outings to different events and watching the fire works show at night.

Similar to our Canada Day but the US independence started back in 1776 separating from English rule. We were colonies of England then also and became an independent country in 1867. The French also had control over certain areas that are now Canada.

Folks were being overtaxed to feed the British empire and rampant corruption by some who ruled and governed. For the average worker it meant less take home pay.

Hmmm … not a heck of a lot of difference today but there is more accountability and those politicians cheating or manipulating the system have the mind set … just don’t get caught.

Before North America’s separation, the English ruled over many now independent countries around the world… Australia being another. It’s kind of ironic now that ‘they’ voted to separate from the European Union with Brexit although the United Kingdom and England is a nation of course.

I got this feelin’ that current situation is not the end of it. Massive protests yesterday in London and a petition signed by millions already to have another vote … wanting to stay in the EU. The political scene is in a kind of turmoil there now with the Queen saying …. calm down people. Interesting to see what’s next across the Big Pond from me here in Nova Scotia.

So far this year in music, ,my fav is by Justin Timberlake. Where movies are an ‘escape’ for me, cranking the FM tunes on the car stereo is another when I overthink things and the beat diverts my attention for awhile.

Once again, starting July, there seems to be an overall slump with the online niches I make a dollar with. Things began to pick up starting June month but Admins either adjusted the plans they were pushing in the newer ventures I joined making them unattractive or stuff their briefcase with members cash and disappear … a steady thing with HYIP’s these days.

So … it’s standby and work my regular ‘oldies’ that are paying me consistently while I once again wait for a quality program or two to spark some renewed interest.