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Pipeline Uproar

Canada is rich in oil, wood and ore with pretty well every milled product you can think of such as iron, copper, uranium to mention a few. The bulk of this is a major factor in driving our economy and creating jobs with export dollars ranging in the billions each year.

Years ago, companies didn’t see much interence as they went about their business ‘harvesting’ our resources and some owners became ultra rich wanting more.

Today, it’s a differnt story where environmental concerns come more into play, and then there’s the ‘keep our planet Green’ movement as well as the native people where exploration and development is moving more on their lands.

Oil is back in the news here in a big way, Development of more pipelines out west to ‘export facilities’ on the coast of BC, loaded onto supertankers for Asian destinations. Trump’s first major move into Canada is about sending an aide into Alberta to talk oil and restart the proposal for a pipeline that will run from Alberta to Houston,Texas and the Gulf of Mexico ports.

All this has stirred up the ‘Green’ movement and the native people big time. In the past there have been breaks and vandalism causing spills so that’s a major concern. But. it’s about business, jobs and tax dollars for the provincial and federal governments pushing these projects through to completion

Overall, Oil is expected to stay in a ‘glutted’ position going into 2017 with the oversupply and storage of the black stuff, currently bouncing around in the mid to high 40 dollar range, US

That kind of puts a damper of the Fed’s announcement that the use of coal to fuel plants in Canada will be stopped by 2030 with a few exceptions.


Meanwhile, in the Biz … the Admin crew of Traffic Power Line have been fairly quiet over the last couple of months resuming major updates with a webinar, scheduled for this Sunday. It will be interesting to see what the latest developments are and how they will affect yours truly in a positive way, as well as the membership.



Green Gold

I’ve been writing about the yellow ore called Gold recently and the virtual stuff called Bitcoin, but I haven’t touched on what some investors are now calling Green Gold for awhile.

Marijuana is more in the news lately and probably will stay there as the Federal Liberal Government plans to legalize pot in the spring.

There are a few ‘Grow Ops’ in Canada and those in the TSX stock market are being watched more closely these days. Why? Let’s take New Brunswick’s … Organigram Holdings Inc.

Back in Feb, the penny stock was selling for 0.68 and say 500 units (minimum) were purchased … in the neighborhood of $340 (broker fees not included). I would say the main risks were … if the company could make a go of it and produce a primo product meeting Fed guidelines with security in place, etc.

The stock is now at $3.20. An increase of $2.52 per share/unit and currently worth around $1600.

There was a spike of $4.20 in mid Nov.

The Federal government under Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is no doubt anticipating a windfall in tax revenue from selling legal weed and in the meantime Investors that play their cards right, are making a good dollar today.

Closing for today, some awesome ‘shape forming’ aerial displays by thousands of Starlings here in Nova Scotia have been witnessed recently. Similar to the video below …


Tax Funk

Tax … I certainly don’t like that word. The only time I do is that once a year when I’m due a refund. Here in Nova Scotia, the lowest rate income wise is 15% and that amount is on most everything I buy plus added to my utilities.

Early in January, I open my mail box and the Canada Revenue Agency envelopes are there … crap! Not longer after that I rough out my taxes. That can be either pretty or double crapola if I owe.

Here’s something new added to the mix I read this morning. Although Bitcoin, which I’m now into … is not regulated by any bank or country, it’s taxable if you make a gain and convert it to cash.


Both the US IRS and CRA have rules in place and this snippet is from this article … IRS Targeting Bitcoin

With tax season just a few months away, which means the season for creative forms of tax evasion is soon to begin.

The current guidance indicates that virtual currency is property, rather than currency. That means if a person buys Bitcoin for $200 and then sells it later for $400, the $200 in gains are supposed to be reported to the tax authorities. However, since users often “cash in” bitcoin (and effectively sell it off into other currency) when they buy or sell goods – technically any transaction act also becomes a taxable vent.

“It may be the case that many people were not aware that what they were doing is taxable. Are those the people the I.R.S. is looking for?” noted Omri Marian, a professor of tax law at the University of California, Irvine.

Marian noted that most Bitcoin users could be totally unaware that they were supposed to record their losses and gains as taxable events at any time they bought or sold goods with bitcoin.

In Canada, the same applies with the CRA

I know some folks have profited big time with Bitcoin, currently are and will in the future without declaring it so just be aware that the Tax ‘haven’ people on both sides of our borders are always working to rake in more of your money.

Currently, I’m building on my BTC with the help of Traffic Power Line and got paid again to my Blockchain account, which puts me into a comfortable profit. When it comes to sell, I’ll have to figure out the tax implications and what I can add to offset it. Not a lot of loopholes these days with the tax systems.

‘Weather’ the Money

The weather here in Nova Scotia is certainly not like it was a few years back and most suspect it’s because of the global warming thing. Being the third week in November for example, the last couple nights were spring like; warm with fog. After sunrise, a cold wind and some rain gives you the sense that yes … the white stuff is coming soon.

Normally, it’s opposite … cold at night, warming some during the day.

But… I’m not complaining where it’s better than a snow storm that usually shuts down the city.

Where there’s nothing new in the way of a “looking doable’ venture startup, I’ve been writing about Bitcoin lately. Finding a way to increase your BTC while minimizing risk can be profitable … where the value jumped up to $740 US lately due to China and India’s currency issues and of course, that feeling that Trump will make things worse in the US for the tax payer.

BTC is now comparable to holding a Gold certificate, you can sell or exchange it.

Last month on Oct 1st and holding 1 BTC, the value was $614 an increase of $127 today, just by watching the price go up … sweet!

I didn’t know Iron Man could sing  …

The latest speculation is that once the world knows what Trump’s hidden agenda going forward is, BTC could drop some but by then, some other issues may keep it up because folks want to store their cash in digital form and/or Gold.

One example is military spending and NATO … that’s keeping Putin’s Russia in check around the Ukraine area. Trump changed his stand on leaving NATO. He also intends to ramp up the US military, which is no surprise to most watching this all unfold.

In the NHL, my boys … the Montreal Canadiens, beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in Saturday night hockey. The Canadien’s goalie, Carey Price was a key factor in that win and has had a remarkable season so far, also being unbeaten in the World Cup prior.

Kind of amazing when you consider the speed of the game today and all the gifted/natural goal scorers in the league.



Mid November and Fluctuations

At the mid point in November and what directly affects me at the gas pumps, is the price of Oil per barrel although there’s a lot of manipulation happening there. The price of gas has dropped some in the last couple weeks where Oil fell to the low $40’s but I guess the excuse about cold weather will come soon to keep it either steady for another while or make the price climb once again.

With Trump as President elect in the US, the markets are in kind of a tizzy contemplating which way things will swing and a seasoned investor with my Bank recommends caution for now until things settle down. Last spring it was the Saudi’s and the Oil causing a major drop here and now it’s the king of the white male, which some columnists recently branded the rich guy taking over the reigns in the White House.

Here in Canada, our markets are fairly steady with some positive bumps lately but in the US, it’s like a ripple in the water waiting to run it’s course.

Bitcoin remains over $700 US at this time and with my online ventures. I see BTC moving up as the preferred ‘funding’ choice.