Trendy into 2017

Typical of the maritime weather, we had a wicked temperature swing over the last few days from -25 C to 6 C today. Hot tottie weather with a generous amount of dark rum and cinammon sticks. Good for what ails you.

I’ve wriiten a lot about ‘trends’ in my past articles, going from new and unique, back to oldie type compensations plans. Actually the various plans don’t change much it’s the way they are presented peaks ‘interest’.

Today there seems to be more of a shift to social sites to present and discuss new ventures such as Facebook being the most popular. Of course, there is certainly a broader audience with Facebook approaching 2 billion users compared to Forums used primarily before.

Web.Telegram is another, although fairly new from last year but growing steadily.

Also, there is the addition of the ‘automatic payment of daily earnings to payment processors and Bitcoin wallets’. No need for investors to withdraw except for referral commissions.

So, that’s a couple new ‘happening’ trends ongoing, which will eventually evolve into new trendy promotional techniques as the months go by.

When it comes to where I stash my money, the big banks of Canada agree more and more folks are doing their business online. Mortgages are pretty well the same with paperwork, lawyers, deeds, etc. They figure that will eventually lead to even smaller branches where a fewer number of staff will be there for information and help.

Then there’s the FinTech companies online I’ll write about in another post that provide banking, loans, stock trading ..  you name it. All with a mission to undercut bank fees and gain customers. But, like everything that ‘trust’ thing has to be there so the big Banks aren’t overly worried about all that with their billions in profiit every year.

However, being bankers … they don’t like outfits taking ‘interest payments’ away from them. Their bread and butter.