Spring Bugs Beware

With Bitcoin, there is daily news from various sources I scan over for international events that affect the overall progress of the digital currency, current value and generally, anything that concerns my ‘wallet’.

It just so happens, there is a so called ‘Cloudflare Bug’, that promted me to change my password in my Bitcoin wallet and there is a post on Coindesk explaining why …

Cloudfare Bug Triggers Password Warnings From Bitcoin Exchanges

‘News of the bug has triggered warnings from exchanges, which suggested that users change their passwords, two-factor authentication and API keys. More broadly, cybersecurity advocates have strongly encouraged users of any site that utilizes Cloudflare to change their passwords as a precaution.’

I have to figure that the hackers out there in droves are trying, or have already have taken advantage of these leaks, Exchanges affected are Blockchain, Coinbase, BitPay. LocalBitcoins, Kraken and Poloniex plus other websites.

Meanwhile, I have over doubled my Bitcoin since 2017 rang in with some decent programs of late.

I continue to gain interest in WealthRising. net and after having a ‘back and forth’ with support, I’m impressed by their service. I got paid quick from my first Bitcoin deposit and funded again.

Again, this is more for the serious builder. Members can deposit one time and leave but I tend to stick with ventures that I feel have potential. Earnings accumulate daily, recording the ‘interest’ only and when matured, members can request the principal plus interest when expired, which counts down with a timer for each invest.

The first two plans I call ‘builder’ plans and members can only do the maximum amount in each … once. Then, it’s move on to the lengther plans that pay higher interest with details attached and ‘on site’ videos explaining the ‘step by step’ process to fund and withdraw.