Stormy Weather

I wasn’t far off with my weather predictions for the East coast of Canada during February. Back to back blizzards filled with the white stuff. My stomping on the floor here is not speeding up the Earth’s tipping of the upper hemisphere towards the sun and spring  … and BBQ season.

Seems to be the concensus now that Bitcoin is becoming the most used method of funding online ventures along with Perfect Money. Payza and SolidTrustPay, both being around for years have stricter guidelines to comply with so the majority of Admin(s) or program managers go the easy route with no refunds, where a processor like STP has a refund option if certain conditions are met, or not met by the Admin(s), whatever the case may be.

There is an interesting site, that’s slowly ‘rising’ up and the name is being spread around more from when I registered with 300 members onboard, slowly doubling that so far. is what they call a ‘peer to peer’ opportunity and yep … Bitcoin only; geared for the serious builder, either going it solo as a passive member or bring in a downline.

The site has been in a construction phase for awhile and although now launched, more enhancements are scheduled to be added, which I have witnessed since I began. I figure that’s a good thing with the gradual development of the program, as more folks join and fund over time.

Following the video tutorials in the backoffice, there is a ‘one time’ $2 upgrade fee. Once that is processed, the referral link, banners and plans are available.

In what they called the ‘Beta’ phase, some members have already been paid a few times.

To get started in the plans, there’s a $20 minimum deposit and then a member can do additional $10 or more fundings. I’m earning 2% per day and my current plan will mature in 15 days. Each plan is detailed with information and the video tutorials explain more in depth how the system works.

Basically, the concept is to move into the ‘higher’ plans, growing your Bitcoin and supporting the membership as well as the group community as a whole.

It is unique and all starts with the ‘Provide Assistance’ tab. Once a plan matures, I can “Request Assistance” in the form of a withdrawal. The ‘How It Works’ tab provides an overview of the compensation and goals.