Don’t Freak Out

We’ll soon be heading into the last week of April already, after what I looked at as a tense Easter weekend on the International news front. It seems Trump wants to flex his military’s muscles these days and last weekend warned North Korea not to try anything while the US navy stayed at the ready off the coast.

The thing worries me is the more times Trump keeps repeating, ‘don’t do it’, it’s human nature to do it anyway. Seems like it’s calmed down some over there for now. Talk of a nuke war always gets me nervous. There’s enough to deal with in the world with pollution and global warming without nucleur fallout to add to the mix. That crap can travel over oceans coming into our west coasts.

The NHL Playpoffs are well under way with some teams facing elimination while teams like the the Montreal Canadiens and the New york Rangers are tied 2 games apiece. Normally, the team that gets that 3rd game won in the best 4 out of 7, has the upper hand with moving on to the next round.

Watching the games, It’s tough not to freak out with a missed scoring opportunity or a controversal goal that gets blamed on a Ref call. I find myself yelling out sometimes. Ok Gord … cool it, It’s just a game.

In the Biz, I have learned over the years not to freak out when things don’t go my way. Vanish those thoughts and move on to the next opportunity. More times than not, I overcome the occassional loss that hits us all with these online risky ventures.

Now, that Bitcoin is up there around $1200 US again, I’m more cautious about the compensation plan I enter and debating about the people who manage a given site. Greed and wanting to pack up early, hording member’s money (BTC) becomes more apparent with the price swap to the US dollar. I believe the HYIP niche seen a lot of that since the 3rd week in March.

Meanwhile, I’m gaining with the US funds I accumulate in my SolidTrustPay account when the timing is right and the opportunity presents itself.

Hopefully, May will bring about more winner programs that produce a profit during their shelf life.