Keeping the Faith

Playoff hockey fever is back in Canada for hockey fans. Last season, there were no Canadian teams in the playoffs and not much interest on my end, except for watching the home town lad, Sydney Crosby win the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary are all in this playoffs and my boys, the Montreal Canadians play their first game on Wednesday, April 12 against the New York Rangers. Probably be some anxious moments with finger nails dug into the arms of the lazy boy.

These are certainly different times with the online niches I earn money with …. seems more like spurts of boom and bust these days. January to March in 2017 was the ‘boom’ with not much happening since then but extremely risky start ups. Low to moderate risk is my thing. Years back, there were always a few ventures that kept the cash flowing.

One program I continue to be involved with is Wealth Rising. Mainly becuase I feel there are ‘good people’ behind it and to date they are upfront with the membership plus quick to answer, while resolving my support tickets.

From the beginning, they presented the opportunity as a ‘peer to peer’ compenstion plan. My last term, the Bitcoin withdrawal was sent to my BTC wallet and I funded again with a current plan on the go and I’m keeping the faith … mainly in the community that supports Wealth Rising.

Meanwhile, I continue to scan over the new stuff that prelaunches or ‘starts up’ from day one when the websites surface online.