The Bitcoin Marketplace

It’s great to see Canadian NHL teams make an impact on the playoffs so far. The Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers are both up 2 games in their best 4 out of 7 … 2nd round series.

Sidney Crosby, the hometown lad from here in Halifax, Nova Scotia is also up 2 games leading his Pittsburgh Penguins squad. Again this year, they have the high scoring forwards to probably go all the way although opposing teams will try to shut them down.

In the Biz, Bitcoin continues to climb in value, currently at a wicked $1300 and above US conversion at this time. Folks who simply held on to their Bitcoin last year this time made quite the profit where it was around $400 US.

Informative video about Bitcoin but there are fees involved so that part is not 100% correct.

Supply and demand plus a hot digital coin marketplace is driving the Bitcoin. I’ve always been into comparisons and that reminds me of the housing market in our cities, specially central Canada and west plus northern areas that get into that ‘boom’ time where housing costs are crazy. Certainly not worth the actual value of the homes built today. mostly framed by the cheaper ‘pressed board’ panels or aspenite.

People that ‘flip’ houses easily make a profit as more cost is added after renos. City councils are loving it, levying taxes on the ever increasing, so called ‘value’ of a house. But, that’s the world today … drive the cost of living up at a dizzying rate with no thought to where it will all end. Those coming into the cities to work are first faced with the high expense of just finding a decent priced place to live.

Back to Bitcoin and the theory of buy low, sell high. Certainly got to be cautious about buying Bitcoin currently where I can’t see it staying at that high level. Seems like $900 to $1100 is the average value these past months.

Meanwhile, I spread my wings cautiously where I joined a few newer ventures online. More like a finch wingspan compared to a Gannet with a wingspan of near 7 foot. So far, so good.