Where is the Ethical line Drawn?

It’s ‘Good Friday’ and the start of the Easter weekend. Being a hockey fan and with the playoffs on the go, it would make the holiday better if at least one of the Canadian teams can get a win.

My Boys, the Montreal Habs play the New York Rangers at home for the 2nd game so looking for a better performance than there ‘no goal’ mess in the 1st game.

An interesting subject came up today that sort of compares with the online money making niches. This is also about company stocks that can get up there in the millions of dollars worth of shares purchased.

I chat about online ventures here from time to time and I assume anybody that reads my Blog knows that all invests are risky and I write about that constantly. Accepting the risk … don’t re-mortgage the house; only play with cash you can afford to lose. From time to time I size up my daily Tim Hortons medium coffee. This is a waste of money I’m thinking … but it’s ‘about me’ coin and it’s not affecting the household budget … an addiction I guess.

All my coffee purchases over the years could of added up to share purchases in the company but I opted for the caffiene fix.

Anyway …  back on track with the subject at hand. Program monitors seek out to get paid from owners of sites for their services and some also invest. There are some real high paid monitors in the business and some folks that follow their advise, take it for gosphel at times. Those fortunate enough will make a profit but many will not. That’s the game and there are no rules.

Recently in the US, the SEC or Security Exchange System have targeted a lot of high profile names in the stock market ‘promotion’ business. If all information is disclosed to the public it’s OK but some financial magazines and blogs/newsletters have been found to have shares in certain companies while also getting paid bundles of cash by a particular company to push that company’s stock … which they call advertising services fees. Overall, it’s looked at as unethical.

Some of these guys and gals have a huge fan and reader base so some take the advise without debating and go for it. Always mull it over in your own mind … is it the right move for me?

I always look at a few of these articles but I don’t think right away … I’m going to buy that stock because that author says it’s hot and going to sky rocket. That’s today and that could change tomorrow. But, there are hundreds of readers who do and that is the reason the SEC is concerned. They don’t like folks getting railroaded.

What can the SEC do about it? Well … they have the power to go into and research bank accounts and investments to look for accounting of these monies from the companies in question, to see if everything is kosher. They can also smear a publisher or magazine’s name by making that all public … like a big public banner …. ‘These people are under investigation for fraud’. Not good.

Me … I always like to look at the negative points first with investing and if they are eliminated; an opportunity starts to look better and then I decide if it’s doable. Of course the actual cost has a factor as well … I like it, for example but that’s way out of my ballpark with my investing budget.

I’ve always been the conservative type with moderate spends and if all goes good, profit while compounding.