Daily Archives: May 24, 2017

Picking up the Pace in Blockchain

The latest with Bitcoin, currently worth $2450 US, is that transactions are moving quicker again. My latest took about an hour and half to receive the minimum of 3 confirmations in the blockchain system. In my opinion though, the rate or speed for confirming transactions still needs to be tweeked. Even an onsite estimate time to complete confirmations would be an improvement.

The thing with digital currency, which we can never actually see or hold until it is converted to cash, wasn’t taken seriously by an ‘old schooler’ like me. Although I watched it launch, I wasn’t one of those folks who envisioned the first Bitcoin out there online could amount to something and purchased. They certainly prospered if they held on without selling early on.

Today, thousands are into Bitcoin and other digital currencies with some financial institutions creating their own. Many are now researching what new thing can take off and snowball, steady increasing it’s conversion value in the world’s currencies. There’s also different systems in the works for confirming transactions, other than the most popular today, the blockchain.

A change of subject here where I like to add my recent favorite piece of music with my personal rating system of cranking up the volume when I hear the introduction. I heard ‘Hello’ once from Adele and that was enough for me but her tune ‘Water Under The Bridge’  I can listen to daily.

It’s got that beat I like with the background singers plus Adele’s unique change of pitch in her voice.

In the Biz, after hanging back for a few weeks … I shrugged off the risk and got back into a couple HYIP’s that are Bitcoin based, which are highlighted in my sidebar. In that sidebar to the right, I highlight the ventures I’m into and make changes when a program begins to flatline or closes shop.

Again with Bitcoin, It’s now about trying to estimate the time to complete transactions for funding or ‘sending’. I’ve always wanted to be funded ‘yesterday’ when I commit but can’t do that with the blockchain system, so that’s added risk where it’s all about timing. Because, once a new venture is born or in it’s infancy, it’s already dying … my morbid but true overview of it all.