Daily Archives: May 29, 2017

The Coffee Fix

The Stanley Cup final starts tonight. As a major hockey fan, I’m kind of torn between the hometown Sidney Crosby’s team, the Pittsburgh Penguins and my fav player next to Carey Price of the Habs … PK Subban with the Nashville Predators. This is the farthest PK has come as a former Montreal Canadien in his career.

Despite injuries, the Predators have an all around solid team so it will be tough for the Penguins to repeat as champions again this year.

Although I’m a Tim Horton’s daily coffee guy, I got a kick out of this commercial. Some mornings, I just can’t get it in gear until I get that coffee fix …

I read an interesting article this morning pertaining to the Biz and Bitcoin. When there’s suspected trouble in a financial sector or with an economy of a country that could have a possible negative effect on a currency, some folks buy into Gold relying on a safe haven while in sort of a panic mode. Money issues during those times can last from a few days to a few months like the major Oil commodity drop last year affecting the stock markets, dragging them down as well. A few exceptions that remained steady were REITS.

Now Bitcoin has come to play in those scenarios where folks also see the opportunity for a big boost with the price changes like the Japanese and Koreans. The big difference from Gold is that BTC can change up to a $100 or more in a given day so there is more risk involved. For example, people buying Bitcoin a few days ago when it was up around $2700 US and now at around $2200 felt a pinch and an ‘ouch!’ coming on. That’s quite a drop and loss while waiting for it to move up once again, If it does. Past performance means nothing today.

Gold on the other hand, moves a few dollars or less in a day. Certainly safer but when panic sets in … people think about stability plus making money on the side, which is not always easy these days whatever area or niche folks are involved in.

Seems it’s all about an overall ‘hit and run’ these years. Get in and get what profits are realized in a certain time frame and get out trusting nothing to last. I can read all about past experiences with successful people, absorb all the information available about an opportunity and you start to think … is it all about luck?, the timing? Am I going to risk my funds or leave it in the bank.

That’s always an internal battle going on in my head. I’m sure that makes seasoned investors more cautious over time as the years pass.