The Flipping Bitcoin

Here in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, we seem to be delayed a month getting into the normal weather patterns for this time of year. April is usually the rainy month but we got more than enough rain for May already. Although I don’t want to see steady dry weather, the Big Guy up there needs to break it up with a couple days of sun here and there.

In the NHL Playoffs … the sole Canadian team, the Ottawa Senators are in the semi finals, starting tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins. These years, it’s called the Conference Finals and the remaining two teams face off for the Stanley Cup.

The interest in Bitcoin in the Biz remains high where the financial world is interested in the Blockchain theory behind the Bitcoin and Japan is seeing a lot of folks buy BTC with Yen where it’s recognized as an official currency now. Current value is fluctuating around $1700 US.

With the online ventures, there’s a new complexity to those plans involving Bitcoin and they revolve around the constant changing value in currencies around the world. Something like the Forex marketplace but mainly dealing with the US dollar, occasionally the Euro.

For example, a minimum funding … say .01 BTC, was a lot lower in US dollar value three weeks ago than it is now, as members involved in these programs well know. With the BTC value rising, it can take longer for a ‘term’ to expire due to the percentage per day or on time. Kind of complicated but where I am in a BTC plan called, Wallet Pllus, I can see this all playing out while I watch the current price of the Bitcoin.

To summarize, these Bitcoin based compensation plans deal with the ‘real time’ value of the BTC.

I can just sit idle and watch my Bitcoin go up in value in my ‘Wallet’ but what’s the fun in that.

Kind of adds more excitement to it all where I watch the numbers play out like folks involved in Forex or the stock market/mutual funds/ETF’s, etc.

On the flip side of all this is the seedy underbelly mostly caused by ‘greed’ of course and how Bitcoin holders can lose a bundle in a hurry, in seconds without knowing it until later. After all, this is the practically uncontrolled internet where good folks and companies constantly try and cover up their digital footprints. Doesn’t take much for a hacker or team of hackers to see part of a big toe and wiggle their way into your private finances.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there.