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Moving to Wix and The Wired Coin

It’s moving day and I’m shifting my Blog to the fairly new platform called Wix. I’ll start fresh there with the same type content but with a new name … The Wired Coin.

The apps and features are about the same but I’m still getting accustomed to some of the new editing tools over there on Wix. Like test driving a new car … where’s the wiper speed and lights, seat adjustments? Anyway, it will get there eventually the way I want it and that’s the fun part with the experimentin’

So … you can click on the link here; The Wired Coin if you want to continue to read my ramblings and opinions on what’s happening in this crazy on and offline world of ours. Or on the link below:

Comments and feedback are always welcome. I usually reply unless the comment is awesome by itself. Thanks to all the folks who have commented on my Blog here in the past.

There’s been lots of changes with the finances and ventures. That will always happen and we can learn from history and personal experiences but the future is always unpredictable although some figure they know it and sometimes …  they are right.

Today with online money related, it’s morphed into mostly about digital cash and I’ll get more into that with, The Wired Coin. Digital funds …  where is it? I can’t see it or hold it but it’s the talk now and most Banks and financial institutions plus stock markets are still saying no to Bitcoin and others like it, but I’m sure it’s talked about in boardrooms and how to apply the Blockchain theory.

See you in Wix and thank you for reading.


Traders and Clones

There must be dozens of Bitcoin earning sites swirling around out there in hyperspace. It’s the rave now but folks in these areas also need to use some caution where they drop their ‘no refund transaction’ digital coin.

It’s common online for a blockbuster hit with an original script, compensation plan and overall description to eventually become copied. These clones all have a different splash page appearance and mix up the plan a tad but in the end they are all the same.

These days the owners of these sites call themselves Bitcoin Traders and that title looks professional but actually it’s all about Peer to Peer or member to member.

Past history with these clones have shown a couple site owners are committed and some members make a decent profit during the lifetime of the program while others plan an elaborate scam from the get go.

The thing is, it’s not cheap to get started where their minimum Bitcoin funding is up there with the current exchange value to the US Dollar. That makes it even more riskier.

So that’s the latest I see that’s making waves in the niches I browse through. These sites are certainly inviting but making the right choice is always what gets those brain cells lighting up like a fireworks display.




A Shinier Chrome

What browser do you use? I’ve been using Google Chrome shortly after it launched a few years back. I have that Google package with Gmail, ‘Drive’ file storage, and a bunch of other nifty apps all in a handy expandable box I can select when needed.

While I’m doing my navigatin’ online, I don’t want to be bothered by annoying ‘popup’ Ads so I selected ‘disable popups’. That doesn’t block it all though and occasionally Ads appear, open and start playing a video with sound and music. I just ignore them and move on unless it’s a new blockbuster movie preview. Comes down to preference in the end.

It all funnels down to money with the placing and streaming of Ads by Google, just like Facebook. it looks like they have received a lot of feedback on all that. Is it kosher to have Ads on violent or sexual overdone stuff on Youtube and other media? Is it moral for companies and people to be making money off of this although it’s free reign on the internet.

Seems the people behind Google Chrome have been listening and reading. Next year they plan to bring in an option to either shut it all off or allow it for users. Research where Ads go and shouldn’t be to become more cleaner, friendlier and an overall nicer experience for folks. They already know about some advertisers that are heavy into spamming and clamping down on them. I can picture that being quite a challenge on their end where it’s all so wide spread right now.

I guess it will be something like watching a movie not interrupted by commercials on the TV for watchers like me that prefer it that way.

Ads are big time revenue for them but they stated they will sacrifice for a better Google Chrome soon. I think that is a cool move on their part and no doubt they will regain any short term lost funds in their upcoming new image.

In the Biz, things continue to run along smoothly at this time as summer approaches.





Where me Keys, Where me Phone

Despite saying the press is not always reporting the truth and twisting his words around, President Trump obviously likes to stay in the news and Twitter spotlight … right from Day 1 since he took over the reigns in the White House. Internationally, he continues to ruffle feathers and specially with two of America’s major trading countries; China and Canada.

Seems our guy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was doing the diplomacy thing but switching gears now to more of a hard stand on issues where they can’t agree and that affects both nations.

The list continues from there and we all know about Mexico and the wall which they are not going to pay for. US taxpayers comes to mind though.

I assume all this is Mr. Trump’s ‘buck protocol’ approach and his planned goals to benefit the people of the United States over time.

Anyway, I figure that will continue as long as he remains in office. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear, or see the name Trump at least once. Either Donald or the family.

All that reminds me of Zippy here, being different and gets the house rocking …

That simple song applies to everyday stuff. Keys and phone.

Indirectly, where I mentioned China … awhile back they ordered the top BItcoin exchanges to put a hold on allowing payments/transfers to their country folk. They have now lifted that and some of the digital coin forecasters have put out there …. that is causing the rise in value of the BTC once again. They also feel China will recognize the BTC as a legal tender in their country. See what happens and if so, other countries could follow suit. Bitcoin has been holding fairly steady at around $2400 US the last couple days.

Meanwhile, the banking community have come out and stated that the blockchain system of transfers behind Bitcoin is a long ways off from being converted and accepted in Canada. I can see that where customers want transfers, etc. to happen yesterday in today’s wired world not wait for 3 confirmations to come through.

Closing for today, I continue with the highly risky world of HYIP’s and The Tripler is now underway, receiving the first payments into my SoildTrustPay account.