Daily Archives: June 2, 2017

Where me Keys, Where me Phone

Despite saying the press is not always reporting the truth and twisting his words around, President Trump obviously likes to stay in the news and Twitter spotlight … right from Day 1 since he took over the reigns in the White House. Internationally, he continues to ruffle feathers and specially with two of America’s major trading countries; China and Canada.

Seems our guy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was doing the diplomacy thing but switching gears now to more of a hard stand on issues where they can’t agree and that affects both nations.

The list continues from there and we all know about Mexico and the wall which they are not going to pay for. US taxpayers comes to mind though.

I assume all this is Mr. Trump’s ‘buck protocol’ approach and his planned goals to benefit the people of the United States over time.

Anyway, I figure that will continue as long as he remains in office. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear, or see the name Trump at least once. Either Donald or the family.

All that reminds me of Zippy here, being different and gets the house rocking …

That simple song applies to everyday stuff. Keys and phone.

Indirectly, where I mentioned China … awhile back they ordered the top BItcoin exchanges to put a hold on allowing payments/transfers to their country folk. They have now lifted that and some of the digital coin forecasters have put out there …. that is causing the rise in value of the BTC once again. They also feel China will recognize the BTC as a legal tender in their country. See what happens and if so, other countries could follow suit. Bitcoin has been holding fairly steady at around $2400 US the last couple days.

Meanwhile, the banking community have come out and stated that the blockchain system of transfers behind Bitcoin is a long ways off from being converted and accepted in Canada. I can see that where customers want transfers, etc. to happen yesterday in today’s wired world not wait for 3 confirmations to come through.

Closing for today, I continue with the highly risky world of HYIP’s and The Tripler is now underway, receiving the first payments into my SoildTrustPay account.