Daily Archives: June 6, 2017

A Shinier Chrome

What browser do you use? I’ve been using Google Chrome shortly after it launched a few years back. I have that Google package with Gmail, ‘Drive’ file storage, and a bunch of other nifty apps all in a handy expandable box I can select when needed.

While I’m doing my navigatin’ online, I don’t want to be bothered by annoying ‘popup’ Ads so I selected ‘disable popups’. That doesn’t block it all though and occasionally Ads appear, open and start playing a video with sound and music. I just ignore them and move on unless it’s a new blockbuster movie preview. Comes down to preference in the end.

It all funnels down to money with the placing and streaming of Ads by Google, just like Facebook. it looks like they have received a lot of feedback on all that. Is it kosher to have Ads on violent or sexual overdone stuff on Youtube and other media? Is it moral for companies and people to be making money off of this although it’s free reign on the internet.

Seems the people behind Google Chrome have been listening and reading. Next year they plan to bring in an option to either shut it all off or allow it for users. Research where Ads go and shouldn’t be to become more cleaner, friendlier and an overall nicer experience for folks. They already know about some advertisers that are heavy into spamming and clamping down on them. I can picture that being quite a challenge on their end where it’s all so wide spread right now.

I guess it will be something like watching a movie not interrupted by commercials on the TV for watchers like me that prefer it that way.

Ads are big time revenue for them but they stated they will sacrifice for a better Google Chrome soon. I think that is a cool move on their part and no doubt they will regain any short term lost funds in their upcoming new image.

In the Biz, things continue to run along smoothly at this time as summer approaches.