Moving to Wix and The Wired Coin

It’s moving day and I’m shifting my Blog to the fairly new platform called Wix. I’ll start fresh there with the same type content but with a new name … The Wired Coin.

The apps and features are about the same but I’m still getting accustomed to some of the new editing tools over there on Wix. Like test driving a new car … where’s the wiper speed and lights, seat adjustments? Anyway, it will get there eventually the way I want it and that’s the fun part with the experimentin’

So … you can click on the link here; The Wired Coin if you want to continue to read my ramblings and opinions on what’s happening in this crazy on and offline world of ours. Or on the link below:

Comments and feedback are always welcome. I usually reply unless the comment is awesome by itself. Thanks to all the folks who have commented on my Blog here in the past.

There’s been lots of changes with the finances and ventures. That will always happen and we can learn from history and personal experiences but the future is always unpredictable although some figure they know it and sometimes … ¬†they are right.

Today with online money related, it’s morphed into mostly about digital cash and I’ll get more into that with, The Wired Coin. Digital funds … ¬†where is it? I can’t see it or hold it but it’s the talk now and most Banks and financial institutions plus stock markets are still saying no to Bitcoin and others like it, but I’m sure it’s talked about in boardrooms and how to apply the Blockchain theory.

See you in Wix and thank you for reading.


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