Traders and Clones

There must be dozens of Bitcoin earning sites swirling around out there in hyperspace. It’s the rave now but folks in these areas also need to use some caution where they drop their ‘no refund transaction’ digital coin.

It’s common online for a blockbuster hit with an original script, compensation plan and overall description to eventually become copied. These clones all have a different splash page appearance and mix up the plan a tad but in the end they are all the same.

These days the owners of these sites call themselves Bitcoin Traders and that title looks professional but actually it’s all about Peer to Peer or member to member.

Past history with these clones have shown a couple site owners are committed and some members make a decent profit during the lifetime of the program while others plan an elaborate scam from the get go.

The thing is, it’s not cheap to get started where their minimum Bitcoin funding is up there with the current exchange value to the US Dollar. That makes it even more riskier.

So that’s the latest I see that’s making waves in the niches I browse through. These sites are certainly inviting but making the right choice is always what gets those brain cells lighting up like a fireworks display.




One thought on “Traders and Clones

  1. Mattias

    Following the trends in today´s internet marketing I am not surprised at all that BitCoin became the hot economical trend online.The big challenge will be the coming need of cooperation between offline banks and the handle of BitCoins, the digital currency is here to stay.

    Hi Mattias,

    Thank you for your comment and yes, converting the Bitcoin transaction process to
    match the speeds the Banks want is the challenge.


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