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Japan, Bitcoin and the Bank Fees

While a lot of folks here in Nova Scotia are complaining about the constant 2 to 5 centimeters of snow we are getting every second day here and already into the first week of April, Newfoundland got hit with 6 to 10 feet of snow in some areas. That’s wicked for this time of year and I’m sure there will be a lot of water running/flooding going on when that melts rapidy with the warming temps to come soon.

In Bitcoin news, some countries are debating about recognizing the digital coin as legal tender while the ‘Blockchain System’ that sends and receives currency is already being used by some major companies and improved on, like IBM for example.

BTC value compared to the US dollar, dropped last week where US Feds didn’t allow 2 ‘market’ ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) to go ahead dealing with Bitcoin and … the possibility of a “Hard Fork” I wrote about in my last article.

This week, however … Japan has ruled that Bitcoin is now legal tender in their country so the price shot up again to around $1100 US. That comes with rules and compliances to be met.

That’s upbeat news for the BTC community but it’s been a roller coaster lately with the fluctuations in value.

Anyone into the financial world involved in making a dollar with their principal and/or gains like I do, try to work with the less fees ‘paid in’ as possible. Sometimes they are set where I have no choice but to take the hit while grumbling. In other areas … I can shop around for the lowest possibe fee.

In Canada, this past couple weeks … the major banks have come under fire from the press and the public coming forward, about employees acting like salesmen selling financial products that’s not always in the favour of the customer. The employees reported to a site setup so they can post their experiences with a named Bank but not requiring an identity.

The bigget chatter was about being under fire to reach sales targets and in order to keep their jobs, they push what they can even though as I mentioned …  not always in the best ‘interest’ of the customer/investor ending up paying fees that eventually brings down the value of their investments/accounts every month or yearly.

With that all being common knowledge now, Canadians can now attempt to avoid getting into high fee traps (those that watch and read the news anyway) when dealing with a bank rep to negotiate the lowest possible fee rate. Again, some are set in stone but others like Mutual Funds, ETF’S and various other plans can come with some ‘high end’ fees that can bring down any gains made … it’s wise to do some online homework before depositing.

Some investment examples are presenting a fund with an avearge of a 6% gain. Cool but kind of left under the table until prompted … what is the managment fee? 2% and that’s subtracted so that leaves an average of 4%. All those MER and/or management fees can be researched online.

Wrapping up for this post, I’m mostly just watching the online niches for now where there’s not much doable for now. Kind of a continuing lull ever since mid March when some big name outfits went under.

















Storms, Pirates and Fees

The spring weather is coming to the Atlantic Provinces of Canada where I live and although the clock rolled ahead one last night with Daylight Savings Time ,the weather outside is bitter cold for the second weekend in a row.

Newfoundland’s east coast on the Avalon Peninsula got hit with winds in excess of 180 km, causing wide spread damage and power outages. Strongest wind storm in 10 years for that area. Crazy weather patterns for sure.

Here in Nova Scotia, it’s just a steady cold northerly wind keeping things icy for now.

Pirates and fees. My last post I published and then within 24 hours, I deleted it where I wrote about a potentially profitable new venture but what I call a script dude (programmer or developer) added code to export members Bitcoin deposits to his personal BTC wallet. Unaware of this pirating until it was too late, the program manager had no choice but to shut it down.

With the US exchange of over a $1100 for one Bitcoin at this time, greed and pirates are in the mix of it all.

It took me some convincing a few months back to get into the Bitcoin for a payment option with the opportunities I pursue online.

Things were going very well with my steady buildup of the digital currency and multiple transaction happening daily in my Blockchain account. However, over the last month, I noticed I’m being hit with increasing higher fees with each ‘send’ I make.

That slowed me down where I calculate the fees in relation to the return I’m getting from a compensation plan.

This past week, I’ve been stalled where I’m now being charged with a minimum 10% fee to send BTC and that will take from an hour to perhaps 24 hours to be processed, or even longer. What the heck!

I expect this fee to probably increase. Some say it’s ‘demand’ and after questioning Blockchain … it’s out of hour hands where Bitcoin ‘miners’ charge these fees to move my money.

Ok …  demand fluctuates over 24 hours and over a week at times … up and down. After several ‘test’ spends over the past week my fee remains at 10% or more to allow a ‘send’. To me, I feel I’m getting fleeced so now I have to revaluate my Bitcoin strategy.

With my tradional processors, i knew where I stood with their fees but Bitcoin … I’m not into folks gouging me and paying other people high fees …. a reasonable fee, yes.

I figure this will all come to a head in the near future and investors plus program managers will be rethinking their bottom lines dealing with the steady loss of cash due to high fees paid to ‘middle people’ not involved in their compensation plans.

Meanwhile, my Bitcoin financed ventures continue to honor my withdrawal requests where according to the knowledge base of Bitcoin exchangers like Blockchain, merchants can get a ‘fixed’ fee for their businesses.



All These Thoughts on Fire

I’m not sure how long but currently, a Bitcoin is worth more than an ounce of gold. No doubt the reason for the takeover of Bitcoin ventures surfacing online these days. Rare now do I see Payza and/or STP as a payment option except for in the revenue share niche.

And like the folks and companies that are in a constant pursuit of Gold, that is happening with Bitcoin as well where the US exchange rate is alluring.

The only difference of course is that Gold is physical, a precious metal while Bitcoin and other digital currencies rivals are floating around out there in hyperspace or stored in a hard drive; made up of ‘code’.

I can’t put BTC it in my wallet until converted to cash and I can’t walk into a bank here in Canada and ask for an exchange although the Bitcoin community wants to see that happen some day.

Great motivational tunes in this video. ‘If they tell you, you can’t … they’re are a liar, liar’

Investing and seeking a profit with Bitcoin has ramped up big time within the HYIP category these past few months. Surprisingly there are quite a few that have been running for that time with no signs of slowing down. HYIP investors don’t want to see that bubble burst, as thousands are pumped into these sites with daily overall withdrawals being made at a wicked pace.

Like the off and on ‘Bull’ runs on Wall Street where fund managers rake in fortunes in fees, the difference with HYIP’s is that most keen managers, or Admins keep an eye on their profit and usually close up shop when the withdrawals add up to more than funds coming in on a daily basis. That’s where timing and risk come into play.



Seasonal Financials

We are creeping up on Mid February already and as expected, I’m getting into more winter weather here in Nova Scotia, with mid March heading back to warmer and spring like conditions.

In the Biz, Bitcoin is once again in that fluctuating $900 to $1000 US for a conversion rate. I look at that digital currency something like the Marijuana business here in Canada, expected to be ‘legalized’ in a few months. It’s in the news steady but remains in that grey area for now.

My latest ventures are producing as advertised but in these ‘fluid’ niches, that could change within 24 hours. As I mentioned in my last few posts, HYIP’s are more of a hit at this time than other categories. Some decent and long running opportunities continue to give a backbone to that area of making a dollar online.

The majority I’m involved with, I’ve invested with Bitcoin and using Payza as well. It’s a double bonus on the days I get paid with BTC and see an increase in value with the Markets. China’s Cebtral Bank and their exchangers are influencing the swings with the price of BTC these days.



Blockchain … Where’s the ‘Link’

World banks and governments are always looking for a more ‘secure’ way to store their stuff, whether it be currency or data or both.

Like everything invented that’s a hit and has the option of ‘applications’ over the years, there’s a lone ‘App’ or several that make the inventor a ton of money and famous. For example, Steve Jobs brought out the personal computer back in the 70’s.

Microsoft under Bill Gates worth 78.7 billion today, invents “Windows’ for that personal computer and the rest is history.

I’m using BTC a ‘bit’ more every week and my processing choice, or Wallet is called Blockchain.

Like ‘Windows’, the actual ‘blockchain’ system brought about because of Bitcoin, is shaping up to be a future billion dollar bonanza for those who invented and install it.

In it’s simpler form it’s blocks of disconnected Data all topped up with various secure layers, so it’s like a puzzle with missing pieces scattered everywhere and not in one place to put together. The correct encyrpted input draws the info out of these blocks to complete a ‘one way’ transaction.

It’s far more complicated than that and probably the most high tech digital safe out there today.

Kind of the opposite of an elaborate ‘worm’ or ‘hydra’ that can infect a computer where pieces of data are hidden deep in hundreds or thousands of files. Good luck finding them all. Honey! … We need a new laptop!

So, Banks and government departments such as spy agencies are investigating all this blockchain theory and want to adapt it into their systems.

Meanwhile, where I just send and receive and don’t see all the inner workings of my BTC wallet, My current ventures continue to pay out daily. Being HYIP’s, I’ll knock on screen for luck… clink, clink.

Like this Adele song, “If your going to let me down, let me down gently.” Then it’s water under the bridge like all past opportunities. For the most part, having been profitable.

I did see these cool layout and script yesterday and funded. Very professionally made but it all comes down to the longevity thing.

PassiveLoan is an upfront plan where there’s no imaginative source of outside income or buying giant wind turbines for a cleaner earth. It’s ‘people to people’ like all HYIP’s are.

Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money are accepted with a $25 minimum invest to earn 5.2% for 30 calender days, principal and profit included for 156%. There’s are extensive FAQ’s and detailed information/diagram sections about the compensation.