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Where me Keys, Where me Phone

Despite saying the press is not always reporting the truth and twisting his words around, President Trump obviously likes to stay in the news and Twitter spotlight … right from Day 1 since he took over the reigns in the White House. Internationally, he continues to ruffle feathers and specially with two of America’s major trading countries; China and Canada.

Seems our guy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was doing the diplomacy thing but switching gears now to more of a hard stand on issues where they can’t agree and that affects both nations.

The list continues from there and we all know about Mexico and the wall which they are not going to pay for. US taxpayers comes to mind though.

I assume all this is Mr. Trump’s ‘buck protocol’ approach and his planned goals to benefit the people of the United States over time.

Anyway, I figure that will continue as long as he remains in office. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear, or see the name Trump at least once. Either Donald or the family.

All that reminds me of Zippy here, being different and gets the house rocking …

That simple song applies to everyday stuff. Keys and phone.

Indirectly, where I mentioned China … awhile back they ordered the top BItcoin exchanges to put a hold on allowing payments/transfers to their country folk. They have now lifted that and some of the digital coin forecasters have put out there …. that is causing the rise in value of the BTC once again. They also feel China will recognize the BTC as a legal tender in their country. See what happens and if so, other countries could follow suit. Bitcoin has been holding fairly steady at around $2400 US the last couple days.

Meanwhile, the banking community have come out and stated that the blockchain system of transfers behind Bitcoin is a long ways off from being converted and accepted in Canada. I can see that where customers want transfers, etc. to happen yesterday in today’s wired world not wait for 3 confirmations to come through.

Closing for today, I continue with the highly risky world of HYIP’s and The Tripler is now underway, receiving the first payments into my SoildTrustPay account.



The Coffee Fix

The Stanley Cup final starts tonight. As a major hockey fan, I’m kind of torn between the hometown Sidney Crosby’s team, the Pittsburgh Penguins and my fav player next to Carey Price of the Habs … PK Subban with the Nashville Predators. This is the farthest PK has come as a former Montreal Canadien in his career.

Despite injuries, the Predators have an all around solid team so it will be tough for the Penguins to repeat as champions again this year.

Although I’m a Tim Horton’s daily coffee guy, I got a kick out of this commercial. Some mornings, I just can’t get it in gear until I get that coffee fix …

I read an interesting article this morning pertaining to the Biz and Bitcoin. When there’s suspected trouble in a financial sector or with an economy of a country that could have a possible negative effect on a currency, some folks buy into Gold relying on a safe haven while in sort of a panic mode. Money issues during those times can last from a few days to a few months like the major Oil commodity drop last year affecting the stock markets, dragging them down as well. A few exceptions that remained steady were REITS.

Now Bitcoin has come to play in those scenarios where folks also see the opportunity for a big boost with the price changes like the Japanese and Koreans. The big difference from Gold is that BTC can change up to a $100 or more in a given day so there is more risk involved. For example, people buying Bitcoin a few days ago when it was up around $2700 US and now at around $2200 felt a pinch and an ‘ouch!’ coming on. That’s quite a drop and loss while waiting for it to move up once again, If it does. Past performance means nothing today.

Gold on the other hand, moves a few dollars or less in a day. Certainly safer but when panic sets in … people think about stability plus making money on the side, which is not always easy these days whatever area or niche folks are involved in.

Seems it’s all about an overall ‘hit and run’ these years. Get in and get what profits are realized in a certain time frame and get out trusting nothing to last. I can read all about past experiences with successful people, absorb all the information available about an opportunity and you start to think … is it all about luck?, the timing? Am I going to risk my funds or leave it in the bank.

That’s always an internal battle going on in my head. I’m sure that makes seasoned investors more cautious over time as the years pass.




Pending a Delay

Now that the majority of online ventures have switched to Bitcoin and transactions are going in and out of Bitcoin Wallets by the thousands per day, I see a major issue has come up and so far there is no ‘fix’ for it.

Here’s the problem. Using the Netherlands based ‘Bitcoin go between’ Blockchain, being the largest in the online world right now; it takes 3 confirmations from ‘miners’ they use to ‘move’ my BTC/Money. Blockchain itself has no control over when a ‘send’ or a ‘request’ is completed. Currently … 219,000 uncompleted transactions.

My transactions are now 3 days old so as an investor, there is nothing I can do but wait and of course that delays any interest I could earn with the opportunities I’m in limbo to fund. And … those transactions on hold are not included in my overall wallet balance. If I want to send my Bitcoin to ‘cashout’ in US dollars, there is no time frame when that will be done.

So … I look at this as an overall flaw in the system and I won’t do any further transactions until the two ‘pendings’ I have are either cancelled or completed. There should be a ‘time out’ feature where a Blockchain Wallet holder can select a time frame to cancel a transaction, say 24 or 48 hours maximum.

Just thought I’d share my experience today where I’m sure those into Bitcoin are wondering what’s happening and why with transaction delays. Patience is the word of the day.

Closing for today, I’m not positive about this but it seems the large transactions that pay the Miners and Blockchain higher fees are being singled out and completed where I see the latest stats showing Bitcoins worth thousands and millions being finalized. A wicked amount of money in Bitcoin being moved around these days.

In other upcoming compensation plans … ‘The Tripler’ from years back is being reborn and scheduled to start up soon. I’ll be using STP for funding. No delays with that processor where I have been using that Canadian based money processor for years as well. I had an excellent run with The Tripler and look forward to being involved once again despite the risk involved.

The Flipping Bitcoin

Here in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, we seem to be delayed a month getting into the normal weather patterns for this time of year. April is usually the rainy month but we got more than enough rain for May already. Although I don’t want to see steady dry weather, the Big Guy up there needs to break it up with a couple days of sun here and there.

In the NHL Playoffs … the sole Canadian team, the Ottawa Senators are in the semi finals, starting tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins. These years, it’s called the Conference Finals and the remaining two teams face off for the Stanley Cup.

The interest in Bitcoin in the Biz remains high where the financial world is interested in the Blockchain theory behind the Bitcoin and Japan is seeing a lot of folks buy BTC with Yen where it’s recognized as an official currency now. Current value is fluctuating around $1700 US.

With the online ventures, there’s a new complexity to those plans involving Bitcoin and they revolve around the constant changing value in currencies around the world. Something like the Forex marketplace but mainly dealing with the US dollar, occasionally the Euro.

For example, a minimum funding … say .01 BTC, was a lot lower in US dollar value three weeks ago than it is now, as members involved in these programs well know. With the BTC value rising, it can take longer for a ‘term’ to expire due to the percentage per day or on time. Kind of complicated but where I am in a BTC plan called, Wallet Pllus, I can see this all playing out while I watch the current price of the Bitcoin.

To summarize, these Bitcoin based compensation plans deal with the ‘real time’ value of the BTC.

I can just sit idle and watch my Bitcoin go up in value in my ‘Wallet’ but what’s the fun in that.

Kind of adds more excitement to it all where I watch the numbers play out like folks involved in Forex or the stock market/mutual funds/ETF’s, etc.

On the flip side of all this is the seedy underbelly mostly caused by ‘greed’ of course and how Bitcoin holders can lose a bundle in a hurry, in seconds without knowing it until later. After all, this is the practically uncontrolled internet where good folks and companies constantly try and cover up their digital footprints. Doesn’t take much for a hacker or team of hackers to see part of a big toe and wiggle their way into your private finances.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there.


Japan, Bitcoin and the Bank Fees

While a lot of folks here in Nova Scotia are complaining about the constant 2 to 5 centimeters of snow we are getting every second day here and already into the first week of April, Newfoundland got hit with 6 to 10 feet of snow in some areas. That’s wicked for this time of year and I’m sure there will be a lot of water running/flooding going on when that melts rapidy with the warming temps to come soon.

In Bitcoin news, some countries are debating about recognizing the digital coin as legal tender while the ‘Blockchain System’ that sends and receives currency is already being used by some major companies and improved on, like IBM for example.

BTC value compared to the US dollar, dropped last week where US Feds didn’t allow 2 ‘market’ ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) to go ahead dealing with Bitcoin and … the possibility of a “Hard Fork” I wrote about in my last article.

This week, however … Japan has ruled that Bitcoin is now legal tender in their country so the price shot up again to around $1100 US. That comes with rules and compliances to be met.

That’s upbeat news for the BTC community but it’s been a roller coaster lately with the fluctuations in value.

Anyone into the financial world involved in making a dollar with their principal and/or gains like I do, try to work with the less fees ‘paid in’ as possible. Sometimes they are set where I have no choice but to take the hit while grumbling. In other areas … I can shop around for the lowest possibe fee.

In Canada, this past couple weeks … the major banks have come under fire from the press and the public coming forward, about employees acting like salesmen selling financial products that’s not always in the favour of the customer. The employees reported to a site setup so they can post their experiences with a named Bank but not requiring an identity.

The bigget chatter was about being under fire to reach sales targets and in order to keep their jobs, they push what they can even though as I mentioned …  not always in the best ‘interest’ of the customer/investor ending up paying fees that eventually brings down the value of their investments/accounts every month or yearly.

With that all being common knowledge now, Canadians can now attempt to avoid getting into high fee traps (those that watch and read the news anyway) when dealing with a bank rep to negotiate the lowest possible fee rate. Again, some are set in stone but others like Mutual Funds, ETF’S and various other plans can come with some ‘high end’ fees that can bring down any gains made … it’s wise to do some online homework before depositing.

Some investment examples are presenting a fund with an avearge of a 6% gain. Cool but kind of left under the table until prompted … what is the managment fee? 2% and that’s subtracted so that leaves an average of 4%. All those MER and/or management fees can be researched online.

Wrapping up for this post, I’m mostly just watching the online niches for now where there’s not much doable for now. Kind of a continuing lull ever since mid March when some big name outfits went under.