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Canuck Top Guns

In the NHL, there are some interesting competitions going as the season begins to wind down to the Playoffs. Both the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators have made some changes for the better. This past weekend they met twice to decide which team will take over the lead in their division. The Habs won both games and face each other again next Saturday.

Being a Hab fan, the wins felt good but that could all change by next Sunday in the world of hockey.

One of the bigger stories lately is the battle for the top goal scorer in the League, changing hands as Halifax born Sid, not a kid anymore, Crosby and Boston’s bad boy (also born in Halifax) Brad Marchand keep on a steady scoring pace lately. Sidney Crosby scored 3 last night for his Pittsburgh Penguins, which puts him ahead of Marchand with that hat trick.

In total points, Connor McDavid, the hotshot kid from Edmonton is currently tied for overall points with Crosby.

Leaf Fans are extra excited as they watch their Toronto team get in and out of a playoff spot lately with their rebuild. It would be a real boost for that franchise if they secure a spot this season. Leaf Nation is currently ‘in’.

There’s not a lot of news with the online Biz. January and February was a good month for HYIP’s but in March, more are collapsing as some of the top sites shut down, no doubt causing some ‘pulling in of the horns’ compared to the wicked amount of investing going on before. That Bull run is slowing down to a wait and see lately.

Meanwhile, Wealth Rising is a bright spot amonst all this and not classified as a HYIP. When tranferring hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin, hackers and theives tune in to see how they can weasel their way in to get in on some of that action.

WR underwent a security upgrade last week and now when I log in, I’m prompted to input a ‘2 factor authentication’. I downloaded the APP and that provides the security code changing every 20 seconds, so I can access my WR backoffice.

Some may find their compensation a tad confusing but it is rather simple after I read the information and watched the ‘step by step’ videos. After the first plan, where I withdrew 100% of my principal and profit, the next plans are about … the system will calculate a percentage and amount to deposit before allowing a withdraw request to go into processing.

For example, in the Optimizer Plan, 166% including principal and profit is ready to withdraw.

That member will get a message in the backoffice or dashboard, 20% is required as a contribution back into the program before the 166% gross payment is issued. 146% is the ‘net’ amount earned from that plan in the end, keeping in mind the original 166% payment gets delivered to that members preferred Bitcoin wallet.

It’s based on a community system not built for ‘hit and runners’. Personally, I like the system and was involved in a similar compensation plan years back.

Wrapping up for today. Whoop! It’s the first day of Spring and … we got a snow storm last night shutting down a lot of the city in the early going. Time to wipe off the foot of snow on top of my BBQ. That looks like a Robin over there on top of the snowback looking at the GPS on his cell and shaking his beak. I feel ya buddy.



SuperBowl Weekend

In early February, the HYIP niche continues to be on a high since 2017 came in. Meanwhile, more programs come on the scene, from running in the background for awhile to new launches. Bitcoin and Perfect Money seem to be the fav choice of Payment options used by the HYIP players. Sites offering Payza and/or STP gain additional interest as well.

Overtime, there’s the normal shutdown of the less popular HYIP’s, as new plans come on stream, usually offering an earning rate of 5 to 3% profit in around 30 days, give or take a few days. Then there’s the short term ventures investors like.

It’s Superbowl weekend with the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons kicking off on Sunday, Feb 5th. It’s also a time for the SuperBowl commercials where companies spend thousands for a few seconds of air time during the game.

Like this one from Kia, save the earth and it’s creatures … plugging their new ‘earth friendly’ hybrid … Niro.


‘Weather’ the Money

The weather here in Nova Scotia is certainly not like it was a few years back and most suspect it’s because of the global warming thing. Being the third week in November for example, the last couple nights were spring like; warm with fog. After sunrise, a cold wind and some rain gives you the sense that yes … the white stuff is coming soon.

Normally, it’s opposite … cold at night, warming some during the day.

But… I’m not complaining where it’s better than a snow storm that usually shuts down the city.

Where there’s nothing new in the way of a “looking doable’ venture startup, I’ve been writing about Bitcoin lately. Finding a way to increase your BTC while minimizing risk can be profitable … where the value jumped up to $740 US lately due to China and India’s currency issues and of course, that feeling that Trump will make things worse in the US for the tax payer.

BTC is now comparable to holding a Gold certificate, you can sell or exchange it.

Last month on Oct 1st and holding 1 BTC, the value was $614 an increase of $127 today, just by watching the price go up … sweet!

I didn’t know Iron Man could sing  …

The latest speculation is that once the world knows what Trump’s hidden agenda going forward is, BTC could drop some but by then, some other issues may keep it up because folks want to store their cash in digital form and/or Gold.

One example is military spending and NATO … that’s keeping Putin’s Russia in check around the Ukraine area. Trump changed his stand on leaving NATO. He also intends to ramp up the US military, which is no surprise to most watching this all unfold.

In the NHL, my boys … the Montreal Canadiens, beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in Saturday night hockey. The Canadien’s goalie, Carey Price was a key factor in that win and has had a remarkable season so far, also being unbeaten in the World Cup prior.

Kind of amazing when you consider the speed of the game today and all the gifted/natural goal scorers in the league.



The Soldier who never Fired a Shot

This Friday, November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada and Veteran’s Day in the US. By then we’ll also know who the new President is for the United States.

I first took notice of Mel Gibson with the release of the first Lethal Weapon movie alongside Danny Glover. From there he was a hit and later in his career he went on to create and produce movies like Braveheart, which won several Academy Awards.

Released before the day we remember our fallen, Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge is already a blockbuster and it’s about a soldier who never fired a shot.

The true story of Pfc. Desmond T. Doss (played by Andrew Garfield), who won the Congressional Medal of Honor despite refusing to bear arms during WWII on religious grounds.

It will probably rank up there with another WW II epic, Private Ryan produced by Steven Spielberg with Tom Hanks as lead actor.

Although there are a few decent HYIP’s on the go now that’s attracted a lot of investors in that niche, I’m on the fence watching for now while I continue with my current ventures.

Of interest where I jumped into the cyber world of Bitcoin a couple months back, the trade value continues to rise compared to the US dollar … now at $700, after spiking to $740 this past week. There’s a steady release of interesting news out about BTC, from combating hackers to speculator reasons for the rise and fall in value.


The Ghostly Admin and Choices

I always look forward to watching the latest Tom Cruise action movies with the most recent release of Jack Reacher …  Never Go Back. Cruise modernized, in movie form, the once weekly TV series called Mission Impossible aired back in 1966-73. It’s what I call entertainment and one of those movies is called ‘Ghost’ Protocal.

With Halloween approaching and getting into the online HYIP scene or any money making niche, it’s rare that investors want to join a new program with a ‘Ghost’ Admin from the past or one that used aliases but with the reputation that made a positive impact, rather than knowing the true identity of the dude, or dudette.

However, there’s been a few HYIP’s launched recently with a handle ending in 7 where the main plan is either paying 7% per business weekday or, 7 days a week.

Blasts from the past like Carbon 7 and Capital 7 had decent runs providing profits for those who joined early or even in the first month or two.

So, the guessing game was on with these recent launches … which one is run by this ‘ghost’ Admin with the reputation for paying from 3 to 6 months?

Unfortunately, I found out early on Imperial 7 was not it. Zinc 7, paying 7% for 7 days a week earning more interest per week, continues to be hot since September 7th. I didn’t register with Zinc opting for Imperial. Where’s that crystal ball …  eh? But, no one knows if this is the return of the ‘ghost’ Admin. Right now, Zinc members don’t care as long as the payments continue to be pumped out.

And that’s online investing … choices; may they be good or end in a pitfall.

Meanhwhile, ACX Monsoon continues to pump out the payments on my end to my STP account. The Admin staff updated the popular Monsoon will not be affected by any ‘resets’ or ‘restarts’ which I figure is coming real soon for the other two plans. Normal stuff for this outfit that’s been running for several years.