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Where me Keys, Where me Phone

Despite saying the press is not always reporting the truth and twisting his words around, President Trump obviously likes to stay in the news and Twitter spotlight … right from Day 1 since he took over the reigns in the White House. Internationally, he continues to ruffle feathers and specially with two of America’s major trading countries; China and Canada.

Seems our guy, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was doing the diplomacy thing but switching gears now to more of a hard stand on issues where they can’t agree and that affects both nations.

The list continues from there and we all know about Mexico and the wall which they are not going to pay for. US taxpayers comes to mind though.

I assume all this is Mr. Trump’s ‘buck protocol’ approach and his planned goals to benefit the people of the United States over time.

Anyway, I figure that will continue as long as he remains in office. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t hear, or see the name Trump at least once. Either Donald or the family.

All that reminds me of Zippy here, being different and gets the house rocking …

That simple song applies to everyday stuff. Keys and phone.

Indirectly, where I mentioned China … awhile back they ordered the top BItcoin exchanges to put a hold on allowing payments/transfers to their country folk. They have now lifted that and some of the digital coin forecasters have put out there …. that is causing the rise in value of the BTC once again. They also feel China will recognize the BTC as a legal tender in their country. See what happens and if so, other countries could follow suit. Bitcoin has been holding fairly steady at around $2400 US the last couple days.

Meanwhile, the banking community have come out and stated that the blockchain system of transfers behind Bitcoin is a long ways off from being converted and accepted in Canada. I can see that where customers want transfers, etc. to happen yesterday in today’s wired world not wait for 3 confirmations to come through.

Closing for today, I continue with the highly risky world of HYIP’s and The Tripler is now underway, receiving the first payments into my SoildTrustPay account.



Picking up the Pace in Blockchain

The latest with Bitcoin, currently worth $2450 US, is that transactions are moving quicker again. My latest took about an hour and half to receive the minimum of 3 confirmations in the blockchain system. In my opinion though, the rate or speed for confirming transactions still needs to be tweeked. Even an onsite estimate time to complete confirmations would be an improvement.

The thing with digital currency, which we can never actually see or hold until it is converted to cash, wasn’t taken seriously by an ‘old schooler’ like me. Although I watched it launch, I wasn’t one of those folks who envisioned the first Bitcoin out there online could amount to something and purchased. They certainly prospered if they held on without selling early on.

Today, thousands are into Bitcoin and other digital currencies with some financial institutions creating their own. Many are now researching what new thing can take off and snowball, steady increasing it’s conversion value in the world’s currencies. There’s also different systems in the works for confirming transactions, other than the most popular today, the blockchain.

A change of subject here where I like to add my recent favorite piece of music with my personal rating system of cranking up the volume when I hear the introduction. I heard ‘Hello’ once from Adele and that was enough for me but her tune ‘Water Under The Bridge’  I can listen to daily.

It’s got that beat I like with the background singers plus Adele’s unique change of pitch in her voice.

In the Biz, after hanging back for a few weeks … I shrugged off the risk and got back into a couple HYIP’s that are Bitcoin based, which are highlighted in my sidebar. In that sidebar to the right, I highlight the ventures I’m into and make changes when a program begins to flatline or closes shop.

Again with Bitcoin, It’s now about trying to estimate the time to complete transactions for funding or ‘sending’. I’ve always wanted to be funded ‘yesterday’ when I commit but can’t do that with the blockchain system, so that’s added risk where it’s all about timing. Because, once a new venture is born or in it’s infancy, it’s already dying … my morbid but true overview of it all.


The Flipping Bitcoin

Here in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, we seem to be delayed a month getting into the normal weather patterns for this time of year. April is usually the rainy month but we got more than enough rain for May already. Although I don’t want to see steady dry weather, the Big Guy up there needs to break it up with a couple days of sun here and there.

In the NHL Playoffs … the sole Canadian team, the Ottawa Senators are in the semi finals, starting tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins. These years, it’s called the Conference Finals and the remaining two teams face off for the Stanley Cup.

The interest in Bitcoin in the Biz remains high where the financial world is interested in the Blockchain theory behind the Bitcoin and Japan is seeing a lot of folks buy BTC with Yen where it’s recognized as an official currency now. Current value is fluctuating around $1700 US.

With the online ventures, there’s a new complexity to those plans involving Bitcoin and they revolve around the constant changing value in currencies around the world. Something like the Forex marketplace but mainly dealing with the US dollar, occasionally the Euro.

For example, a minimum funding … say .01 BTC, was a lot lower in US dollar value three weeks ago than it is now, as members involved in these programs well know. With the BTC value rising, it can take longer for a ‘term’ to expire due to the percentage per day or on time. Kind of complicated but where I am in a BTC plan called, Wallet Pllus, I can see this all playing out while I watch the current price of the Bitcoin.

To summarize, these Bitcoin based compensation plans deal with the ‘real time’ value of the BTC.

I can just sit idle and watch my Bitcoin go up in value in my ‘Wallet’ but what’s the fun in that.

Kind of adds more excitement to it all where I watch the numbers play out like folks involved in Forex or the stock market/mutual funds/ETF’s, etc.

On the flip side of all this is the seedy underbelly mostly caused by ‘greed’ of course and how Bitcoin holders can lose a bundle in a hurry, in seconds without knowing it until later. After all, this is the practically uncontrolled internet where good folks and companies constantly try and cover up their digital footprints. Doesn’t take much for a hacker or team of hackers to see part of a big toe and wiggle their way into your private finances.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there.


The Barter

I would have to say, Kijiji is one of the more popular sites online today. Whatever you are looking for from housing, rentals, work, products for sale are posted by folks who list their Ad with a handy email reply box. Some prices are fixed while others are on a barter basis when a buyer and seller hook up to discuss the final cost.

The owners of Kijiji, which means village in Swahilie, must be very pleased with their success and now spending big bucks of their own on TV Ads.

A warning I have, which has happened a few times in the city here, is like a recent incident where a meet was setup in a Mall parking lot. The buyer, who intended to buy jewelry was robbed of his cash at gun point and beaten. Police never did catch up with the crooks. Always be careful about the meet surroundings. Try and avoid getting setup because we are talking about money and the greed that lurks behind it with some people.

In the NHL Playoffs, the 2nd round is winding down with some clutch games happening while the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers, the two Canadian team left … fight to get to the semi finals.

Bitcoin is in the news everyday with steady updates. Almost information overload with what’s happening with the Digital Coin around the world, currently below $1600 US in value. I’ve used Payza and SolidTrustPay for years and both of these money processors allow me to fund and withdraw with Bitcoin, values shown in US dollars. So, those are options I have available to ‘move’ my BTC.

Meanwhile, the Biz is moving along, where it’s always about going forward with the finances with no rear view mirrors. Sometimes at a slower pace than usual but my online fund ‘build’ continues.






The Federal Government of Canada issued an interesting press release a couple weeks ago that affects them as well as the working class people in the country.

AI, or Artificial Intellegence is coming and in years to come, the computers than can ‘think and learn’ on their own will be taking over more traditional jobs and that means the job search will get squeezed even more. Meanwhile, the tax the Feds get from the working folk that AI’s replace will disappear as well.

It’s that thing they call ‘progress’, but in my mind should be stopped where it’s going backwards. Election promises are all about, ‘I’ll produce more jobs and keep people working’ while they know that’s a long shot to accomplish.

AI is already well into development and experimenting with tech people controlling the data for these AI’s and those tech jobs will also get whittled down eventually as super AI’s get more advanced controlling a bank of AI’s. Weird how some of those visions thought up by gifted screen writers or authors of novels in the Sci Fi movies actually become reality

Today we have self driving cars and trucks being tested. Pretty well every mode of transportation. Passenger aircraft have already taken off and landed all by computer control. In the office, a manager can talk away about what he wants recorded and completed while the AI compiles and does the work in a fraction of the time a secretary can do it. No doubt Banks are already thinking about the replacement of more of their branch staff.

It gets to a point, does this all make sense while the unstoppable rush is on to further computerize our world.

In, the Biz, I got into a couple newer ventures shown in the right sidebar on my Blog. I decided to swallow the risk and funded a new Bitcoin HYIP, which looks interesting.

In a compensation that’s a blast from the past, the ‘Doubler’ is back with ACX where they continue to try different plans to perk more interest in their long running site. Simple and hands free, a member funds from a $1 up and waits for that principal to double in value with a minimum withdrawal of $5. So far, so good on my end where I’d doubled a few and got paid.

Some weeks are excellent with ACX and others are well …  devastating from some to tell the truth about it all where they do occasional resets and restarts. I’m accustomed to it over the years since they started so it boils down to the ol’ … liking the good times and then there’s the bad days, waiting for the rebound.

These days, I’ve been funding every day with their new system of priority payments and withdrawing as well to my STP account while gaining over time. Risky? Sure is.

Winding up for today and in the NHL Playoffs, I watched the Montreal Canadiens get emilinated in New York by the Rangers. I had a sense this was coming where the Habs big issue all season long is their low scoring games, too dependant on their back end and star goalie. Toronto and Ottawa need to win to advance while the Edmonton Oilers won their series and rest up for the next round