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Accountability, or Not

When talking accountability, an investor can scour over finincial reports with steady stocks like our major banks and gain two ways with patience. They pay investors a dividend on the number of stocks held and their value. For example. Toronto Dominion, or the TD Bank with branches in the US as well, pays out a percentage 4 times a year.

When the actual TD stock value rises, another way to gain. Folks owning that stock also have the option of ‘reinvesting’ those dividends, buying more stock on autopilot or … compounding.

I can study all the bank reports and invest totally online if I wish or I can stroll into the nearest branch and meet with a finincial advisor. He, or she can advise but the ultimate desicion to sell, buy more, or diversify into other stocks is mine and when there’s news of a possible ‘crash’ in the markets … I’m also left to decide to sell or ride it out with no email or call from that financial advisor unless I contact first.

Yep … still risky after absorbing all that information plus due diligence and the advisor talks about that right from the start. Are you prepared for the risk?

But, it ‘appears’ as the safest method where folks who stick with it begin to see a gain of $50 to $100 a month in dividends and building up from there over the years.

Since I’m into risk, I also walked into the wild side of HYIP’s in 2017, where there’s really no accountability, while gaining steady earnings.

Admin(s) are incognito, use aliases, or just plain don’t provide any identity. There are no refunds, although I have been involved in a few from the past that refunded all or partial prinicipal amounts. I salute them.

PassiveLoan, which I liked from the start when I looked over the site, has provided me with a profit with my Bitcoin and Payza deposits. The ‘Telegram’ based, Elizion (Bot) keeps pumping daily BTC earnings directly into my Blockchain wallet.

As of today, with 42.5% of my initial prinicipal recovered with Bitluna, that program has yet to prove itself, eventually reaching that day when the first profit since launch will be realized. Notice that I’m a positive type guy.

BitLuna is coming along nicely with it’s ‘instant’ payments. This site is not listed as a HYIP but has the feel of one.

Then there’s my newest …, which I wrote about in my last article. Membership continues to grow there.

My goal in all this, as it has been from the start years back, is continue to build reserves in my online processors and cash out a percentage to my bank account. Some years and months have been very profitable and then there are spurts where it’s been slow while I wait it out, looking for the latest ventures that perk my interest.




In The Money Jungle

January, to date has been a very good month on the HYIP scene. Those who threw caution to the wind made some big money while the conservative continue to gain descent earnings. Like all invesments, the more principal  … the more profit of course.

In world news and here in Canada, the headlines continue to be saturated with Trump. The one thing I can see positive is the push to get more Americans jobs in the USA.

If it will pan out, I’m not sure where big business will do anything to keep the bottom line/expense as cheap as possible and in today’s world, that means building cars in Mexico or have a growing Tech world in Ireland from big name US companies. Casablanca, Morocco now seems to be of growing interest to Aircraft manufacturers to cut jobs at home and hire skilled but cheap labour there.

I can’t see anyone at ‘home’ being for that, cept’ of course the corporate offices of those outfits involved.

Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will soon meet with Trump to see what’s in store for Canada over the President’s term. I’m sure pipelines will be discussed and hooking up to the oil rich fields in Alberta.

With all that business and political talk, we all need to have the odd fun break and let loose like these guys. The dude at the wheel is a hoot …

On Sunday, the 29th … BitLuna is scheduled to launch. Hopefully all the payment processors advertised will be available. The one thing to mention here is the sky high membership count and when you’ve been around in these circles as long as I have, I got this feeling they have been ‘doctored’ to reflect a heck of a lot more than the actual members registered.

On the Admin(s) looking to create a lengthy ‘on line’ time, when a single funding reaches 130% and there are no repurchases or further spends by a member, the interest rate will go lower than the 2.5% per day, which is unique. Encourages spending to keep up that interest rate.

I could be wrong about the ‘over inflated’ member count or the site is getting a lot of additional Facebook interest but as always, there’s that risk consideration and accepting it.



Mid January Light Show

With the extreme cold one day and then up to mild temperatures, the flu season is here with a venegence where I live and work. Unfortunately, buying every cold remedy there is, the bug will run it’s course regardless. Then I think of those miracle drug cures on commercials … oh, how they lie … lol

Except, there’s no lie about how bad Buckley’s mixture tastes. Swallow and gag. Reminds me of cod liver oil ladeled right from the barrel sitting by the local fish plant from my past.

I’ve seen the Northern Lights before but these ‘Light Pillars’ seen at North Bay, Ontario are new to me. Reminds me of that movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, only the musical beat from the alien ships is missing … eh.

Light pillars occur when light bounces off of flat ice crystals hovering close to the ground. (Photo: Timmy Joe Elzinga)

For those who are never satisfied with the amount of growth when it comes to their cash like I am and kind of addicted to that pursuit like my daily morning Tim Horton’s coffee runs, high yield ventures have become a cure for now, although risky and unusually popular for this time of year.

With payment processors and options, I continue to prefer STP and Payza but looks like Bitcoin and Perfect Money are muscling in on a lot of the action these days. All three can interact with Bitcoin  … transfer, exchange and purchase options.

BitLuna continues with it’s exceptional growth, nearing 26,000 members with less than two weeks to Launch. The attraction probably has something to do with the simple plan of 2.5% daily and accepting all the payment options I mentioned above.

The compensation is high yield compared to a bank although keen stock traders can rake in a lot more with a pinch of luck where a prediction paid out big time. In my niches … 2 to 3% is more in tune with what investors look for these days, compared to the long gone, popular plans of 10 to 12% per day, a few years back.



Don’t Play Me

In the online world of investing, I know nothing lasts forever although there are tons of promotions that contradict my statement. That’s my mindset when sizing up opportunities.

There are ventures that last for years but eventually changes from the original plan occur and the Admin(s) involved want to remain innovative plus ‘renew’ a compensation that is let’s say … getting long in the tooth and needs a facelift.

Unfortunately some never recover from a shift in plans while others rebound after the membership contemplates the changes and then continue to fund.

Don’t play me baby ….

I’ll write about two such ventures today.

It’s been my experience with Admins running two sites or more that it’s like the foundation eventually crumbling supporting a building. The first site or program has ‘foundation’ financial issues bringing the whole house down. Members are usually unaware there are problems with the original site.

MoBrabus has already gotten this out of the way with an update on the site and changes are underway with the site becoming live again sometime next week. It’s obvious their main concentration has shifted to it’s other site, TPL.

A main factor involved according to the update is that 75% of the membership stopped their usual funding of MB awaiting the launch of Traffic Power Line. So, this is more transparent than the majority of Admin staff that stay quiet and I know what’s going on. Now, it’s about accepting the risk with the new … TPL.

Second is AdClickXpress, which has a long history of an off and on love/hate relationships with it’s present and past members. Others remain neutral, moving with the changes with their multiple opportunities, of which one is yours truly.

But, I have to give credit when it’s due and their new ‘on original site’ ACX – Monsoon page is living up to what’s advertised by ACX so far. I’ve been paid multiple times within 24 hours and own 22 positions, while I continue to buy and repurchase at $20 each. Overall, I’ve been in profit with the whole of ACX not long after they originally launched a few years back.

Recently, they also opened a ‘word search’ page for another additional earning portal where members who purchase ‘words’ or ‘phrases’ gain commissions (sales). Something like Adwords on Google based on ‘keywords’ folks use when they search for stuff on the Google search engine.



Schools out for Summer

Heading into the final full week of August, back to school sales are everywhere and I see parents out with their lists picking up what’s required. Reminds me of that commercial from Staples …

In the Biz, I continue to rely on ventures that I’ve been with for over a year that provide steady earnings to date. New programs surface everyday but I’m only registered with two so far this month as I watch how they progress during their pre launch phases. One of which I mentioned in my last article … Traffic Power Line. Certainly a different and uncertain time in 2016 from previous years when debating about funding a new oppportunity.

Meanwhile, folks ‘are’ making money with these recent launches but they either don’t fit into my plans moving forward or they are too risky for my liking.

That’s always been the thing about the online money niche … trends that come and go. And like fashions, they also repeat or come back after awhile.