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In The Money Jungle

January, to date has been a very good month on the HYIP scene. Those who threw caution to the wind made some big money while the conservative continue to gain descent earnings. Like all invesments, the more principal  … the more profit of course.

In world news and here in Canada, the headlines continue to be saturated with Trump. The one thing I can see positive is the push to get more Americans jobs in the USA.

If it will pan out, I’m not sure where big business will do anything to keep the bottom line/expense as cheap as possible and in today’s world, that means building cars in Mexico or have a growing Tech world in Ireland from big name US companies. Casablanca, Morocco now seems to be of growing interest to Aircraft manufacturers to cut jobs at home and hire skilled but cheap labour there.

I can’t see anyone at ‘home’ being for that, cept’ of course the corporate offices of those outfits involved.

Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will soon meet with Trump to see what’s in store for Canada over the President’s term. I’m sure pipelines will be discussed and hooking up to the oil rich fields in Alberta.

With all that business and political talk, we all need to have the odd fun break and let loose like these guys. The dude at the wheel is a hoot …

On Sunday, the 29th … BitLuna is scheduled to launch. Hopefully all the payment processors advertised will be available. The one thing to mention here is the sky high membership count and when you’ve been around in these circles as long as I have, I got this feeling they have been ‘doctored’ to reflect a heck of a lot more than the actual members registered.

On the Admin(s) looking to create a lengthy ‘on line’ time, when a single funding reaches 130% and there are no repurchases or further spends by a member, the interest rate will go lower than the 2.5% per day, which is unique. Encourages spending to keep up that interest rate.

I could be wrong about the ‘over inflated’ member count or the site is getting a lot of additional Facebook interest but as always, there’s that risk consideration and accepting it.



The Ghostly Admin and Choices

I always look forward to watching the latest Tom Cruise action movies with the most recent release of Jack Reacher …  Never Go Back. Cruise modernized, in movie form, the once weekly TV series called Mission Impossible aired back in 1966-73. It’s what I call entertainment and one of those movies is called ‘Ghost’ Protocal.

With Halloween approaching and getting into the online HYIP scene or any money making niche, it’s rare that investors want to join a new program with a ‘Ghost’ Admin from the past or one that used aliases but with the reputation that made a positive impact, rather than knowing the true identity of the dude, or dudette.

However, there’s been a few HYIP’s launched recently with a handle ending in 7 where the main plan is either paying 7% per business weekday or, 7 days a week.

Blasts from the past like Carbon 7 and Capital 7 had decent runs providing profits for those who joined early or even in the first month or two.

So, the guessing game was on with these recent launches … which one is run by this ‘ghost’ Admin with the reputation for paying from 3 to 6 months?

Unfortunately, I found out early on Imperial 7 was not it. Zinc 7, paying 7% for 7 days a week earning more interest per week, continues to be hot since September 7th. I didn’t register with Zinc opting for Imperial. Where’s that crystal ball …  eh? But, no one knows if this is the return of the ‘ghost’ Admin. Right now, Zinc members don’t care as long as the payments continue to be pumped out.

And that’s online investing … choices; may they be good or end in a pitfall.

Meanhwhile, ACX Monsoon continues to pump out the payments on my end to my STP account. The Admin staff updated the popular Monsoon will not be affected by any ‘resets’ or ‘restarts’ which I figure is coming real soon for the other two plans. Normal stuff for this outfit that’s been running for several years.



Fall and Scams Beware

This past week, we got a preview of the upcoming winter here in Nova Scotia with a couple cold nights getting close to frost. That brings on thoughts of higher heating bills and how to keep them manageable.

With fall comes the the start of the NHL preseason schedule while fans watch the much talked about new rookies joining the league during the off season. Canadian hockey fans are wondering … what can they do for my team to get them into the playoffs after missing a spot last season?

Meanwhile, The Canadian squad is undefeated in the World Cup of Hockey soon finishing up. Canada has won their first game in the best out of 3 in the finals. In their semi-final win over Russia, two Halifax born lads, Sydney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins) and Brad Marshand (Boston Bruins) combined to score a few goals for the win.

We should always be wary of being scammed by the companies we get involved with. From cable and cell phones to financial institutions where we get billed fees that either don’t provide the service or the quality we are looking for … or just plain unwanted fees most folks are not aware of while busy working for the man and taking care of the family.

So, when a major financial outfit making billions in profit every year decides to cheat customers, it’s not long before that’s front page news. Athough I get a kick out of John Oliver’s comical coverage on international issues, he can get into expletives not suitable for everybody.

In the Biz, it remains fairly quiet with regards to me joining anything new but that could change at any time in these niches I make a dollar with. ACX-Monsoon is steady with it’s payments to my SolidTrustPay account.

My last article was mainly about BitCoin and that’s more into the financial news these days as investors keep tabs on it’s currency worth, hovering around $600 US per Bitcoin. Folks involved online, work to build on the amount of Bitcoin they hold. One example is buying into plans that can create a profitable gain through interest payments … attempting to avoid the scams in their hunt.


Bitcoin Tender

It’s been awhile since my last article where there, once again … seems to be a lull in the action with the online ventures on my end where I haven’t seen much interesting during most of this month.

As we head into the last week of September and the weather remains unusually warm as well as humid during the shorter daylight hours, I have read a lot more international news about Bitcoin recently.

Currently just over $600 US per Bitcoin, and similar to the stock market … it swings with events that occur related to the virtual coin. There was some major hacks and swipping going on dropping the value and one investor moved around a few million which both lowered the value for awhile before returning to about a normal state.


Speaking of hackers and crooks; in the US court system, cases about lads who opened Bitcoin sites for personal gain and ripping off folks where dropped due to the judges ruling that it’s not a legal tender in the United States until this past week where one Judge ruled for the first time … it is. Bitcoin can be exchanged for cash and also to buy products. The dude in that case is awaiting sentencing and found guilty.

So, that ruling probably got people thinking twice in the US who are thinking about setting up a scam Bitcoin outfit. However, it remains open season for Hackers to continue probing to find a way past encryption and security to siphon out as much coin as they can before being discovered.

Personally, I’m using Bitcoin in Traffic Power Line, which is moving along these days while the Admin and programmers are added a ‘Fivvr’ like site, where members can offer their services for a fee if they wish. That fee for ‘micro jobs’ can be very low to attract a building clientele to high for the established that offer proven professional results.

In the HYIP scene, LaraWithMe continues to turn heads and has been paying me instantly to my Payza account to date.



Individual and Corporate Tax

Looking at Canada and the US, the individual tax payer like me scrutinizes the yearly tax forms and information available for additional deductions that are eligble to bring my tax payable down as much as possible. The goal is seeking a refund but as we know that doesn’t always happen.

Knowing that if we ‘doctor’ anything, there could be a reassessment down the line and a possible audit. Yikes! Not good and no hiding from the tax man… wants to see receipts and bills/documents.

Companies on the other hand can do some manipulatin’. Looking at Apple in the USA and Bombardier out of Montreal, Quebec … Canada. A railway and aircraft manufacturer.

Apple shifted a lot of it’s operation to Ireland to avoid the higher tax bracket in the US of A.

Bombardier did as well and now wants to shift some of it’s manufacturing of aircraft components to Casablanca, Morocco for the cheap labour, Meanwhile, taking in billions in grants from the Canadian and Quebec governments to keep jobs in Canada. Doesn’t make sense does it? … while they avoid the higher tax bracket in Canada by splitting up their operation in lower taxed countries.

Steve Job’s brainchild … Apple got under fire recently for not paying all their taxes in Ireland and the EU tax committee ruled that the Irish Goverment seek several billion in taxes owed from Apple. The EU is always on the hunt for the mega corporations not paying all that’s due. Eventually they get some of this tax cash back from countries in the form of fees for being a member of the European Union so it’s win, win for them.

Weird thing is, Ireland is debating fighting this ruling probably fearing scaring away companies like Apple. And what kind of under the table deal was made … no ones know but a lengthy court dispute could bring that all to light.

How do these bigshot companies get away with all this. Money talks and they lobby politicians and bankers to get what they want while looking for more loopholes. Me … I have to stay clean and above board or risk a visit from the dreaded tax ‘person’.


Courtesy of Getty Images

The Biz is moving along with programs like ACX Monsoon and recently … LaraWithMe, a risky but potentially profitable HYIP … ‘if’ Lara, the Bot sticks with it for a few months. I’m figuring there is a Russian crew behind Lara. The Telegram Web, was conceived by a Russian ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ who started VK… a Russian version of Facebook with several million users.

In Russia however, you just can’t speak your mind or hold negative chats about Putin and Mother Russia without there being consequences. Pavel Durov had to flee and VK was taken over by one of the more wealhy dudes maing him more money. Durov continues to invent new products like Telegram Web, which will become more popular as time passes.