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Thick Fog and Navigatin’

With the online Biz, there’s still a lengthy overall drought happening with decent money making programs. There are a couple I’m interested in and waiting for launch day to decide on funding. Both have decent membership levels so far but as always it all boils down to the Admin(s) providing a fair game with consistent payments building confidence.

HouryAdsRevenue launches on Monday, the 30th of May with over 3000 members onboard. I figure the low $5 minimum fund and withdraw limits with no membership required accepting STP and Payza is an attraction. I’m not gone on the 40% repurchase rule but that always depends how much steady funding the membership gets involved with.

Today, I decided to register with EarnEvery30Minutes or EE30 for short. The venture is in a 10 day prelaunch phase with decent plans (no repurchase rule) and also accepts STP and Payza.

One drawback for promoters, who help build the program’s membership … is the 7 tier referral plan starting with 4% for the 1st level. Normal it’s 10% for 1st level referrals but so far, that’s not slowing down the growth at 1100 so far. Again, I’ll see how this program shapes on Launch day.

Nova Scotia, being stuck out in the Atlantic Ocean with a narrow strip of land connecting to the mainland of Canada, is getting a lot of normal coastal fog this time of year. Usually by noon time, the fog begins to lift as the temps begin to rise heading for summer.

That always reminds me of my commercial fishing days. Couldn’t see beyong the bow of the boat in thick fog and Initially just using a compass to navigate … listening to the fog horns coming from the lighthouse perched on top of rock cliffs surrounding the coastal areas.

Judging from the intensity of their blasts, I handy about knew about how far offshore we were.

After a few hours in thick fog and using a compass heading for home, your mind begins to play tricks and your doubting the accuracy of that needle on the the compass face. Will I run aground or hit a shore rock/cliff. It’s windy so did I drift off course?

Later we installed the radar and GPS onboard, which made life easier … not worring about smashing into another vessel or a drifting iceberg as we head out to sea or on a course for home.




Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms on their special day. In another couple weeks my Mom will be 90 years old and continues to live on her own, doing her housework and enjoys watching sports in the evening.

Born in Germany and surviving World War II with the constant bombing in her area as the allies moved forward towards Berlin, she followed Dad in 1954 to immigate to Canada after he arrived first, finding work and a home. From heavily populated towns about a kilometer or two apart in West Germany to Northern Ontario and the thriving mining setllements at that time, where the next major city or town was hours drive away through the thick forest.

Quite the adjusment to today where she speaks English fluently while struggling to recall the German language she grew up with when speaking to relatives overseas.

Arosa Star, the passenger ship Mom crossed the Atlantic in 1954 arriving in Quebec City, Canada

Arosa Star, the passenger ship Mom crossed the Atlantic with in 1954 arriving in Quebec City, Canada

In the Biz, it’s once again a lull on my end as May didn’t have a good start. Usually the case when a major program or two with a few thousand members collapses … for the most part investors become skittish and hold off for awhile causing more programs to fall like pins in a bowling alley.

Something like when the Oil prices dropped like a rock from over $100 US per Barrel US …. the Markets seen ‘Bulls’ turn into ‘Bears’ in a hurry …  selling stock and in wait mode.

However, like I seen humpteen times before, that can all change in a hurry online when a decent money maker surfaces.



From Pictou County, Nova Scotia to Boston

Where I’m addicted to Tim Horton’s coffee … most mornings I head out early and get some ‘Timmies’ while listening to the latest tunes, news and gossip on my fav FM radio station.

Being in the city, traffic can build up quick at times and on the way home I topped a hill and came to a sudden stop… brake lights as far as I could see.

Eventually, police lights and sirens came into view … with police motorcycles in the lead and then a tractor trailor which had a huge tree loaded on a flat bed with the Nova Scotia flag drapped over it.

Ahhhh… this must be the annual Christman Tree, the province ships down to Boston. I just clued in on that when it was also announced by the DJ’s on the radio. First, a parade downtown here in Halifax before it begins it’s journey accross the border down to Boston. You can read the story at this link … Boston Christmas Tree Journey


It was cool to see this side of the upcoming holidays rather than the over commercialization of it all these years. Stores and shops promoting Christmas right after Halloween is not my thing.

This yearly tradition has been going on since 1917 when an ammunition ship exploded in Halifax harbour, leveling a good part of the city;

In the aftermath of the 1917 Halifax Explosion, which killed about 2,000 people and injured thousands, Boston was quick to send medical personnel and supplies.

72 Year old spruce tree as it stood in Pictou County, Nova Scotia before it was loaded

72 Year old spruce tree as it stood in Pictou County, Nova Scotia before it was loaded

Online, MoBrabus has risen to be one of the top performers in the Biz and their new script called … MB 2.0 is currently being worked on; estimated to come on stream in a couple weeks time. Meanwhile, I got paid early in the week and continue to build with that program.


Thrills and Chills

There’s more frost-filled mornings lately here in Nova Scotia, as we head for winter and into November. The clock goes back here 1 hour after midnight (Sunday morning) … that time of year when night closes in at my usual 5 PM supper time or before.

For the past few years, I’ve included the ‘Thriller’ video by Michael Jackson in my annual Halloween post but I recently watched this ghastly video counting down the top 10 going back through the years, bringing back some chilling memories …

I rarely get involved with webinars hosted by various opportunities online but I took in one by MoBrabus last Thursday evening with a good introduction to the compensation plan and what lies ahead with MoBrabus 2.0. I’ll get into the new version coming soon in a future post, which builds on the current plan.

An interesting part was when asked what countries those taking part where from. I chimed in with Canada and a scrolling comment list from all over the world came up. I thought that was kind of cool.

Wrapping up for today, Pearse Donnelly, overseeing MoBrabus updated that the bonus offered new folks taking in the webinar and registering, will continue on until MB 2.0 is launched …

Hi folks,

Due to a fantastic response on the trial promotion after the recent webinar, the $10.00 Free Wallet Balance and the $20 in free advertising credits is now set to auto. Every new member who register between now and the launch of 2.0 will receive $10 in spendable balance and $20 in advertising credits.

Once MB 2.0 goes live, this will be a feature of pro membership only. When you are a pro member you will be able to give each new referral $30 in account credit, $10 to spend on ad packs and $20 in free advertising credits. Make the most of it now while we continue to trial this offer. Those who registered before now and after the webinar will have their credit allocated by the end of today.

Regards Admin.


Mo Brabus

In the NHL, the Toronto Maple Leafs had a ton of bricks lifted off the team with their win on Saturday night to bust out of their slump. Montreal has won their last two games and are on a high while the Leafs and the Habs both play at home tonight.

Online, there was a long running trend of endless Profit Share sites where a large percentage of the cash taken each day was shared with members and some making a quick profit on opening day. There are still a few of these programs around that rose above the rest where they continue to have that high attraction factor.

The weird thing about that “attraction factor” is that an honest Admin and crew may launch an advertising program and get dismal results with regards to members and funds while others continually build until they hit that ‘peak’ and that usually results in funds going sideways after awhile. Unfortunately, no can predict when that will happen and that’s where ‘risk’ comes into play.

Mo Brabus is 6 weeks away from launch and it’s already causing a stir with their marketing techniques, specially with their video presentations. The Admins have big plans moving forward but it all boils down to $5 advertising positions which earn 20% along with bonuses.

Within 48 hours during the prelaunch or Beta, $5 Advertising Packs will be available for purchase and withdrawals have been enabled.

I took some time to look over the compensation plan and watch/listen to the videos explaining their platform, compensation and discussing what they want to accomplish. The program is a long way off from launch so I’ll write about it again in a future post.