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Moving to Wix and The Wired Coin

It’s moving day and I’m shifting my Blog to the fairly new platform called Wix. I’ll start fresh there with the same type content but with a new name … The Wired Coin.

The apps and features are about the same but I’m still getting accustomed to some of the new editing tools over there on Wix. Like test driving a new car … where’s the wiper speed and lights, seat adjustments? Anyway, it will get there eventually the way I want it and that’s the fun part with the experimentin’

So … you can click on the link here; The Wired Coin if you want to continue to read my ramblings and opinions on what’s happening in this crazy on and offline world of ours. Or on the link below:

Comments and feedback are always welcome. I usually reply unless the comment is awesome by itself. Thanks to all the folks who have commented on my Blog here in the past.

There’s been lots of changes with the finances and ventures. That will always happen and we can learn from history and personal experiences but the future is always unpredictable although some figure they know it and sometimes …  they are right.

Today with online money related, it’s morphed into mostly about digital cash and I’ll get more into that with, The Wired Coin. Digital funds …  where is it? I can’t see it or hold it but it’s the talk now and most Banks and financial institutions plus stock markets are still saying no to Bitcoin and others like it, but I’m sure it’s talked about in boardrooms and how to apply the Blockchain theory.

See you in Wix and thank you for reading.


Traders and Clones

There must be dozens of Bitcoin earning sites swirling around out there in hyperspace. It’s the rave now but folks in these areas also need to use some caution where they drop their ‘no refund transaction’ digital coin.

It’s common online for a blockbuster hit with an original script, compensation plan and overall description to eventually become copied. These clones all have a different splash page appearance and mix up the plan a tad but in the end they are all the same.

These days the owners of these sites call themselves Bitcoin Traders and that title looks professional but actually it’s all about Peer to Peer or member to member.

Past history with these clones have shown a couple site owners are committed and some members make a decent profit during the lifetime of the program while others plan an elaborate scam from the get go.

The thing is, it’s not cheap to get started where their minimum Bitcoin funding is up there with the current exchange value to the US Dollar. That makes it even more riskier.

So that’s the latest I see that’s making waves in the niches I browse through. These sites are certainly inviting but making the right choice is always what gets those brain cells lighting up like a fireworks display.




In The Money Jungle

January, to date has been a very good month on the HYIP scene. Those who threw caution to the wind made some big money while the conservative continue to gain descent earnings. Like all invesments, the more principal  … the more profit of course.

In world news and here in Canada, the headlines continue to be saturated with Trump. The one thing I can see positive is the push to get more Americans jobs in the USA.

If it will pan out, I’m not sure where big business will do anything to keep the bottom line/expense as cheap as possible and in today’s world, that means building cars in Mexico or have a growing Tech world in Ireland from big name US companies. Casablanca, Morocco now seems to be of growing interest to Aircraft manufacturers to cut jobs at home and hire skilled but cheap labour there.

I can’t see anyone at ‘home’ being for that, cept’ of course the corporate offices of those outfits involved.

Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will soon meet with Trump to see what’s in store for Canada over the President’s term. I’m sure pipelines will be discussed and hooking up to the oil rich fields in Alberta.

With all that business and political talk, we all need to have the odd fun break and let loose like these guys. The dude at the wheel is a hoot …

On Sunday, the 29th … BitLuna is scheduled to launch. Hopefully all the payment processors advertised will be available. The one thing to mention here is the sky high membership count and when you’ve been around in these circles as long as I have, I got this feeling they have been ‘doctored’ to reflect a heck of a lot more than the actual members registered.

On the Admin(s) looking to create a lengthy ‘on line’ time, when a single funding reaches 130% and there are no repurchases or further spends by a member, the interest rate will go lower than the 2.5% per day, which is unique. Encourages spending to keep up that interest rate.

I could be wrong about the ‘over inflated’ member count or the site is getting a lot of additional Facebook interest but as always, there’s that risk consideration and accepting it.



Webinar Rapping

As we settle in with the new year and remember to add 2017 to what we date, I continue to watch what’s going on with all the news involving Bitcoin, which spiked way over $1000 US in exchange value but it’s in a marketplace and subject to fluctuation like Gold or the price of Oil per barrel.

China it seems had a factor in it’s fall back to around the high 800 to $900 US range. Their central bank warned folks that Bitcoin is not an official currency so risky. Nor an investment although the majority look at it that way. From that, there was a major sell off apparently with some ‘investors’ trying to get top dollar where they figured it would drop some after that news.

The thing is in the early days, BTC fans and users didn’t care what Governments thought, it’s here to stay. We know that anything to do with currencies and investing, it’s subject to change.

This is a cool and unique way for this outfit to promote their Webinar site …

It’s been awhile since I joined an opportunity that is promoted to accept STP, Payza and Bitcoin among other payment processor options.

BitLuna is a new program that is scheduled to start up in 22 days from today. The site is attractive and the plan is decent with a minimum of $5 to earn 2.5% per day for the lifetime of the venture. Currently there is a bonus of $10 added for new registrations until launch day with over 1500 members registered already.

Hopefully, Bitluna will live up to the early hype about the program.


Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year everybody and all the best in 2017 along with good health.

It will be interesting to see what this year will bring for us along with folks heading back to work on Tuesday while others work from home earning a living.

Both apply to me. Although I’m a 24/7 rotational shift worker, I enjoy working my home Biz as well, specially when things are running smooth and making a profit absorbing the scatter loss that’s a part of the investment world … on or offline.

These days of course, a person can manage everything from stocks, bonds, currency exchange to online opportunities and bank accounts/investments from their home computer(s).

That can also all be managed from the ‘Cell … on the go’ these days. I can pictue break times and checking invests on the iPhone  … it can either bring on a smile and a ‘Yes!’ or a … ‘oh crap’.

Speaking of invests, the first new thang for the New Year on my end is a HYIP called Elizion and I’m getting my daily payments of 3.33% sent direct to my Blockchain account. The program is using the ‘Bot’ style interaction with members like the past, highley popular Lara with Me from last year on ‘Web.Telegram’. I’m starting off with that needle vibrating on ‘high to extreme’ on that risk meter.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to climb, just shy of $980 US.