Stormy Weather

I wasn’t far off with my weather predictions for the East coast of Canada during February. Back to back blizzards filled with the white stuff. My stomping on the floor here is not speeding up the Earth’s tipping of the upper hemisphere towards the sun and spring  … and BBQ season.

Seems to be the concensus now that Bitcoin is becoming the most used method of funding online ventures along with Perfect Money. Payza and SolidTrustPay, both being around for years have stricter guidelines to comply with so the majority of Admin(s) or program managers go the easy route with no refunds, where a processor like STP has a refund option if certain conditions are met, or not met by the Admin(s), whatever the case may be.

There is an interesting site, that’s slowly ‘rising’ up and the name is being spread around more from when I registered with 300 members onboard, slowly doubling that so far. is what they call a ‘peer to peer’ opportunity and yep … Bitcoin only; geared for the serious builder, either going it solo as a passive member or bring in a downline.

The site has been in a construction phase for awhile and although now launched, more enhancements are scheduled to be added, which I have witnessed since I began. I figure that’s a good thing with the gradual development of the program, as more folks join and fund over time.

Following the video tutorials in the backoffice, there is a ‘one time’ $2 upgrade fee. Once that is processed, the referral link, banners and plans are available.

In what they called the ‘Beta’ phase, some members have already been paid a few times.

To get started in the plans, there’s a $20 minimum deposit and then a member can do additional $10 or more fundings. I’m earning 2% per day and my current plan will mature in 15 days. Each plan is detailed with information and the video tutorials explain more in depth how the system works.

Basically, the concept is to move into the ‘higher’ plans, growing your Bitcoin and supporting the membership as well as the group community as a whole.

It is unique and all starts with the ‘Provide Assistance’ tab. Once a plan matures, I can “Request Assistance” in the form of a withdrawal. The ‘How It Works’ tab provides an overview of the compensation and goals.



Seasonal Financials

We are creeping up on Mid February already and as expected, I’m getting into more winter weather here in Nova Scotia, with mid March heading back to warmer and spring like conditions.

In the Biz, Bitcoin is once again in that fluctuating $900 to $1000 US for a conversion rate. I look at that digital currency something like the Marijuana business here in Canada, expected to be ‘legalized’ in a few months. It’s in the news steady but remains in that grey area for now.

My latest ventures are producing as advertised but in these ‘fluid’ niches, that could change within 24 hours. As I mentioned in my last few posts, HYIP’s are more of a hit at this time than other categories. Some decent and long running opportunities continue to give a backbone to that area of making a dollar online.

The majority I’m involved with, I’ve invested with Bitcoin and using Payza as well. It’s a double bonus on the days I get paid with BTC and see an increase in value with the Markets. China’s Cebtral Bank and their exchangers are influencing the swings with the price of BTC these days.



SuperBowl Weekend

In early February, the HYIP niche continues to be on a high since 2017 came in. Meanwhile, more programs come on the scene, from running in the background for awhile to new launches. Bitcoin and Perfect Money seem to be the fav choice of Payment options used by the HYIP players. Sites offering Payza and/or STP gain additional interest as well.

Overtime, there’s the normal shutdown of the less popular HYIP’s, as new plans come on stream, usually offering an earning rate of 5 to 3% profit in around 30 days, give or take a few days. Then there’s the short term ventures investors like.

It’s Superbowl weekend with the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons kicking off on Sunday, Feb 5th. It’s also a time for the SuperBowl commercials where companies spend thousands for a few seconds of air time during the game.

Like this one from Kia, save the earth and it’s creatures … plugging their new ‘earth friendly’ hybrid … Niro.


In The Money Jungle

January, to date has been a very good month on the HYIP scene. Those who threw caution to the wind made some big money while the conservative continue to gain descent earnings. Like all invesments, the more principal  … the more profit of course.

In world news and here in Canada, the headlines continue to be saturated with Trump. The one thing I can see positive is the push to get more Americans jobs in the USA.

If it will pan out, I’m not sure where big business will do anything to keep the bottom line/expense as cheap as possible and in today’s world, that means building cars in Mexico or have a growing Tech world in Ireland from big name US companies. Casablanca, Morocco now seems to be of growing interest to Aircraft manufacturers to cut jobs at home and hire skilled but cheap labour there.

I can’t see anyone at ‘home’ being for that, cept’ of course the corporate offices of those outfits involved.

Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau will soon meet with Trump to see what’s in store for Canada over the President’s term. I’m sure pipelines will be discussed and hooking up to the oil rich fields in Alberta.

With all that business and political talk, we all need to have the odd fun break and let loose like these guys. The dude at the wheel is a hoot …

On Sunday, the 29th … BitLuna is scheduled to launch. Hopefully all the payment processors advertised will be available. The one thing to mention here is the sky high membership count and when you’ve been around in these circles as long as I have, I got this feeling they have been ‘doctored’ to reflect a heck of a lot more than the actual members registered.

On the Admin(s) looking to create a lengthy ‘on line’ time, when a single funding reaches 130% and there are no repurchases or further spends by a member, the interest rate will go lower than the 2.5% per day, which is unique. Encourages spending to keep up that interest rate.

I could be wrong about the ‘over inflated’ member count or the site is getting a lot of additional Facebook interest but as always, there’s that risk consideration and accepting it.



Blockchain … Where’s the ‘Link’

World banks and governments are always looking for a more ‘secure’ way to store their stuff, whether it be currency or data or both.

Like everything invented that’s a hit and has the option of ‘applications’ over the years, there’s a lone ‘App’ or several that make the inventor a ton of money and famous. For example, Steve Jobs brought out the personal computer back in the 70’s.

Microsoft under Bill Gates worth 78.7 billion today, invents “Windows’ for that personal computer and the rest is history.

I’m using BTC a ‘bit’ more every week and my processing choice, or Wallet is called Blockchain.

Like ‘Windows’, the actual ‘blockchain’ system brought about because of Bitcoin, is shaping up to be a future billion dollar bonanza for those who invented and install it.

In it’s simpler form it’s blocks of disconnected Data all topped up with various secure layers, so it’s like a puzzle with missing pieces scattered everywhere and not in one place to put together. The correct encyrpted input draws the info out of these blocks to complete a ‘one way’ transaction.

It’s far more complicated than that and probably the most high tech digital safe out there today.

Kind of the opposite of an elaborate ‘worm’ or ‘hydra’ that can infect a computer where pieces of data are hidden deep in hundreds or thousands of files. Good luck finding them all. Honey! … We need a new laptop!

So, Banks and government departments such as spy agencies are investigating all this blockchain theory and want to adapt it into their systems.

Meanwhile, where I just send and receive and don’t see all the inner workings of my BTC wallet, My current ventures continue to pay out daily. Being HYIP’s, I’ll knock on screen for luck… clink, clink.

Like this Adele song, “If your going to let me down, let me down gently.” Then it’s water under the bridge like all past opportunities. For the most part, having been profitable.

I did see these cool layout and script yesterday and funded. Very professionally made but it all comes down to the longevity thing.

PassiveLoan is an upfront plan where there’s no imaginative source of outside income or buying giant wind turbines for a cleaner earth. It’s ‘people to people’ like all HYIP’s are.

Payza, Bitcoin and Perfect Money are accepted with a $25 minimum invest to earn 5.2% for 30 calender days, principal and profit included for 156%. There’s are extensive FAQ’s and detailed information/diagram sections about the compensation.